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The Game Awards will announce the six nominees for Game of the Year later this month, and with the release of God of War: Ragnarök, which is called a fantastic saga reimagined, it’s almost as if it were a horse race. However, while Sony’s new game is completely groundbreaking and revolutionary, 2022 has been an amazing year for new releases, and there are other major GOTY contenders not to sleep on.

The Game Awards have bestowed the coveted Game of the Year award on everything from small indie releases to hundred million dollar epics in the past, and there’s plenty to choose from this year. Between innovative indie games, legacy games that have lost multiple times before, and other goliath AAA releases, fans should hedge their bets.

vampire survivors

FreeMoviesDotArgghh thinks Vampire Survivors deserves one of six spots on the nominations list. The Redditor comments, “If they don’t put Vampire Survivors, that would be a huge affront in my mind. The newly released game is a fun shooter that simply asks players to survive as long as possible as hordes of monsters attack them.

It’s an entertaining game reminiscent of simpler, older arcade games, but it’s unlikely to be nominated for Game of the Year, let alone win. Vampire Survivors is way too specialized because its controls are extremely basic, and it’s just not innovative enough because it has drawn the most comparisons to Pac-Man.

Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin

While it’s not exactly popular opinion, AdamMasaki thinks Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has every right to take home the Game of the Year award. The Redditor clarifies, “Yeah, I’m serious, I thought SoP was so fun. The user is too defensive, as there’s no denying the release, which is an alternate universe prequel to the original Final Fantasy game, is a ridiculously playable RPG, but it wasn’t quite a hit with critics. .

Of all the potential GOTY contenders, Stranger of Paradise has the least impressive scores. It’s not the most engaging Final Fantasy game, the characters are one-dimensional, and longtime fans will find the alternate origin insulting. A Final Fantasy game will probably win Game of the Year one day, but that’s not it.

Bayonet 3

2mock2turtle thinks it’s only fair that Bayonetta 3 wins Game of the Year 2022. The Redditor suggests, “Bayonetta 2 lost GOTY at The Game Awards and now Bayonetta 3 comes for its revenge.” Bayonetta 2 was nominated for Game of the Year in 2015 but lost to Dragon Age: Inquisition and fans are still reeling from the loss.

However, the reality is that while Bayonetta 3 is an amazing hack-and-slash game and has a dedicated and hardcore fanbase, the game hasn’t been praised outside of the fanbase for all that. . It’s a shame because the gameplay is fast and exciting, and it sees the return of one of the most beloved gaming characters of the 2000s. Unfortunately, the lack of fanfare might prevent it from being a real contender.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Ameliaaltare wants to see Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga win the coveted prize. The Redditor notes, “It actually topped Elden Ring on many storefronts when it was released. In fact, it continues to keep pace. It is definitely the second most popular gambling ATM. The Lego 2022 game is surprisingly great, as it has a shocking amount of exploration, and the level design is more inventive than any of EA’s Star Wars games. But if a Lego game were to win Game of the Year, it would have already done so. And while it’s infinitely replayable, it doesn’t add anything new besides the series’ usual gameplay to earn GOTY.

However, there’s the slimmest of chances he could get a Legacy win. In 2007, Martin Scorsese won the Best Director Oscar for The Departed after never having won an Oscar before. And many have speculated that he was awarded it because of his extensive filmography, not because The Departed was worth it. That could be the case here, as Lego games have such a huge legacy, but it’s extremely unlikely.


MajaMystic256 thinks Stray, a game about a cat exploring a fortified city inhabited by robots, should win Game of the Year. In all honesty, although the concept seems silly, a cat is the perfect playable character for an adventure game. Animals have incredible agility, they are flexible, they can reach impossible heights and, of course, they have nine lives.

The premise and concept are ingenious, and when it came to developing the game, studio BlueTwelve nailed it perfectly. It has a wonderful art direction similar to Half-Life, the gameplay is as smooth as any other game released this year, and it’s one of the best indie releases of 2022. The game will most likely be nominated for the game of the year, but it lacks the broad appeal that previous GOTY winners had, and it’s still a bit on the niche side.


Kjagz33 would like Tunic, an adventure game about a fox exploring nature, to get the game of the year award. The Redditor mentions, “Hopefully Tunic is the indie game that gets the name. It’s ridiculously good and would be my #1 game this year if not for Elden Ring. »

The game feels like a cute and charming classic fable, and it’s impossible not to be immersed in the world as soon as control is taken. And given the airy fantasy nature of the adventure game, Tunic has drawn plenty of comparisons to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which previously won Game of the Year in 2017, so it could be a horse. black in the race.

Forbidden Horizon West

Helsu-sama thinks Horizon Forbidden West deserves the award more than any other game of 2022. The Redditor comments, “Even though Horizon Forbidden West has some serious gameplay issues, I absolutely loved the game, it’s visually awesome, and has a great story and really interesting side quests. When it comes to AAA games winning the Game of the Year award, Horizon Forbidden West is definitely one of the frontrunners, but even then it’s been beefed up by two other goliaths.

Much of the debate revolves around which game will win the prize between Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök. However, Forbidden West is still totally worth being in the conversation, as it vastly improves Zero Dawn. Sadly, it seems like every Horizon game has come out in years filled with amazing games, like Zero Dawn lost to Breath of the Wild. Any other year, Zero Dawn and Forbidden West would have easily won.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Lucas-DM wants to see Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which is about two warring nations and follows childhood friends with mysterious powers, take home the prize. The Redditor comments, “Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in my opinion. I’m not even close to beating him yet, but so far he’s been firing on all cylinders. Whether it’s visuals, storytelling, or gameplay, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is it all, and the ambitious game doesn’t lack a single area.

The new game is a massive, sprawling role-playing game that gives Final Fantasy or any other universally acclaimed RPG a run for its money. Not only that, but since this is the final game in the Xenoblade Trilogy, it could very well sway the voters’ decision-making process, as there will never be another chance for a Xenoblade game to win again.

Ring of Elden

Ichkans is one of thousands who think Elden Ring should win Game of the Year, and until the release of God of War: Ragnarök, that was a certainty. Redditor’s reasons, “Because it’s an absolutely stunning game, which for me at least, puts all other games behind it”, adding that it’s one of the “most interesting open worlds I’ve never explored.

Elden Ring is such a huge game with seemingly bottomless lore, which was written by George RR Martin, and that alone gives the game enough authenticity. And players can explore the world for hundreds of hours, even the bosses themselves can take hours. As Elden Ring is part of the Dark Souls universe, it’s usually filled with some of the toughest bosses in gaming history.

God of War: Ragnarok

KatanaLaser says what most think, hilariously commenting, The Redditor hilariously comments, “Last time RDR2 fans were p****d, now ER fans will be p****d . The user refers to how in 2018 God of War won Game of the Year over fan-favorite Red Dead Redemption 2. And four years later, it looks like history will repeat itself, as Ragnarök will defeat fan favorite Elden. Ring, for the same price.

But it’s not like Ragnarök doesn’t deserve it, because the excitement of playing the game is on another level, and it got 10 and five stars across the board. However, since it’s brand new, the hype might very well die down after a few weeks. Either way, the Game of the Year award is a two-horse race.

Reddit’s Top 10 Game of the Year 2022 Contenders, Ranked by Likelihood of Winning | Pretty Reel