Persona 4 Golden

If you swear by Golden apples, will you like Persona 4 Golden? Yes, this chapo is nonsense!

Persona 5 was great news at the end of last year so not to miss any of the Persona games, we now have episodes 3 and 4 which land in the Game Pass but also in solo or in a bundle. If the basic version of Persona 4 is a PS2 game from 2009 and the Golden version dates from 2012 on Vita, we hope that the promises of a better looking game on Xbox Series are kept. I cross my fingers because the PC version of 2020 may have served as a standard meter (not to be confused with Riggs the master standard)!

I hear laughing at his first name!

In Persona 4 Golden, you are Yu, the new kid in town and high school. As your parents leave to work far away, they leave you with uncle and your cousin! Well, I’ll spare you the details because Persona 4 Golden is as talkative as the other episodes, but you’re going to lead a group that’s going to try to understand a murder that has taken place and that’s going to touch your new friends. Naturally, this will lead you to something more classic in the series, especially with the use of Personas! It will therefore be the return of our friend Igor and his secretary! On the plot, nothing to say, it’s always a pleasure to discover a Persona. It is true that he is quite talkative and that the first hour, I had to fight twice but strangely, I did not complain because this Persona knows how to talk to us. We have a fairly neutral hero, normal at the start and our friends too. No heroes in search of justice like in Persona 5 or roommates in Buffy against the Vampires mode like in Persona 3. In addition, the characters all have an endearing side, starting with your host family where your uncle inspector tries to do what he can to raise your cousin who also does what she can to be helpful and cheerful despite the loneliness.

Mista lova lova!

In terms of general aesthetics, we are in line with the previous episode but better! We recognize the kinship with Persona 5 more in the menus, the attitudes and the walks in town. Naturally, as the game predates Persona 5, we find the same concerns with a technique below but it’s better than Persona 3! Well yes, this is the episode between the two! But don’t expect crazy modeling. We still have a few sketchy designs but at least we can walk around the city, we have real animated moments and earthy dialogues waiting for us. We will also have the kawaii deposit with Teddy the clumsy bear.

Dance with the stars !

On the gameplay side, we find the walks in town that make you want to go hang out. The social life part is also better than in Persona 3 in my opinion and we are in the same pleasure as Persona 5. This is due, as I mentioned, to a better animated part and a more successful stroll side . On the combat side, the turn-based series is always a pleasure and we have our share of classy poses, show-offs and efficiency! The menus are better laid out and we are clearly in line with Persona 5.

Persona 4 Golden does honor to the series with 60 hours of play by drawing for a first end but by hanging out / enjoying, it’s 100 hours that we shell without forcing ourselves! Persona 4 Golden is therefore a pleasant and classy episode that will not make you regret the ride. The story will unfold with a more natural and less redundant side than Persona 3. With its endearing characters, it is an episode that we will love to savor!

I’m going too rush!

Persona 4 Golden – A Golden Family!