Superman, Spiderman and the superheroes with the most appearances in Marvel and DC

Some protagonists kept the same actor, other sagas made their changes over several years of staying current.

Marvel and DC remain relevant both on the big screen and on streaming service, and it is that for more than 50 years these production companies have brought us fantastic participations alongside characters like Superman, Spiderman, dead pool Y wonder-woman.

This year both companies have battled for the attention of fans with installments ranging from hit series like Peacemaker and Ms. Marvel, to movies like Black Adam and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. They’ve also had quite a few bad times like Thor: Love and Thunder and canceling projects like Batgirl with Leslie Grace and the man of the hour, Brendan Fraser.

Next, We present you the superheroes with the most appearances in Marvel and DC Studios, and we have to say that some characters stood out even more than the original story itself, such as Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) who was more famous than X Men. And we do it for the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which you can already see at Cinemex and Cinépolis.

dead pool

marvel comics

Irreverence at its finest, yes, we’re talking about dead pool, marvel mercenary that hooked the adult public thanks to its black humorexplicit references to violence and a tragic love story.

For now, dead pool has two movies announced; dead pool (2015), Dead Pool 2 (2018) and a third upcoming installment for 2024.


DC Studios

This movie has several hits to its credit; starting with counting we have Superman (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) and superman returns (2006) with the participation of Christopher Reeve in the first three installments.

By 2013 there was a surprise that the story of the last son of krypton would be back, but now starring Henry Cavill. There are 4 deliveries in which we saw this heartthrob, and one more is about to be released, reported The Hollywood Reporter.


Marvel Studios

X Men gave rise to the universe of mutants, a saga of films that began in the year 2000. An outstanding character was that of the actor Hugh Jackman, yes, we are talking about Wolverines, mutant possessing enhanced physical abilities, powerful regeneration or healing power, and three retractable claws on each hand.

The appearance of Wolverines is in more than 9 movies of the X Men, but there are two tapes that reveal all the important aspects that must be known about this mutant: Immortal Wolverine Y Logan.


Marvel Studios

The trilogy of spider-man started with the friendly peter parker starring Tobey Maguire. This first series of films, for many, was the one that remained in memory and hearts, and for many othersthe participation of Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland, especially the latter, came to provide a whole world of possibilities for crossovers as happened with Avengers: Endgame.

These were the heroes with the most appearances in the MCU, and DC Comics, and we are sure that the number of premieres will continue to grow. Which actors would you like to see starring your favorite superhero?

Superman, Spiderman and the superheroes with the most appearances in Marvel and DC