Steam: just released, this indie mix between Vampire Survivors and Diablo is a real hit

This end of the year 2022 is particularly busy in video games. Sonic Frontiers, God of War: Ragnarok, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, The Calisto Protocol, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players will be spoiled for choice before tackling a year 2023 which also promises to be full of adventures. But until then, know that this indie game, a mix between vampire survivors and Diablo could keep you busy for a few hours.

a mix between vampire survivors and diablo

On Steam, it is possible to come face to face with the latest trends of the moment directly from the platform’s home page. While the category is populated with titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Soccer Manager 2023, Lost Ark or Valve’s famous Steam Deck, small nuggets manage to find their way onto Steam. This is the case of this mixture between vampire survivors and Diablowhose prologue had seduced a few months ago. The game released in early access this week, and players weren’t skimping on the praise.

The title in question: it is Soulstone Survivors. This roguelite way bullet hell plunges you into levels where hordes of enemies will swoop down on you. To defend yourself, you can count on 167 different skills, a total of 17 characters and 26 different weapons. Over the course of your attempts, you will be able to improve your runes, weapons and skills, enough to rain down flames on your enemies. An early access title that is sure to expand over time. A roadmap is already available, enough to let future additions dangle.

To spice up the experience, you can spice up your epics by suffering various curses. Nevertheless, your efforts will be rewarded since the extreme challenges will allow you to craft legendary weapons, much more powerful than traditional weapons. In addition, completionists will be filled with the presence of dozens of successes which, once completed, will allow you to unlock new powers.

Like all good bullet hell, Soulstone Survivors sees swarms of enemies swarming over you in settings that seem straight out of Diablo. While the universe of Blizzard must return to the front of the stage with Diablo IV, this indie game should keep you waiting until then. A promising title, evidenced by the opinions of players who have tried this roguelite. With 90% positive reviews, Soulstone Survivors is complimented abundantly.

A damn good little game“, “a worthy successor to the survivors games“, “addiction according to Saint John“, compliments that will eventually convince you to try your hand at this promising bullet hell. Note that Steam reimburses players within 2 hours of play, for no particular reason. A trial offered which allows Steam users to happily test the very many releases of the platform.

On your side, have you ever tested Soulstone Survivors ? Via its prologue? Its early access? Feel free to respond to us via the comment section below.

Steam: just released, this indie mix between Vampire Survivors and Diablo is a real hit