Review Midnight Secretary #4 by MassLunar

Eternal midnight secretary

Midnight Secretary bows out in this pretty reissue published by Soleil Manga.

This fourth and final volume therefore brings a sweet conclusion to the relationship between Kaya, the devoted young secretary and her vampire boss, the dark but benevolent Kyohei. The previous volume also presented us with the vampire clan to which the latter belongs, a final obstacle for this couple of lovers shivering bound by leeching.

Despite these last obstacles, it must be admitted that this epilogue does not offer much spice. The plot diverts the twists to a sweet conclusion. The mangaka Tomu Ohmi never really wanted to scratch these characters and she builds her story like a fairy tale. However, we can note some interesting events, especially between Kyôhei and his mother-in-law or the opposition shown by the vampire clan, but the defect of this series remains inherent until the last page. Tomu Ohmi fully focuses his plot on the romance between his two characters and does not dare or does not want to offer more stakes around this relationship.

So, until the end, Midnight Secretary has the capital sympathy of a pretty window of clothing stores, it’s elegant, it’s classy but the decor remains in the end very empty and superficial with this recurring absence of backgrounds and this choice of boxes which only highlights than the characters. Objectively, Midnight Secretary comes down to pure romance, a series of cutesy, bittersweet replies, which never exploits the nature of this pair of lovers dedicated never to transcend their roles. Thus Kaia remains the faithful secretary of Kiohei. Until the end, moreover, she will call him Mr. President while the latter will always retain a touch of arrogance and domination with regard to his devoted secretary, despite his good background and the sincerity of his love.

Finally, Midnight Secretary is a jonin of love that treads water with its plot bordering on the void. It is a title to be reserved for fans of the genre and especially for fans of Tomu Ohmi.

The latter will also be able to enjoy this fourth volume which offers, in addition to the conclusion, a good number of one-shots and other unpublished bonuses, however, always modeled on yet another romantic relationship. In Love Cruise, a young woman left by her husband finds comfort in the arms of a wealthy young man during the time of a cruise. In Do you like cute? ,a slightly more original one-shot, we follow the life of a young seamstress secretly drawn to frills and lace until a teddy bear maker opens her eyes. Another theme through the tasting with A little tasting? a short story during which a salesman running a quality meat stall falls in love with a yakuza girl. Finally, this volume ends with a fantastic little one-shot in which a dragon king comes to kidnap the chosen one of his heart, who has moreover been sold by his own father (clearly, we are making fun of the morality in this last story!).

Each of his stories is therefore somewhat modeled on the same screenplay around an almost impossible love with recurring figures of the handsome boy and the beautiful young lady. It’s soap opera all in lace and it’s not the pretty font on the titles of chapters like marriage announcements that will prove the contrary. We are really on romantic aesthetics and inevitably, Tomu Ohmi’s manga remain niche manga intended for a certain type of public who love shojo or love jonin.

In the end, no regrets anyway, it’s always nice to close a title. Overall, from a visual point of view, Midnight Secretary is a rather nice series, especially in term of edition which deserves its place in a small library. Despite everything, we will have known how to attach ourselves to this duo of characters, even if the story has as much scent as an artificial rose.

Review Midnight Secretary #4 by MassLunar