Although she hulk is not the most-watched Marvel series on Disney+, she nevertheless made a lot of talk about her. Whether on social networks or in the press, the adventures of Bruce Banner’s cousin did not leave viewers indifferent. Incarnated by Tatiana Maslany, will the superheroine return for a second season? Nothing has yet been formalized by Kevin Feige, the boss of marvel studiosbut we already have a little idea about the villains the vigilante should face in a potential sequel

The Word and ultima

In The Power of the Wordpublished in 1980, She-Hulk confronts The Word and his daughter Ultima, two rather tough opponents. It all begins when the parents of a hippie, Randolph Harrison, request the services of Jennifer Walters to recover their child, indoctrinated by a sect. The lawyer accepts this delicate mission and goes to the world headquarters of the Verb, founder of the sect, pretending to be a young woman who wants to be part of it. It is there that she attends a conference by the Verb, a former publisher who worked on one of the largest encyclopedic dictionaries in the world. By dint of being immersed in the words and their meaning, he gained the power to wield them to get what he wanted. A dangerous power, which he used to make her daughter Ultima an extraordinary woman!

He taught her the value of mental discipline from an early age, and he taught her to exploit all her sensory faculties. This is how she came to have complete control of herself, becoming literally superhuman! The mass is for her insignificant, which allows her to lift heavy weights of several tons. But why does Ultima resent She-Hulk? Simply because Randolph is her boyfriend, and when she overhears the lawyer talking to him to try to convince him to leave the cult, she imagines that he is cheating on her! The two women face off with their fists, then later in court, Jennifer Walters having managed to get Randolph to sign a document certifying that he is being held against his will in the cult.

The Word and his daughter Ultima are unsung villains from Marvel; however, they could be a relevant addition in season 2 of she hulk. Indeed, these are characters rooted in reality, which fits well with the universe of the series. What’s more, their complementarity would allow Jennifer Walters to prove both his intelligence and his strength. Her talents as a lawyer would allow her to beat the Word in a verbal jousting before the Judge, and her talents as a warrior would allow her to beat her daughter Ultima in hand-to-hand combat. Sharp dialogues and sharp punches, the perfect combo!


In Reason and Ragepublished in 1981, She-Hulk faces an adversary like no other, Gemini. This is part of the Zodiac Cartel, a criminal organization whose members are supervillains based on the 12 signs of the zodiac (as the name suggests!). In this adventure, Gemini has just betrayed the leader of the Zodiac Cartel, Scorpion, for the benefit of the Defenders, ending up willingly giving himself up to Nick Fury at the end of the confrontation. Released on parolehe meets the Leclercs, the parents of a young woman murdered by Morbius the vampire.

However, the latter is a client of Jennifer Walters… Hired by the Leclercs to kill Morbius and his lawyer, who want to avenge the death of their daughter and the victory of She-Hulk at the bar, Gemini will find himself facing the super -heroin. However, the latter is not an adversary like the others: he represents Yin and Yang, black and white, yes and no. In short, he embodies the paradox of personality! When he has to make a decision, his two facets, Reason and Emotion, separate from the body of their host and analyze the situation according to the prism of the “brain” and that of the “heart”. Thereafter, they reenter the body of their host and pass judgment.

Gemini would be a great addition for she hulk. Her split personality echoes that of Jennifer Walters : indeed, the super-heroine is more guided by her emotions (and in particular her anger) when she transforms into a green giant, while she reasons logically and pragmatically with her everyday identity.

What do you think of these villains? Would you like to see them in season 2 of the Marvel series?

She-Hulk: these 3 villains that we want to see appear in season 2