Santo Tomé: the comparsas prepare to parade again | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 | 4:10 p.m.

The aroma of carnival can already be felt in the Capital of Rhythm, which will once again have parades on Parque Corsódromo avenue after three years. The dates for the King Momo 2023 party will be on January 21 and 28, and February 4, and the general admission will be 500 pesos.

From the Central Carnival Commission they confirmed that this week the contract will be signed with Cristian Berger, the funder of the party, and that from that heading the sale of spaces, the concession of food, beer and snow throwers will be published.

What themes does each group present?

This year Turma do Fon Fon will bring “A question of faith” to the avenue, where it will expose the manifestations of the mixture of African and Catholic religions, highlighting the tribes that believed in faith, which was sacred, and was made up of four elements , air, water, earth and fire. Religion and faith were passed from generation to generation and from town to town. Among the manifestations of this mixture of African and Catholic religions that occurs in practically all of Brazil are for example: OXISSI (Saint Sebastian), OGUM (Saint George), XANGO (Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Geronimo), IBEYIS (San Cosme and San Damián), OXUM (Immaculate Conception of Mary), IANSA (Santa Bárbara), IEMANJA (Stella Maris/ Santa Ana), among others. His carnivalesques are Silvia Ávalos and Tata Ramírez Forte.

Ipanema this year will present “The fine line between the world of the living and the kingdom of the dead”, making reference to Halloween and everything that terrifies mere mortals the most. The best-known horror characters in history will take to the avenue at the hands of the Tricolor. Halloween, the dreaded “witches’ night”, the centuries-old tradition that mixes bonfires, spells, pumpkins and candies. The ancients say that during Halloween night, witches and skulls take over the lonely streets, terrifying the unsuspecting. They ensure that ghosts fly over from the tombs, vampires come out of their sarcophagi full of cobwebs, and it is the ideal night for evil. The carnivalesque is Ariel Fernández.

“Response to time” will be the proposal that Marabú will represent on the avenue in the long-awaited edition of the 2022 carnivals. In the history and designs made by the carnivalesque Juanjo Caballero, Marabú will try to explain the foundations of its durability over time, going through its beginnings, the moments and eternal memories of its history and honored to those unforgettable marabuceros who shine in the sky and others who still offer us their art in different shades, Mario Merlo in sculptures and designs, Bicho Centurión in rhythm (recently deceased), Ester Copinni in the lyrics of the most sung sambas and Marisa Zacarías and her dance. Marabú returns with her memories throughout her history to say that she is still alive and to give a message of hope to her sympathetic fans, whom she hopes, after two years of standing still, to find again in a hug, the most sincere and tight all his life.

Santo Tomé: the comparsas prepare to parade again | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones