Series reviews: Reginald the Vampire. Season 1. Episode 5.

Reginald the Vampire // Season 1. Episode 5. Fools in Love.

Reginald the Vampire is really hatching. “Fools in Love” is in my humble opinion the best episode of the season so far. It strikes a better balance between humor, fun reveals, and the introduction of a new character. The series finally manages to find a good balance and the evolution of this episode also allows the series to move forward. Reginald continues his romantic adventure while juggling his training sessions to become something more than the overweight vampire. He must also live a normal life working at the Slushie Shack and a twist comes to shake up the mechanics of the season a little. All this is clearly done to embark us on the second part of the season. An assassin is now on Reginald’s trail and hired by Angela. The latter, which we learned to understand a little better thanks to the previous episode, continues to be a villain with whom we want to see the rest of the season.

While it’s unclear what religion Sarah was a part of, it definitely looks like a cult. Her brother, Levi, was ready to kidnap her if necessary. Reginald took a risk by glamorizing Levi in ​​order to make him forget about Sarah and let her live for good. All of this again contributes to putting all vampires at risk because of Reginald. While the latter must no longer use his power, he will once again do so with other vampires. I like Reginald’s carelessness, it’s also what gives his character a real sympathy capital. This changes series of vampires that often take themselves seriously. But the best thing is to see Reginald use his power on a human in front of Sarah. The habits of our hero are risky and one can understand that Maurice is not very happy with what is happening.

Maurice is necessarily there to help Reginald because without him I’m sure our hero would already be at the bottom of the abyss. A lot happens in this episode and Reginald the Vampire manages to find a nice balance between the use of his characters, his humor and his sometimes more tender side. But danger lurks and continues to be problematic for our hero. I don’t necessarily know what to expect from the rest of the season but I can’t wait to find out given what is happening here. According to Maurice, as long as Todd doesn’t die with Maurice’s blood in his veins then he won’t turn into a vampire. But… the holes in his neck will heal quickly, which will allow Reginald to eat without arousing suspicion (and that’s already too late for the moment). The beautiful balance of this episode changes from what we have seen so far and gives me a frantic desire to see the sequel.

Rating: 7/10. In short, Reginald the Vampire has finally found his footing.

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