Reginald the Vampire Review: The New Teen Comedy… With Vampires!

There are few monsters in audiovisual culture and in universal literature that have enjoyed such an obvious position of favor as vampires. Nevertheless, they don’t always have to be monstrous and violentantagonists of humanity who survive in the shadows and hunt clueless men and women in the middle of the night.

Reginald the Vampire is not Twilight either, although Jacob Batalon wouldn’t mind. This is an adaptation of the funny novel by Johnny B. Truant carried out by Harley Peyton and distributed by SYFY in our country. A teen comedy full of witty dialogue exchanges and outlandish situations that will challenge the viewer.

if you’re looking for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) or any other type of product that resembles it, stay away from Reginald the Vampire. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an experience similar to riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or even the recent Wednesday on Netflix… Probably, you have come to the right place, although there are nuances.

The first nuance with all these series is that Reginald the Vampire departs with a much less ambitious motivation. Some of these aforementioned series have big budgets behind them or even large-scale plans to build shared universes. This is the case of Archie Comics, but not of the television proposal raised by SYFY.


Reginald The Vampire | Premiere T1 | 12th of January

Reginald the Vampire It is, basically, the story of a loser boy, a normal guy, without great skills, or gifts, or talents… What a good day ends up becoming a vampire, an immortal and super powerful being It must consume blood to survive. Even so, though, Reginald doesn’t look like a very talented guy.

Despite the superficiality of the characters, Reginald the Vampire does not want to give three-dimensionality to its protagonists, only to use them as a vehicle for comedy. Can you do both? Sure, we’ve seen it considerably well carried and directed in other products. However, this TV series doesn’t need it.

Jacob Batalon’s show gambles everything on the situation comedy card and even screwball comedy. The entanglements, the coincidences, the reactions of the characters to everything it. Those are the great strengths of Reginald the Vampirethe ones that soon push you to take out and show a smile while you are enjoying the viewing.

In that sense, Jacob Batalon is in a very comfortable position to lead Reginald the Vampire. His comic vision and his interpretive desire to make people laugh to others make the narrative proposed in the series work blindfolded. His chemistry with Mandela Van Peebles, actor who plays the teacher and his fellow vampire, does the rest.

Reginald the Vampire is not the panacea for vampires, nor is it even the best exponent of the genre. However, he has a heart and is looking for something so human, so necessary in these dark and diffuse times such as laughter, that we must surrender to the evidence that, sometimes, fun is above the rest, above any technical section. remarkable.

Therefore, do not expect this series to be a television revolution, nor does it propose a deep, complex and endless narrative. This is what it is: a comedy full of stupid and funny moments, with vampires and monsters and with a protagonist who has put all the meat on the grill to make you have a great time.

If you plan to give it a try, don’t forget to stop by the comment box to give your point of view and share your opinion with us.

Reginald the Vampire Review: The New Teen Comedy… With Vampires!