Surfing the big wave of the Xixón International Film Festival

They are six decades programming cinema. Probably, if we add up all the celluloid reels that have been projected in Gijón’s theaters, the planet could be wrapped a few times with it. The Xixón International Film Festival celebrates its 60th anniversary without failing to meet an unmissable date with moviegoers who aspire to discover less commercial cinema, prior to meanstream, while Gijón becomes the platform that can launch the race and the name of some of the most relevant filmmakers of the new auteur cinema.

Image of “Mónica” by the filmmaker Andrea Pallaoro.

To celebrate such a round anniversary, the team commanded by Alexander Diaz Castano Y Fran Gayo has planned the exhibition of more than 100 films divided into three official sections, scrambles, To the bar Y Lands in a trance. Added to these is the nutritious selection made at Esbilla of the most outstanding films exhibited at other international festivals throughout this year. The cinematographic wave gains even more force with three retrospectives dedicated to female directors Elina Lowensohn, Patricia Mazuy Y Lur Olaizola. The recognition that children’s and youth cinema has with the canonical section Terrible Children integrates in this edition a dozen films that remind us of the origins of the festival and highlight a genre designed for children and adults. And if we still have time, the FICX includes the presentation of the latest work by Doctor Explosion, moral superiority, Fee Reega either microbombothe latest project in which De Pedro is involved, which will give musical color to the nights of November through the Gijon Sound Festival. As if that were not enough, there will also be space for a whole series of professional meetings that will bring together a large part of the current film industry through the conference FICXPro Y Seedlingwithout giving up the meeting between creators and the public that complete an intense and overwhelming program.

It takes more than 24 hours a day to fully enjoy each day. To surf the sixtieth wave of the FIX, we offer below a guide that includes the films that no one should miss.

Armageddon Time. The return of James Gray. If there is a director who has portrayed immigrant and Jewish New York, it is the American director James Gray who, after making a detour towards adventure cinema with the lost city zor science fiction with Ad Astratakes up the old theme of family identities, always present in his early neo-noir films such as Little Odessa, Yards: the other face of crime Y The night is ours. On this occasion, Gray opens the FICX with a New York story built with the wickerwork of his own childhood, accompanied by the actress Anne Hathaway and the actors Jeremy Strong Y Anthony Hopkins. Between the three of them, they weave a story that takes place in the New York of the 80s that goes back to the Jewish past of the Gray family, survivors of the Holocaust.

“Tchaikovsky’s Wife” by Russian Kirill Serebrennikov.

A gay Tchaikovsky. The cinema of dissent comes to the fore with the Russian dissident director Kirill Serebrennikov who, after competing for the Palme d’Or in Cannes, arrives at the FICX with a story that could not be shot ten years ago due to the express prohibition of the Russian Government. Tchaikovsky’s wife confronts the married life of the composer with the young Antonina MIliukova, a marriage of interest that reveals a dark and deranged homosexual creator. An oppressive, tragic and funeral film, as was Tchaikovsky’s marriage, which attacks Russian nationalist pride and the homophobia of the government of Putin.

Novelist and Walk up by Hong Sang.-Soo. The South Korean director, author of the acclaimed yours and you, returns to the FICX to give an account of his last two works. The Novelist is a film awarded with the Berlinale Silver Bear that tells the story of a writer in search of a way out of her latest narrative crisis. Cinema of dialogues, of silences and of the simplicity to draw characters that overflow the limits of the screen. In walk-up we discover the reverse of The Novelist, the story of Kwon Haehyo, a transcript of the director himself, who, accompanied by his daughter, will visit an old friend with whom he will explore the meaning of friendship, optimism and the passage of time.

Double session with Ulrich Seidel. The FICX includes a diptych signed by the controversial German director Urilch Seidelmade up of two titles, Rimini Y Sparta. The first, premiered at the Berlinale, will be screened in the official section, and puts us in the shoes of a downtrodden singer with a pull among mature women who he will see as his racial prejudices put him in more than one compromising situation . Sparta, premiered in San Sebastian, included in the section shinbone, turns his attention to the story of his brother, involved in turning an old school into a fortress. Under an absurd plot, the film tries to reveal the old monsters that Europe has built, abandoning young people to their fate in a kind of digital prison.

Maria de Medeiros in “Moral Order” (2020)

Godard-Golestan. It will be a final farewell, the last visit to a Godard who agreed to star alongside the Iranian director Ebrahin Golestan, A vendredi, Robinson, an epistolary film whose director, Mitra Farahani, managed to become the living testament of the recently deceased French director. The screening will be a tribute, a vindication of the revolutionary meaning of cinema and its language and a beautiful look from FICX towards itself, which has always premiered the films of the director of Banda apart in the last two decades.

Medeiros, Pedro Costa and Albert Serra. The FICX celebrates its 60th anniversary with several special passes. Maria de Medeirosthe face of American indie cinema of the 90s, will receive the Special Award for this edition and will hold a meeting for the screening of his film Aos Nossos Filhos, which consolidates the Portuguese filmmaker as a director capable of expressing with the camera the same emotions that she brought to the theater when dealing with this story of mothers and daughters weighed down by the burdens of the past. the portuguese Peter Costaa regular at the Festival that dedicated a retrospective to him in 2000, arrives with the restored version of EITHER bleed, his opera prima, a film that anticipates a leisurely style, a specialist in the lyrics of slowness. Finally, Albert Serra will premiere Pacificionhis latest film, nominated for the European Film Awards, with which he intends to make a provocative reflection on the nature of power and neo-colonialism on the island of Tahiti.

Elina Löwensohn or the new American independent cinema. He burst in as a collateral figure in the films of Hal Hartley. She had something of a French muse, an actress capable of looking boldly into the camera and withdrawing into seductive introspection. She experienced a moment of great creative explosion, when Tarantino, Alexander Payne, harley either solondz began to occupy the attention of Sundance, Cannes, San Sebastian or Gijón in the first decade of the 90s. Today it is the partner in crime of the French director Bertrand Mandico. Among Simple Man Hal Harley and the gala movie ultra pulp Almost 30 years have passed in the history of American and European cinema, which will be revisited through a complete retrospective on the actress and director Elina Lowensohnwitness and protagonist of three decades of changes in the way of looking at, telling and making cinema.

Elina Lowensohn in “Amateur”

memory cinema. This year, the FICX is carrying out, and it is already a house brand, an itinerary through historical memory through a selection of films divided into different sections. Since at gunpoint of Omar Tuero Y The Shadow of Jose Vitini of Alberto Vazquez Garciain Esbilla, passing through Threads of Titus Montero in the Official Section, Contracampos of Ramon Lluis Bande in the official section of short films, until 1939 John Villa, 8 films about the warand Paul Casanova Y You will always be my memory of Marina Munarrizintegrated in the section Asturias Curtiumetraxes.

The disputed gender. Finally, the Festival takes a tour of the films that this year have focused on transsexuality. Andrea Palaoro with his film Monicathe Colombian revelation filmmaker Theo Montoya (Son of Sodom) with his spectacular feature debut anhell69which triumphed at the Critics’ Week in Venice, winning three awards o I am a child of the Chilean director Lorena Zilleruelo will compete in the official section addressing sexual identity from family drama, punk vampire movies or the bildungsroman.

These are some suggestions for an edition that confirms the good form of the Xixón International Film Festival and its genuine commitment to new and old perspectives that have shaped independent and auteur cinema, from the most risky transgression to the most classic virtuosity. .

Surfing the big wave of the Xixón International Film Festival