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Arkane Studios It has always shown that it follows different patterns when creating its video games when compared to other studies. The magic of the Lyon-based studio has transcended more than once with well-known titles such as Dishonored, Prey or the most recent Deathloop, and now it faces a challenge like we’ve never seen before in the studio with Redfall, a cooperative shooter where we will have to exterminate hordes of vampires.

Although at first glance the proposal could remind us of titles like Left 4 Dead, Ricardo Bare, the creative director of the game assured that the a more accurate comparison would be with the Far Cry saga, more than with the title of Valve. And this was not the only thing that Smith shared about the title, since in his interview with his fellow gamesradartogether with the presence of the director of the title, Harvey Smith, They shared a multitude of Redfall details.

Arkane Shares A Lot Of Redfall Details

One of the most characteristic elements of the Arkane games is their fantastic level design. According to the information from the creatives, this element will once again be present in redfallensuring that we will have a map “unfathomably bigger” than Prey’s. In addition, the title will have a base of operations where we can talk to different NPCs, something that reminds us of titles like The Division.

Related to this, many users doubted if the title would offer us an open structure, or if we would have a design similar to that seen in other games of the genre, where we had to choose a number of missions from a menu or lobby. Well, the study has confirmed that the game will have a totally free open worldwhere we can find main and secondary missions.

In fact, Arkane has been especially focused on trying to offer an experience where the world feels organic within the experience, not only in terms of the size or the connection of the map, but also in the way that we can kill our enemies, since we can use the environmental hazards on the map to end the hordes of vampires.

redfall details

In playable terms, one of the highlights of Redfall from the interview is that we will have the ability to play stealthilyalthough Bare points out that “although it is true that this is more of a shooter than anything else we have worked on”. In fact, the creative director highlights the interaction between the powers of the characters, ensuring that “A lot of the fun comes from the powers of each of the heroes. Whether you’re synergizing Remy and Jacob together or even just playing solo, using the powers, combining them and upgrading your character is a lot of fun.”

Of course, the study has been aware that it had to take a step forward in the shooter experience, for which it has worked with the intention of trying to offer a gunplay that is up to the task. In fact, Bare pointed out that id Software assisted in development a couple of times.

Finally, it is pointed out that, like all cooperative RPGs, there will be different types of weapons that we can obtain, so it will be really important to pay attention to the equipment that we find. Especially, because depending on the team we choose, our way of playing will be one way or another.

Redfall will arrive on Xbox and PC consoles sometime this year 2023, and will launch at xbox game pass.

Revealed many details of Redfall | we are xbox