Spotlight – Vampire Survivors, the meaning of life, the universe and everything else

With the Spotlight section, we want to highlight our favorite games, without pressure and without constraints. And make you discover the more or less unknown “must have” of the Xbox!

To my surprise, he is my shock of the end of the year 2022. Why vampire survivors is it that addictive ? How is it that such a rudimentary game, as if made with three pieces of string, can get me so glued for 55 hours without me seeing the time pass. The most obvious answers would be its simple avoidance and build-up mechanics. The fact that almost every run unlocks new characters or objects? Its presence in the Game Pass? Hmm… It’s certainly not foreign because that’s how I discovered it. But I have the impression that these are only necessary but not sufficient explanations.

And if vampire survivors told us something else, deeper, more atavistic? And if, consciously or not moreover, we were not in front a simple entertainment that brings us back to what is Humanity, to his mortality, his fragility but nevertheless eager to overcome his condition? Well OK, out of the blue it seems far-fetched. But let’s pause for a few seconds keeping in the back of our minds the prophetic aspect of vampire survivors : from the start of the game, our time is running out, we will die anyway at the end of the level. We have 30 minutes to accomplish what we are here to do. Besides, we don’t know what we’re doing on this pile of rough-hewn pixels. A bit like the rest of us, simple edifices of fleeting atoms on a planet lost among so many others to turn without further explanation around falsely eternal stars. In fact, we know what we are doing here: we prepare future runs, or future generations…

During the first attempts, here we are to fail, to learn, to bequeath to the other characters new powers, to somehow domesticate this hostile world, until pushing the limits. Even those of death yet inevitable at first, even if you do it well after 30 minutes. Thereby, in a few hours, this game sums up the quest of Humanity. When I realized it, I found it dizzying… And I told myself that I was intellectualizing the mess too much. I do not know.

What is certain is that with not much, vampire survivors marked me for life. And to say that this is only the beginning because at the start of 2023, we still have not found the alpha vampire who continues to elude us tirelessly. Future DLCs will come and grab us for a while looking for him. A bit like human beings, we all run after our own alpha vampire… but we still have to agree on what it is. But our time is limited, so we have more than thirty minutes, but as sometimes with bad luck, a crappy build, risky choices, an uncertain path, we are quickly overtaken by the mower. GAME OVER.


Spotlight – Vampire Survivors, the meaning of life, the universe and everything else