SBE presents “The Gentleman’s Hotel”

«Daniele Serra has a style that is difficult to classify. Sometimes he has an impressionistic touch, other times he seems more realistic. It is impossible to pigeonhole it. He has great inventiveness and applies it to both his covers and his comics. I immediately thought that he was perfect for adapting the incredible adventures of Reverend Jebediah and so I suggested him as a designer to Sergio Bonelli Editore ».
Joe R. Lansdale

One of the most brilliant and prolific writers in the United States, always the Texan Joe R. Lansdale draws on various narrative registers, mixing very different genres: noir, science fiction, horror, steampunk, coming-of-age stories and even those of historical setting. Thus, to tell the world of the American frontier, he often contaminated the western with horror and the fantastic: this is demonstrated by the series of adventures dedicated to the reverend Jebediah Mercer, which now become the protagonists of the new collaboration project of the writer with Sergio Bonelli Publisher for THE GENTLEMAN’S HOTELthe western-horror graphic novel, scripted by Luca Crovi and illustrated by the draftsman Daniele Serraalready awarded the prestigious British Fantasy Award in 2021.

The volume, coming out next September 23, tells the story of the preacher and gunslinger Reverend Jebediah Mercer, struggling with a nightmare situation: a woman to protect, a soul to free, cruel hairy creatures to fight. The setting is the East Texas frontier, through places made up of ghost towns, rivers infested with moccasin snakes and alligators. An area in which deserts and prairies are rare, but coniferous forests abound.

Says Lansdale: “Jebediah is tall and slender, with pronounced cheekbones, pointed chin, black hair and black eyes. Beautiful and strange at the same time … He usually faces supernatural creatures. In this story he encounters werewolves, conquistadors, ghosts and creatures that can transform into even more dangerous things than werewolves. In other adventures, however, he fights evil spirits who unearth corpses and eat them. Hideous creepers a la HP Lovecraft, but also vampires. He basically fights Evil no matter what form it takes. I wrote various stories that see him as the protagonist and which were then collected in the volume Deadman’s Road “.

The volume, edited by Luca Crovi (former supervisor of the series dedicated to Deadwood Dick) is enriched by the interview with Joe R. Lansdale edited by Seba Pezzani with illustrations by Daniele Serra. A version with variant cover of the volume will be available exclusively in the bookstores of the Feltrinelli circuit, at the Bonelli Store in Milan and on the Sergio Bonelli Editore website.


American writer, he has tried his hand at engaging genre plots (western, noir, thriller, science fiction), renewing them with a strong pulp taste in the choice of grotesque elements and a trivial and irreverent language. His best vein is expressed in the ability to penetrate the atmosphere of the deep South, in violent chiaroscuro that exalt friendship, love, sex and denounce racial discrimination, wickedness and stupidity. Act of love (Act of Love1980), Drive-in night (The Drive-In1988, first in a horror series), The mambo of the bears (Two-Bear Mambo1994), At the bottom of the swamp (The Bottoms2000), The thin dark line (A Fine Dark Line2002), Sunset and dust (Sunset & Sawdust2004).
In 2008 they were also published Death challenges us, Fire in the dust, The magic chariot And Killers in the jungle. In 2010 it came out Devil Red (Fanucci). In 2012 Einaudi published Dark water, considered his masterpiece and in 2013 The forest And A perfect match. Tales of Hap and Leonard, three stories in the series of the two out-of-the-box investigators. It is from 2014 News from the darkness (Einaudi). In 2015 it comes out The forest And Honky Tonk samurai (both Einaudi); in the same year he won the Raymond Chandler Award. In 2016 he always publishes with Einaudi Paradise Skywhich follow I am Dot And Bastards in red sauce(2017), Jackrabbit’s smile. An investigation by Hap & Leonard (2018) and Hap & Leonard Blood and lemonade (2019). Among other publications Warm in the winter (Mondadori2020), A fiery red Cadillac (Einaudi, 2020), Jane goes north (Einaudi, 2020), Moon Lake (Einaudi, 2022).


He is editor at Sergio Bonelli Editore, where he curates the series of Commissioner Ricciardi and of Deadwood Dick. Rock critic and radio host, he dedicated himself to the study of the origins and developments of detective fiction in Italy, first publishing the essay Crimes of our paper. A history of the Italian thriller (2000, Puntozero editions) and then the thrill anthology The killer is the guitarist, curated together with the musician Franz Campi (2001, Puntozero Editions). For Marsilio he produced the monograph All the colors of yellow (2002) (later expanded to History of the Italian thriller of 2020) which was then transformed into the homonymous radio broadcast of Radiodue. He has published the essays with Stefano Priarone Mr. Fantasy. JRR Tolkien’s Secret World (2003, Pass him) And Stephen King. The Man Dressed in Nightmares (2004, Aliberti) while with Seba Pezzani he signed the “rock thriller in hollandaise sauce” Tutti Frutti (2004, Passigli). In the course of archival research, he found it The country without the sky by Giorgio Scerbanenco, and he oversaw the re-edition for Aliberti Editore in 2003, as well as, together with the scholar Claudio Gallo, he dealt with the editorial relaunch of a black feuilleton such as The body thieves by Jarro (2003, Aliberti). He has written noir stories for various anthologies and signed comic scripts, competing with characters born from the imagination of Andrea G. Pinketts, Massimo Carlotto, Joe R. Lansdale and Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre and working with designers such as Maurizio Rosenzweig, Andrea Mutti and Angelo Busacchini. Among his latest books: Noir. Instructions for the use (Garzanti), The shadow of the champion, The last song of the Naviglio, The giant and the madonnina (Rizzoli Libri), The mystery of the Tower of the Park and other stories (SEM Books).


Cagliari, he is an illustrator and cartoonist. His main influences and inspirations come from weird and horror fiction written by HP Lovecraft and William H. Hodgson, from Ridley Scott’s films, from Japanese horror films and from the works of Clive Barker. His love of horror culture began before his career as an illustrator, causing him to quickly develop his distinctive style: high-contrast paintings with bright and dark colors, curved strokes and shadows, and a particular attention to the gaze and expression of the characters. He has signed illustrations and covers for DC Comics, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Titanic Comics, IDW Publishing, Seraphim Inc, and collaborated with Clive Barker on the anthology of Hellraiser (2017), Joe R. Landsale with whom he signed the graphic novel I tell you it’s love (2014), Stephen King in Tommyknockers. He has designed over 250 covers for Joe R. Lansdale, William Hope Hodgson, Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Paul Tremblay, and several artwork for music projects. His illustrations also appeared in the film Cell by Tod Williams based on the book by Stephen King. In 2021 you published Murder Ballads (Mondadori Oscar Ink) based on texts by Micol Arianna Beltramini.

The Gentleman & rsquor; s Hotel
Joe R. Lansdale, Luca Crovi, Daniele Serra
Sergio Bonelli Publisher, 2022
112 pages, hardcover, black and white / colors – € 22.00
ISBN: 9788869617164

SBE presents “The Gentleman’s Hotel” – Lo Spazio Bianco