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The world of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a treacherous place, but luckily players don’t have to navigate it alone enlisting the help of followers. Whether they take the form of a human, an animal or something in between, these loyal companions will stop at nothing to protect the Dragonborn during their adventures. With over 50 to choose from, picking the right one can be overwhelming, but these particular followers, which can be earned not with coins but rather by completing quests, are some of the best Skyrim has to offer.

Unlike Mercenaries or Mercenaries, these Adepts take a bit more time and effort to obtain, however, their deeper involvement in the game’s story actually gives them an edge over the former. Many are coded as “essential characters”, which are considered important to the game’s function. They cannot be killed in battle; unlike Skyrim’s Lydia, who can be revived after death but is nonetheless a riskier choice due to her vulnerability. These subscribers, while recruiting them can be a bit of a hassle, are ultimately worth it.

J’zargo from Skyrim is a powerful companion mage

One of two followers of Khajiit in all of Skyrim, J’zargo is a fan favorite for both his fiery personality and combat prowess. As a studious member of the College of Winterhold, this feline is highly skilled in destruction magic. When fighting alongside the player, he makes excellent use of spells such as Firebolt, Ice Spike, and Lightning Bolt, as well as occasionally using Restoration Magic to cast various wards. Although he is not an essential character, this is corrected by the fact that he does not have a level cap. Unlike other followers, his power will scale alongside the Dragonborn, arguably making him the strongest in the game.

For those who prefer traditional combat to Skyrim’s lackluster magic system, unlocking J’zargo can be a bit of a headache. Not only will players have to join the College of Winterhold and complete a few tasks for the main quest line, but they will also have to complete a quest specific to the Khajiit mage himself, called “J’zargo’s Experiment”. After testing his ever so slightly dangerous scrolls, he will be grateful to the player and offer his loyalty as a disciple. Between his comedic banter and his might in battle, anyone who’s unlocked J’zargo shouldn’t hesitate to band up with him as he explores Skyrim.

Mjoll the lioness is unwaveringly loyal to Skyrim

Mjoll The Lioness is best known for her strong sense of justice, but her combat skills are just as fierce. The Norse Warrior is one of the first NPCs characters encounter when they arrive in Skyrim’s most ill-judged city, Riften, and she makes her displeasure with the Thieves Guild pretty obvious early on. If the player has a positive relationship with her (either sharing their feelings about the Guild or helping the townspeople enough), she will ask them to retrieve her long-lost blade, Grimsever.

Grimsever can be found in Mzinchaleft, a dwarven ruin that is more difficult than the typical Draugr-filled dungeon. But picking up the sword will unlock Mjoll as a disciple – and powerful at that. While strangely she doesn’t use Grimsever in battle, she is effective with a hunting bow and battle axe, making her deadly at any range. She has a max level of 40, but she is unkillable thanks to her essential character status.

Skyrim’s Ralis Sedarys is an antagonistic assassin

Being Skyrim’s best expansion, the Dragonborn DLC brings the player to Solstheim, a cinder island that is home to many bizarre characters and events. Among these is Ralis Sedarys, a dark elf archaeologist whom the Dragonborn can stumble upon in the southeast region of Raven Rock. He excels in close combat, as he wields a unique enchanted pickaxe named Hoarfrost, and he can even reach level 60, which is considerably higher than most adepts can reach. However, he is one of the hardest to unlock in more ways than one.

During the “Unearthed” quest, players will quickly discover that Ralis is, at best, a morally gray character. He continually asks for generous donations to fund his mining expedition, because every time his miners start making progress, they are all mysteriously slaughtered. The Dragonborn will have to earn a lot of gold in Skyrim, as they have to dish out a total of 11,000 septims. Next, they will find Ralis performing a blood magic ritual with the bodies of the dead miner, attempting to summon the dragon priest Ahzidal.

After being confronted, he claims he was mind controlled, and it’s up to the player whether to spare him or kill him. It may be tempting to punish Ralis, but by sparing his life he will swear his loyalty to the Dragonborn. This makes him by far the most important disciple to unlock in Skyrim, as completing his quest takes several in-game days, and he basically has a prize of 11,000 gold. But despite his obvious flaws, he remains one of the best followers available in the entire game – if players can find the courage in their hearts to forgive him.

Cicero is good for more than just jokes in Skyrim

Similar to Ralis, Cicero, a member of Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood, is worse than it first appears. His rambunctious personality, unsettling obsession with the Night Mother, and betrayal of members of the Dark Brotherhood have made the jester an incredibly divisive character among players. Understandably, many feel he deserves a less than pleasant fate at the end of “The Cure for Madness.” But if the player decides to give Cicero another chance, it turns out to be a rewarding long-term investment.

Overjoyed at the Dragonborn’s forgiveness, he will offer to serve them until his last breath; and surprisingly, Cicero is actually much stronger than he lets on. In addition to his level cap of 50, he is considered an essential character. Predictably, he’s adept at using a dagger, but he’s also very good at sneaking, one of Skyrim’s most powerful mechanics. Additionally, in keeping with his odd temper, Cicero will make humorous comments throughout his service to the player and even break into a dance at random times. For these quirky interactions alone, it’s worth sparing the traitorous clown.

Alongside more popular and well-known followers, like Serana, the vampire royalty of Dawnguard, these companions can be a bit of a pain to recruit – but they end up being invaluable when it comes to combat. They may seem small on the outside, but players who go out of their way to complete these quests will soon find that their efforts have paid off tenfold. If you ever feel like you want a capable warrior, or even just a loyal friend by your side, these followers are your best bet in Skyrim.

Skyrim Quest Reward Followers Who Are Really Worth It | Pretty Reel