Teen Wolf: the film reveals in images the return of several characters

The feature film Teen Wolf: The Movie unveiled in pictures the return of several characters from the series.

The figure of the werewolf has not often received treatment worthy of its legend over the past twenty years, particularly in certain franchises. The film Van Helsinglicenses underworld and especially Twillight haven’t really honored one of cinema’s most iconic monsters, alongside the vampire. Among the other relatively recent works devoted to the myth of the werewolf, we find the series Teen Wolfloosely adapted from the eponymous 1985 feature film. The series indeed develops a fantastic and dramatic tone much more pronounced than its comic model.

Completed after six seasons, Teen Wolf will soon experience an extension in the form of a feature film Teen Wolf: The Movie. The film Teen Wolf moreover, recently unveiled a first trailer. And the magazine Entertainment Weekly just revealed new exclusive images. Images not devoid of interest since they illustrate the return of several protagonists and main antagonists of the saga.

Teen Wolf: The Movie: Picture, Crystal Reed“Spirit, are you there?”

This photo leaves no room for doubt. Allison and the terrible Nogitsune will therefore make their big comeback on the occasion of Teen Wolf: The Movie. Former companion of the main hero Scott, the werewolf hunter Allison died in the arms of her beloved at the end of season 3. Played by Crystal Reed on screen, Allison had indeed fallen in battle, under the blows of the servants of the perfidious Nogitsune, an evil spirit capable of taking possession of living beings, the Nogitsune embodies a form of elementary evil in the universe of Teen Wolf.

Fans of the saga will obviously wonder about the reasons for the return of the two characters in the future feature film. Despite Allison’s death during the battle, the Nogitsune had been defeated. For the moment, the secret is well kept as explained by Crystal Reed. Is Allison alive or is there another mystery hiding behind these images? Speculation will run rampant with these words or these photos and it is unlikely that a possible new trailer or extract will lift the veil of mystery.

Teen Wolf: The Movie: Pictured, Colton Haynes, Holland Roden

Teen Wolf: The Movie: Pictured, Shelley Hennig, Ryan Kelley“Do you think any other important characters will return to the film?”

Anyway, the feature film is entering its final stretch before its imminent release (about two months to date). As a reminder, Teen Wolf: The Movie is directed by Russell Mulcahy (Highlander, Razorback) and will therefore take over most of the series’ headliners. For yet another fan service work? Let’s hope not. Teen Wolf: The Movie will land on Paramount+ in the United States on January 26, 2023.

For the moment, no release date has been formalized for France, but we can imagine that it will also be released directly on the streaming platform (Paramount+ arriving in France from December 1).

Teen Wolf: The Movie : photo, Dylan Sprayberry

Teen Wolf: The Movie: photo, Ian Bohen

Teen Wolf: The Movie: Photo, Holland Roden

Teen Wolf: The Movie: Pictured, Colton Haynes

Teen Wolf: The Movie: Photo

Teen Wolf: the film reveals in images the return of several characters