Review of The Witcher: The Origin of Blood (2022): Unnecessary

The Witcher: The Origin of Blood, the spin-off of the series starring Henry Cavill, lands on Netflix this December 25

The race of fantastic genre series continues to win over the audience it achieved Game of Thrones a few years ago. the house of the dragon by HBO, the rings of powerr by Amazon and The Witcher by Netflix, who adds to its ranks this miniseries, The Origin of Blood, in the role of a prequel and which aims to explain part of its mythology with facts not conceived in the novels of sapkowskiauthor of the Witcher Saga.

The story that takes place in this miniseries is located some 1,200 – 1,500 years before the events narrated in the main series, and As bait for the audience, it has something as exquisite for the lore of this universe as it is the creation of the first sorcerer and the Conjunction of the spheres.the cataclysm that caused the union of various universes into one, uniting races such as humans, elves, ghouls or vampires.

Set the trap, now all that remains is for the spectator to bite. The series begins almost with a self-justification of why it was initially decided to create that series from the upper echelons of Netflix. A link between the events narrated in the previous season and this kind of spin-off, with a familiar face to make the journey between eras more bearable. A completely unnecessary introduction.

Already in our adventure we find ourselves with a half world, both visually and narratively, in which it seems that they have not had enough budget to improve the sets, making them look like cardboard, or better visual effects for monsters that should be scary instead of laughable. Moving away from the budgetary aspects, the world on which this story is built is very far from the one seen in the main series, and he did not say it due to the fact that the Conjunction has not yet occurred, rather due to the lack of a environment and some pillars that give shelter to the action that takes place. Every story needs a place to develop the action, an environment in which the decisions made by the characters are justified and they are not seen simply as headless puppets. Well then, The Witcher: Origin of Blood it fails, as expected. Everything that happens in this miniseries loses strength and interest as it progresses, having its short duration as the only motivation to finish it. Almost 4 hours of generic action in a fantastic world and without any incentive, neither to entertain nor to enrich.

Likewise, during these almost 4 hours we will have to deal with the insipid conversations of our 7 main protagonists, characters with less charisma than a head of lettuce, and with their hectic journey from side to side, running around like headless chickens. Having said that, and as the only positive point that I have found so far, the presence of Michelle Yeoh, the veteran actress who is taking the Everything at once everywhereand who shines above the rest, demonstrating his experience and charisma.

Definitely, The Witcher: Origin of Blood It is a completely disposable product and it could have been left alone in the proposal to managers. A bad drink that does not help to build anything in the universe of The Witcher, serving as a repellent for those who want to delve even deeper into the lore of this saga. A completely unnecessary miniseries.

Review of The Witcher: The Origin of Blood (2022): Unnecessary