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With The Winchesters finally bringing fans back to the world of Supernatural, fans of the series are thrilled to see the Winchesters once again participate in the family business. It was even fun to see Dean Winchester take over the music in the Impala.

Still, fans are rightly concerned that the show will make some of the same mistakes Supernatural did. After all, Supernatural had plenty of plot holes that never got resolved, and they really deserve to be revisited and explained.

The fight between Michael and Lucifer

The fight between Michael and Lucifer was a storyline the show had spent over a decade preparing for. Still, when it arrived, it wasn’t as terrifying as fans expected. Reddit user Various_Permission47 comments, “That was pathetic. In season 4/5 he was supposed to destroy half the world and he didn’t even destroy the building they were in. »

Michael and Lucifer were two of Supernatural’s most powerful characters, and their endings were as dull as they were boring. If the show wanted to see them again, they should have caused as much damage as they were supposed to, even if it meant an apocalyptic future.

Revenge of Jacob Pond

After murdering Amy Pond, a kitsune who killed to protect her son, Dean discovered that his son had sworn he would return the favor and kill him. It was clearly something that was going to come back to bite Dean, but it never ended up materializing.

“It had a powerful and meaningful storyline and the creators just dumped it,” writes Redditor mizejw. Instead, Jacob became one of Supernatural’s many forgotten characters. It was incredibly disappointing, and if the show was going to kill Dean, it should have used Jacob instead of a rusty nail.

Dean and Sam as Forgotten Fugitives

As hunters, Dean and Sam were rarely on the right side of the law. There were plenty of times the two struggled to avoid jail time, and sometimes they didn’t even make it. Yet, for some reason, they still managed to come back without anyone recognizing two of the FBI’s most wanted people.

“The number of times Sam and Dean are fugitives all over the country and then next season act like nothing happened,” says Redditor OblivionArts. This is a major conspiracy, as they should never have been able to interact with law enforcement without a heavy prison sentence.

adam in hell

The Winchesters were all about family, or at least they were all about the family they cared about. Their half-brother Adam rarely got the same protection. Redditor Various_Permission47 thought “Leaving Adam in Hell” was ridiculous. They further clarified, “And let’s face it, they didn’t do their best to get it back. »

Since Sam managed to escape the cave, the brothers knew it was possible. Yet they left Adam to suffer in endless torment for no reason. The cage was the worst thing that ever happened to Sam, so letting Adam stay there was unnecessarily cruel.

Forget Christo

At the start of Supernatural, the brothers could simply use the word “Christo” to coerce demons into revealing themselves. Eventually, however, they simply forgot about it. Instead, demons have come out of nowhere to constantly surprise them, leaving the brothers to struggle over who to trust.

“If they didn’t want to use it anymore, they could have filled it in saying the demons for some reason weren’t affected anymore,” Reddit user Die-alreadyy explains. At the very least, the show should have done something to acknowledge the absence of “Christo” rather than just pretending the brothers forgot a major hunting tool.

Jack being so powerful

While Jack was one of Supernatural’s best characters, he should never have been as powerful as he was. Reddit user DisastrousWelcome710 claims, “Of course he turned into cosmic shit and was able to ‘absorb’ the power of everything around him. But God said even after they told him their plan that it was the first time he didn’t. Which means he knew what was going to happen, and he let it happen anyway? »

The fact that Chuck would allow the creation of the character that could outright defeat him was ridiculous. If any character was going to defeat God, it should have been the rebellious Michael paired with Lucifer, which is far more believable than the sudden arrival of a ridiculously powerful Nephilim.

Supernatural featured hundreds of different tools that could kill demons, vampires, werewolves, and more. Yet Dean and Sam rarely trust the many piles of information the Men of Letters have offered them. “The massive amount of lore, weapons, and spells they collect would be extremely useful and completely ignored,” says Reddit user benadunkcamberpatch.

Dean and Sam should have recorded the tricks they found along the way, while using whatever tools they could find along the way. After discovering the Men of Letters Outpost, their priority should have been to learn all they could. Instead, they just shrugged.

The Disappearance of the Antichrist

Another overlooked character who should have had a bigger impact was the one who could have destroyed the world. According to Reddit user dog5and, the worst plot was “the complete and utter absence of Jesse Turner, the child antichrist.” Half-demon, supposed to help Lucifer, Jesse never appeared again.

Jesse only appeared in one episode of Supernatural, but he could have been so much more. After Lucifer returned, he should have tracked down the boy and used him in the fight against Michael. Instead, Jesse’s fate was completely forgotten and the show went on without a hitch.

soulless sam

While Soulless Sam’s presence was compelling and provided an interesting break for the show, it actually didn’t make sense. “How did Cas not realize that Sam’s soul wasn’t there when he saved him!?! Even if it was a mistake, how did he not realize for months that Sam was soulless? wrote a now-deleted Reddit user.

Yet while it was a serious plot plot, it was also hilarious enough that many fans were willing to overlook any plot issues. Still, The Winchesters has a great chance of showing whether it was actually possible to see if a soul was missing from a body, even if characters like Castiel can’t appear to explain it.

The Forgotten Queen Rowena

Ruling Hell had been an enduring plot for the entire series, so it really deserved more attention than it got. “A storyline where Rowena is the Queen of Hell and some kind of insurgency brewing that was left hanging that really bothered me,” Reddit user dog5and said.

If there was going to be an insurrection, they should have shown it and made it clear who would win. Although Hell was never fully stable, fans were invested in the kingdom’s political structure and deserved to see more. If Supernatural is looking for more spinoffs, a political drama about hell might even be a great way to fix the plot hole by showing Rowena consolidating power after the plot dropped.

Supernatural: 10 plot holes that bothered the editors the most | Pretty Reel