Santo Tomé: A crowd accompanied the first night of carnival

Fon Fon, Marabú and Ipanema stood out with their respective songs and left their supporters more than satisfied, who collaborated throughout the year in each charity event.

The show began at 11:00 p.m. with the traditional ribbon-cutting by the municipal authorities, the Deliberative Council, the Central Carnival Commission and troupe presidents. Mayor Suaid, in the company of Vice Mayor Carlos Farizano, highlighted the effort of the comparseros and the great work of the municipal workers in setting up the stage.

From the municipal Civil Defense they reported that on this first night of parade, security was in charge of the Corrientes Police, 1st, 2nd, UR V Commissioners and the Special Unit for Rural and Ecological Security (Ex Priar) all under the command of the Commissioner Mayor Gauna, without any news about excesses, fights or detainees. The CIC ambulances and the local hospital with health support were also present.


Response to time is the proposal that marabú will represent on the avenue, in the long-awaited edition of the carnivals 2023. In the history and designs made by the carnivalesque Juanjo Caballero. Marabú will try to explain the foundations of its durability over time, going through its beginnings, the moments and eternal memories of its history and paying homage to those unforgettable marabuceros that shine in the sky and to others who still offer us their art in different shades. Mario Merlo in sculptures and designs, Bicho centurión in the rhythm, Ester Copini in the lyrics of the most sung sambas, and Marisa Zacarías and her dance. Marabú returns with her memories throughout her history to say that she is still alive and give a message of hope to her sympathetic fans, whom she hopes, after almost three years of standing still, to find again in a hug, the most sincere and tight all his life.

Marabou 2023:

Entanglement: Response to time.

Carnival: Juanjo Caballero.

Composer of the samba enredo lyrics and melody: Sebastián “Chano” Ramírez.

President in charge: Mauricio Olivera.

Drum Master: Sergio Vargas.

Harmony director: Cali Rodríguez.

Performers: Santi Yrala, Joaquín Insausti, Chano Ramírez, Raúl Martínez “Yacaré Manzo”, Rubén Farinaz, Nicolás Mendoza.

Cavacos: Esteban Sánchez and Santi Canteros. Violao 7 strings: Cali Rodríguez.


“The fine line between the world of the living and the kingdom of the dead”, referring to Halloween, its dreaded Halloween and everything that terrifies mere mortals, the dreaded Halloween, the centuries-old tradition that mixes bonfires , spells, pumpkins and candies, the ghosts that fly over from their graves, the vampires come out of their sarcophagi full of cobwebs, and it is the ideal night for evil. Horror and magic with its characters will take over the Santotomeño Corsódromo.


President: Carlos María Durañona.

Carnivalesque: Ariel Fernández.

Queen of the institution: Catalina Flores.

Queen Drums: Rocío Fernanda Suárez.

Drums: “Los Elefantes” Mestre: Marcelo Ávalos.



This year Turma do Fon Fon brings “A question of faith” to the avenue, where it will expose the manifestations of the “syncretism” mixture of African and Catholic religions, highlighting the tribes that believed in faith, which was sacred, and was constituted for four elements. Religion and faith were passed from generation to generation and from town to town.

Religious syncretism shows us the interaction of two cultures but that they are linked by something more than important and that this above all particularity of each one, the FORCE OF FAITH.- That force is what our comparsa today comes to show them, it is the faith that we have in our beliefs, in our identity, and it is the unwavering faith that we have had in FONFON for more than 60 years!!! LONG LIVE THE CARNIVAL, LONG LIVE FONFON!!


Carnival: Silvia Ávalos and Tata Ramírez Forte.

Institution Queen: Agostina Linares Zovak.

HARMONY VOICES GROUP: Francis Zmijak Milton Breard Federico Maceri Matías Nicolás Díaz Rubén Cabrera Leandro Henrique Oliveira Silva.

STRINGS: Tomas Cortés (Traditional Cavaco) Carlos “Gaucho” Pérez (Cavaco Bandola) Ali Suaid (Violão 7 cordas).

Drum Master: Leonardo Coutinho.

Santo Tomé: A crowd accompanied the first night of carnival