‘Silk: Spider Society’ is Sony’s next Spider

The Serie Silk: Spider Society it will be the first addition to the spiderverse in the multiscreen world. Sony Pictures announced that a production based on the peculiar heroine Cindy Moon is coming to Amazon Video and MGM+. According to the preliminary agreement revealed, the series would premiere worldwide in more than 240 countries and territories reached by the first and in North America through the services of the second.

Silk: Spider Society will be helmed by television writer and producer Angela Kang. On the other hand, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Amy Pascal will be the executive producers. What connects to Spider-Man Cinematic Universe with recent production.

It’s a definite step in a strategic line that suggests Sony is trying to build a more robust and orderly world around its iconic hero. For Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke, it’s also an opportunity of considerable interest to delve into new spider stories. “The recent reinvention animated and live action of Spider-Man represents some of the most dynamic superhero storytelling in cinema,” he said in a release. “Along with Angela Kang’s creative vision, we couldn’t be more pleased to bring Silk: Spider Society to our MGM+ and Prime Video customers.”

Silk: Spider Society It will be part of the Spider-Man universe.

Silk: Spider Society will follow the origin story of Cindy Moon, an American woman of Korean descent bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker. Which, of course, gives him similar powers, albeit in a completely different context than his friendly New York neighbor.

For Kang, it will be the opportunity to relate a new vision about what spider abilities can do for “someone in trouble.” Also from his way of understanding his nascent heroic nature. Moon will go through all kinds of situations until finally becoming the superhero known as Silk.

Cindy Moon’s story is part of the conglomerate of more than 900 Spider-Man-related Marvel characters that Sony retains. Which leaves no doubt about the studio’s intention to consistently expand the growing universe around the New York hero.

A complicated sale for history

As it will be remembered, the studio bought the licenses and rights to a good part of the characters related to Spider-Man around the year 2000. Right in the middle of the period in which Marvel was trying to cope with the bankruptcy that it suffered in the mid-90s. To survive , the publisher sold entire packages with the licenses of its emblematic characters.

Silk: Spider Society

Currently, Disney owns Marvel Studios and the bulk of its most iconic licenses after its purchase in 2009. But Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man, which includes everything related to its context. From the most well-known villains that have faced the hero to the hundreds of versions of him in the universe, including Silk: Spider Society. The studio may have the full range of characters related to Spider-Man.

The novelty also implies that Sony Pictures will try to tell part of the spiderverse in productions streaming. Which opens up a wide dimension of possibilities regarding the universe on the big screen. So far, the studio has had mixed results in its attempt to adapt Spider-Man-related licenses into film.

With two consecutive reboots of the character, as well as experiments related to a future project that would bring together various villains, the franchise moves through irregular scenarios. The latest releases — the third part of venom and a story for the antihero Morbius — had mixed box office and critical results. So it is likely that the arrival of the franchise to the multiscreen with Silk: Spider Society be an addition that completely rebuilds the study’s premise regarding the character.

The first great story of Silk: Spider Society

Cindy Moon - Silk

The paper version of Cindy Moon first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Manvol. 3 #1 in April 2014. Created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, his origin story is directly related to that of Peter Parker. Both were bitten by the same radioactive spider. What connects both heroes, at least in an essential way. However, Cindy’s story veers into a whole new setting, including multiversal vampires and energy-eating creatures.

In the story of the heroine, who will come to the screen through Silk: Spider Society , all those bitten by the radioactive spider or with similar powers are more than heroes. Upon acquiring their abilities, they become a life force that maintains the immortality of a group of vampire-like beings known as “The Inheritors”. So they must flee or at least avoid being located and consumed by the creatures.

Unlike Peter, who had to discover and explore his powers alone, Cindy was taken in by Ezekial Sims, also with powers. To prevent her from nurturing an heir of special strength, Cindy ends up imprisoned for ten years. Finally, she is rescued by Peter Parker, whom she will join along with Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Woman. The group will try, together with other spider beings from all over the multiverse, to stop the threat of the inheritors.

The story is interesting enough to unite not only the Sony cinematographic universe with a new dimension of characters. Also to expand the studio’s multiverse to a new level. What makes Silk: Spider Societyin an ideal setting for narrative and visual experimentation.

Silk: Spider Society

With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse , Madame Weband the project of the sinister six , Sony’s spidervers seems more alive than ever. What the production of Silk: Spider Societyconfirm.

‘Silk: Spider Society’ is Sony’s next Spider-Man series