Paul Wesley, the vampire who, at blood, preferred to drink … bourbon

P.Before becoming an actor, it was the world of fashion that got him. Paul Wesley40 years old in July, was born as templateentering the stables of the Ford Modeling Agency of New York, for which he starts working when he is only 14 years old. His debut as an actor occurs in soap operas: in 1999 he made his debut in fiction Destiniesand later joins the cast of the famous Trailswhere from 1999 to 2001 he played the role of Max Nickerson.

In that time, he leaves his studies several times due to acting: he is thrown out of Christian Brothers Academy and then also from Marlboro High School because he does not show up for classes. When today he thinks back to the little boy he was at that time, «I was a rebel“, he said. “But when I was 17 I thought I was a lot tougher than I really was“.

The actor in 2019. (Getty Images)

The Polish origins

Son of Polish parents – mother Agnieszka and Tomasz – has an older sister, Monikaand two younger sisters, Julia and Leahima. Paul is still very attached to his parents’ country of origin.

“I go to Poland every year, I am very fond of my grandparents who live thereHe said. “I was lucky enough to go to Europe to promote the show, and as soon as I could I got on a plane to Warsaw“.

Below, the 4 brothers in 2001

Paul Wesley and the TV series

After the soap operas, switch to TV shows, and here its notoriety becomes international. In fact, he plays in some well-known fiction, among them Smallville, The OC, CSI: Miami, Crossing Jordan, The rum lords, Army Wives – Conflicts of the Heart, 8 simple rules, Cold Case – Unresolved crimes, Law & Order – Special Victims Unit And Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

He, on the other hand, loves to watch «le reruns of cable films. Like the Goonies or one of the films of the Godfather. I am a lover of replicas. Whenever I’m on the air I can’t get out. I know exactly what will happen yet I keep sticking to it“.

Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries

Misses, by a hair, the role of the role of Jacob Black in Twilight, Hugely successful trilogy: the part is assigned to the colleague Taylor Lautner.

But soon after he has a little one “vampire” revengebecause in 2009 he joined the cast of the TV series the Vampire Diariesafter being chosen to play the role of Stefan Salvatore – a vampire transformed at 17, shy, kind, sober and pragmatic and, above all, that try not to feed on human blood – next to Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev.

Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. (Getty Images)

Thanks to its interpretation in the Vampire Diaries received several nominations, winning two in 2010 Teen Choice Awards and a Young Hollywood Awards.

When Stefan Salvatore heroically dies at the end of the series, fans have been stunned, and have always hoped for his return in some form. «I will always be grateful to the Vampire Diaries, for me it was a fantastic timeHe explained. “But everything in life has a chapter. That was a chapter, this is a new chapter. You cannot ruin what has already been createdHe said, putting an end to fans’ hopes.

Below, a scene from the series

The stormy relationship with Nina Dobrev

The fiction was a success, yet, with Nina Dobrev things didn’t start very well: the two did not feel a great sympathy for each other. “There was a short time in which We did not get alongConfirmed the actor.

«As happens to so many other people. If you say that you, your parents and your siblings have loved each other unconditionally from the first day you were born you are liars“.

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley in 2020. (GettyImages)

And the real situation, however, clashed with the relationship that the two staged for fiction: in the series in fact they played two lovers. “I remember everyone approaching me after the show had aired and they asked if Paul and I were dating in real life as wellDobrev said. “Because everyone thought that we had good chemistry“. Instead, they couldn’t stand each other.

Five months after filming began, the relationship between Nina and Paul has definitely improved and today the two are best friends: theirs is a pure and sincere friendship, which has never resulted in love like their “alter egos” Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore.

And it will also be in Star Trek

The actor has a very important project at stake: he will play a character from the universe of Star Trek in the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There first season of the series will debut on Paramount + the May 5, 2022but Wesley will come into play in the second, filming of which is now taking place at Toronto.

The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that Paul Wesley will play the role of James T. Kirkinterpreted by William Shatner in the famous original series Star Trekwhich aired in the late 1960s.

“Paul is an accomplished actor, it has a surprising stage presence and it’s a key addition to the show, ”said series executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers. “Like all of us, is a big fan of Star Trek And we are thrilled of his interpretation of this iconic role ».

Also an entrepreneur together with Somerhalder

In 2018 he decided to also become an entrepreneur, creating his own personal brand of Bourbon together with his friend and “brother” (in the series the Vampire Diaries) Ian Somerhalderwho called Brother’s Bond Bourbon. (under)

“In reality I’ve always been a bourbon type‘Said Wesley,’ I’ve always liked it. Our characters drank a lot of bourbon and Ian and I also took it often when we went out after work. ‘

Thus the two actors became “a kind of”snobbish pseudo-connoisseurs “ of bourbon. We thought that if we wanted to do something together in addition to the set it had to be that ».

An idea, theirs, born in a natural way. “We talked about it often as a joke and then it became true. I think it’s more than a friendship, it’s almost one brotherhood or a marriage in which we’ve been together for a long time“.

Paul and Ian are great friends. (GettyImages)

This bourbon «it took over ten years of workSomerhalder added. “This boy and I have been through hundreds, even thousands of hours on set together and this is the most authentic thing we could think of doing. Our soul is in this bottle“.

The friendship between Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

The two, in fact, are very close and their friendship has been consolidated during the eight seasons of the Vampire Diaries. “We have worked together for so long and our characters complemented each other because even in reality we were two opposite polesWesley said.

“But we both carried our ‘being against’ in a positive way. Ian is a eternal optimisteternally happy and positive, while I always say “this will go wrong, this will go wrong“. We are like rain and sun ».

And sometimes, “if I’m too pessimistic, he picks me up or if he’s unrealistic, I put him back on the ground. It’s a kind of balance ».

Friends for years, almost brothers. (GettyImages)

Their acquaintance was born on set, and then the two began dating outside as well. “We spent a lot of beautiful and perfect summer evenings in Georgia togetherSomerhalder said.

“We were sitting there together just for laugh and make jokes. I remember that we moved next to each other in the first season. We had apartments close by ».

Paul Wesley and love

In the series The Vampire Diaries he also finds love: after a marriage that lasted only two years (2011-2013), from November 2013 to March 2017 he is linked to the actress Phoebe Tonkinknown right on the set of the fiction.

When the two break up, shortly after he met Ines de Ramon – a woman who is not part of the entertainment world – and in less than a year the two decide to get married.

Paul Wesley with Ines De Ramon in 2019. (Getty Images)

What if he wasn’t an actor?

Paul Wesley has a clear idea of ​​what he would have done had he not pursued an acting career. “I would have been an investigative reporter. There is something about fascinating in being an undercover reporterHe said.

“Or maybe it’s just the Hollywodian version of investigative journalism. I have this magnificent picture of this work, but probably in reality it is much more difficult and exhausting“. By dint of living on fiction, you risk working too much of imagination.


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