Return to the horrors of Scarlet Hollow in episode 4

Pick up where you left off in this choice-packed horror series.

The coal mines are calling; it’s time to go back to scarlet hollow . the developer Black Tabby Games plans to release the highly-anticipated fourth episode of his multi-award-winning, seven-part horror series on November 30.

As she visits a small sleepy town in North Carolina to attend her recently deceased aunt’s funeral, things quickly turn unsettling when the horrors of Scarlet Hollow emerge. Players choose from 21 different character builds that change the way they interact with the world, helping them make impactful decisions to change the course of their story. From making friends with the locals, learning your family’s history, or even going on dates, every choice you make and every relationship you forge will directly impact the mystery that unfolds.

Players will have to survive a week in scarlet hollow , but reaching the end of a piece will not be easy. Their arrival ushers in unique events that rapidly escalate with each passing day, each episode shifting from humorous to horror and back again, as reports of strange creatures preying on local livestock and eerie sounds in the depths of the Scarlet Hollow’s mines begin to spread through the community.

We are incredibly excited to finish Episode 4 and finally share it with the world. Each new episode of Scarlet Hollow is a step up from the previous installment: the art continues to improve, the gameplay gets tighter, and the choices continue to have ripple effects on the narrative, and Episode 4 is no exception. It is extensive, detailed, and the consequences of our players’ previous choices will be felt. – Tony Howard-Arias, CEO and Co-Founder of Black Tabby Games.

Episode 4 picks up right where the players left off and new nightmares await. Black Tabby Games has expanded the scope of exploring scarlet hollow offering nearly 800 pages of a new script, increased freedom to roam the city, combined with all-new locations to investigate and characters to bond with.

episode 4 of scarlet hollow is available for free to those who already own the game as of November 30. Those coming to town for the first time can enjoy this immersive horror mystery for $19.99, which includes all current and upcoming episodes at Steam .

key features

  • Choice Heavy Game: Choose from 21 different character builds that impact the world around you and how this mysterious story unfolds, dramatically altering your experience, relationships, and the fate of the town.
  • Scary and fun: be prepared for charming characters and snappy dialogue that can turn into chilling dread and horror at any moment.
  • original monster designs – With monsters inspired by Appalachian mythos and cryptids, with their own unique twists, expect anything but predictable vampires and zombies.
  • No Jump scares: All the horror in scarlet hollow it comes from creating tension and fear, as well as some disturbing imagery.
  • Hand Drawn Backgrounds: all in-game backgrounds are hand-drawn and traditionally inked by award-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard.

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Return to the horrors of Scarlet Hollow in episode 4 – GEEK GAMERS