Review of Falconspeare (2022), interesting vampire hunter story that knows little.

What we like monsters. Especially those mysterious creatures hidden after centuries of superstition and religion in that Eastern Europe border with Asia, where Western culture fades and outsiders are not welcome. Creatures like Bram Stoker’s Dracula or the one from the Castlevania video game saga have moved our imagination to these gothic places and, without them, stories like Falconspeare would not take place.

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Falconspeare is a comic that belongs to a micro universe of monster hunters Created by Mike Mignola and Warwick Johnson Caldwell.

The first is one of the most important authors of the fantastic comic book. Born in 1960, he worked as an inker for Marvel until his explosion at DC Comics, where he arrived in 1987. There he drew world of krypton, cosmic odyssey or one of Batman’s best-known elsewords: gas light. In 1993 he created his most famous work: Hellboy. And he has also worked in the world of video games with Darksiders.

The second is an author practically unknown to me in which there are only comics belonging to this Victorian universe with monsters and other evil beings that must be hunted.

As far as this micro-universe is concerned, falconspeare It is the third volume after Mr. Higgins comes home Y Our encounters with evil. But, and this is important, as much as Mignola appears on the cover, his contribution to the tome is…only the cover. That is to say, that the volume is written, drawn and inked by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, with a style that I will comment later but that, of course, is very different from Mignola’s.

What is Falconspeare about?

Professor Meinhart, Mr. Knox and Miss Van Sloan are a trio of renowned monster hunters who simultaneously receive a message about the whereabouts of an old classmate of theirs who has been missing for years.: vampire hunter James Falconspeare. Together they embark on an adventure through Eastern Europe.

Falconspeare takes place over fifty-six pages, which is a source of virtue and defect. It is read in a breath because the rhythm is devilish and situations do not stop happening. But it doesn’t give time for the characters to develop (in fact, apart from Falconspeare, they are quite flat and interchangeable with each other). It is a story that ends up leaving you wanting more.

Of course, the story, especially in its final third, has a spectacular plot twist which increases interest and makes you read the comic in one sitting. A reflection that moves away from works with a similar theme and setting to get closer to the tone of the adventures of Geralt de Rivia, adapted both to a video game and to a series with the name of The Witcher.

As for his drawing… I have to say that I’m not too convinced. There will be those who like the simple and ugly lines of Warwick Johnson Caldwell, but I don’t like them and I don’t think they are suitable for an adventure of these characteristics either.

Definitely, Falconspeare is a remarkable Victorian Gothic adventure that will delight fans of vampire stories set in distant lands., with peoples reticent to the stranger and marked by superstition. Throughout just fifty-six pages, Johnson Caldwell tells us about the origin of monstrosity and evil in a story as entertaining as it is short that he knows little about.

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It is not the first time that Professor Meinhardt, Mr. Knox and Ms. Van Sloan, renowned monster hunters, come together to investigate the occult and put an end to the horrors of the world, but now they are faced with a question that has haunted for years: what happened to his friend, vampire slayer James Falconspeare?

This compilation tome is decked out in Johnson-Cadwell’s recognizably expressive style, coupled with an incredible cover by Mignola and Dave Stewart that’s a delight for both fans of Mr. Higgins comes home Y Our Encounters with Evil: The Adventures of Professor JT Meinhardt and His Assistant Mr. Knox as well as newcomers to the world that Johnson-Cadwell and Mignola have created.

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