Stranger Things: Here’s why Eddie’s return would harm the plot of season 5

Whether the death of Eddie Munson after season 4 of Stranger Things was lived as one of the worst dramas by fans of the seriesits potential return could harm to the plot of the final chapter.

The questions that remained unanswered at the end of season 4 of Stranger Things

Season 4 of Stranger Things aired between May 27 and July 1, 2022 on Netflix. The nine episodes showrun by the Duffer brothers were eagerly awaited by fans of the series, especially since the arrival of a fearsome monster had been teased in the various trailers. Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower, made sensation with the spectators, and not only. Our group of friends from Hawkins had never rubbed shoulders with such a monster, the only one to really make Eleven doubt her abilities. In the Season 4 finale, many questions remained unanswered. What’s the creature’s plan now that it’s successfully merged the Upside Down and the real world? Will Max come out of her coma? Can Will become Vecna’s ally due to his bond with the monster since the beginning of the series? As for the subplots, season 5 should continue the story of the love triangle between Steve, Jonathan and Nancy but also reveal if Vickie manages to fall under the spell of the adorable Robin.

Among all the events that happened in season 4, one of the plots deeply upset the fans: the sacrifice of Eddie Munson, a new character played by Joseph Quinn. The soft-hearted rocker preferred to attract the Demobats to him to give his friends a chance to escape from the Upside Down. His farewell to Dustin was experienced as one of the worst dramas in the history of Stranger Things. Several months after the broadcast of season 4 on Netflix, some fans are still angry, even threatening the Duffer brothers to boycott the next burst of episodes if Eddie Munson does not return. Thereby, many theories to justify his miraculous comeback have emerged on the Web, and not all hypotheses should be thrown away. Only here, if the leader of the Hellfire Club is unanimous with the spectators, Eddie’s potential return poses several major issues. Indeed, his comeback could harm the plot of season 5 of Stranger Things.

Why Eddie Munson’s Return Is Actually a Bad Idea

The first reason concerns the theory that Eddie will return as the vampire Kas, a character from the game Dungeons & Dragons. In the series, Dustin, Eddie, Erika and the others play it using monsters roughly similar to those found in the Upside Down. However, they are not the same. If Eddie returns as Kas, it would therefore force the showrunners to abandon their original narration to conform to that of D&D. Similarly, if Stranger Things follows this idea, it means thatEddie must be the one who kills Vecna ​​or hurts him so badly that his death becomes inevitable (according to Dungeons & Dragons). However, it would be a shame if after five seasons carried in part by Eleven and Will, it would be a freshly arrived character who is tasked with annihilating one of the worst antagonists in history.

Another major reason that would justify the definitive absence of Eddie in season 5: Max has already (partly) been raised from the dead at the end of the previous season, and the flashbacks with her deceased brother were numerous… We could see that the heroine was haunted by her memories with Billy, whose death she had wished when he was still alive . Bringing Eddie back as a copy of a D&D character risks make the moment between Max and Billy less upsetting. Finally, the last argument and not the least, is that Eddie’s return in Season 5 would detract from his tragic death in the previous salvo. After all, it’s important to wonder if viewers would have enjoyed it so much if it hadn’t met a sad fate. Eddie Munson wanted to prove to himself that he could be a brave and emphatic person; he truly died a hero.

Stranger Things: Here’s why Eddie’s return would harm the plot of season 5