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Non-stop action and gore in this uchrony that mixes cowboys, steampunk and vampires,

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For some time now, uchronies are becoming fashionable in the movies, video games, etc. Revisions of an “alternative” past that bear not a little resemblance to our real history but that are allowed to include differentiating elements, fictitious or not, to build exciting and curious adventures. The last to fall into our hands is this game, evil westthat It takes us to a Wild West invaded by vampires and beings from beyond the grave and in which a body of elite cowboys / gunslingers are in charge of keeping them at bay.

If this already sounds interesting and promising, add steampunk technology where steam engines and rudimentary electric weapons are combined with traditional revolvers. With all this we have the ideal framework for Flying Wild Hog Y Focus Home Interactive develop a good game… and they have succeeded.

Evil West has just been released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox SeriesS/X and PC (Steam) and we have already played it… that’s why we want to tell you all our impressions of this impressive and visceral title.

This is how our protagonist, Jesse, looks like on the options screen

Original, attractive… and terrifying plot

The story that unfolds with the development of the game is not bad at all. Through several missions (16 in total) to which our companions will send us, we will visit various places, some typical of the West and others not so much, while we wage open war with an improvised vampire leader, Felicity. The plans of this disturbing and mischievous being do not look good and it is up to us to discover them, abort them… and survive in the attempt.

We play Jesse Rentier, son of the director of the Rentier Institute, the organization in charge of ending the monsters and, above all, with those annoying vampires that are beginning to organize themselves.

We insist that the story is very well told through cinematics that are carefully fitted to give way to the missions, without feeling forced. We will find twists, drama, humor, bad mood and the odd surprise… in addition to the inherent terror of the adversaries in front of us. In addition, it includes elements of the mythology and folklore of the North American Indians, adding that point of exoticism and difference that helps to feel the game, even more, as something truly original.

The Rentier institute, that’s where we’ll go between missions… and while we can

Unreal Engine 4, that friend that never fails

For everything to be so solid and believable, what better than playing it safe and using the reliable Unreal Engine 4 as graphics engine. This is how the results that you can see in the attached screenshots and in the videos that circulate are achieved. Everything looks spectacular and solid, and the enemies, one of the focal points of the game, are fearsome in appearance as well as very believable and forceful.

You can’t bet on a visceral horror game like this if you don’t take care of that aspect. So Evil West does the rest to show vampires, mutations, werewolves and a wide variety of beings that will make things difficult for us. Needless to say, the oversized enemies and bosses are still brimming with more elements and details. In short, the game looks spectacular.

Does it hit her? It’s obvious: the stages are indestructible. It detracts from the game’s credibility that we are not able to break anything with our powerful protagonist, except for some elements that appear appropriately marked. It’s an annoying feeling, certainly, but it’s also wise to ignore this and focus on what’s good about the game… that’s the key to enjoying it.

It is the key and also our advice, because Evil West offers non-stop action and abundant offal. And it does so through a simple, affordable and very visual game system. The typical hit and dodge buttons are combined with the shot (or shots, we carry several weapons) to make spectacular combos that will splash the screen with blood. Here we return to talk about the steampunk theme, because some weapons use electricity and allow us to perform special blows that fill combats even more with dynamism, explosions and gratuitous violence (if it is against vampires and monsters, it is allowed).

That battered church is our haunting fate

An uneasy walk in the West

Both attacks and weapons can be upgraded, with the usual transaction of the coins that we obtain along the way. The smart thing is that These improvements come gradually and usually open up for selection when we have mastered the previous movement. And so, step by step and with patience, we will end up being able to make devastating attacks and fire volleys of electric bolts… and the fun continues to grow exponentially.

But not everything will be fighting. We find areas where we must solve simple (too simple) puzzles to be able to continue… and characters to rescue… and some alternative path that leads us to that hidden chest. Little more. Another of the problems or drawbacks that can be mentioned is the linearity of its route. We just go, as usually happens in these games, from point A to B while defending ourselves from ambushes and attacks, right in the widest areas of the map. Yes, very typical… but the scenarios are so impressive and the fighting is so fun that we almost don’t care.

Large and very unpleasant enemies await us every few steps

Regarding the sound, we can ensure that the melodies and music are well integrated into the game, since they do not bother us and we will appreciate them at specific moments, to emphasize the drama, tension… or terror. The same goes for the dubbing (in perfect English with Spanish subtitles), impeccably done and with lots of characters and lines of dialogue.

Jesse can reach more

Speaking of characters… Jesse, the lead, could have been a bit more charismatic. His cockiness and his badass ways are not up to Dante (DevilMyCry) and it seems that he is always supported by some secondary character, be it Edgar (his best friend) or Erving. the brainiac Be that as it may, at the end of the game, Jesse does not remain in the memory in the same way that he did, for example, the aforementioned character. Although this can always be solved in a second part…

“Getting into the lion’s den” falls short as an expression

We can also talk about the duration, which is around 15 hours. It’s not little for a game of this graphic depth, but it is by today’s standards. This possible setback can be smoothed out if we think about how replayable it is (believe us, when you fully control Jesse you’re going to want to repeat the experience) and also in its cooperative mode. Yes, the game gives us the possibility to play certain missions accompanied by a friend and thus be able to face the ordas of the night somewhat calmer.

In short: with Evil West we are going to enjoy a powerful visual spectacle, framed in an original and terrifying uchrony. They have compared it to a Kratos in the West, or a Gear of War. The graphical and stylistic resemblances are similar, but it would be unfair not to acknowledge that the game earns everything it does on its own merits.

Vampires in the Far West and a secret organization that fights them. Luckily someone has come up with this marvelous plot and has embodied it in this marvelous game. Spectacular and cruel, very cruel… because we are left wanting more.

Review: “Evil West”, vampires in the Far West