Test – Evil West, a success almost without a hitch

With its references to westerns, monsters and action movies, Evil West has the luxury of combining a very good B series story with a brutal and bloody TPS treat. The 16 chapters for 20 hours that the adventure lasts offer us a trip to the end of hell in the great American West with a correct and always fluid rendering. The use of the plethoric arsenal of the hero succeeds in the feat of being devilishly well-oiled ergonomics on the controller for dynamic, wild and brutal combat. Evil West has a strong universe, as well as characters charismatic enough to call today for an extended universe. Why not a prequel to know the origins of the age-old fight between vampires and hunters? Where am I bleeding, uh sorry, sign?

Note: co-op mode could not be tested.

blood for blood action

The pitch ofEvil Westit is a bit basic geek fantasy: vampires, cowboys, the base of the pop culture aristocracy. Besides, I had the impression of being in front of a brilliant, spectacular and generous maëlstrom of all the codes of genre cinema, action movies, vampires, westerns, etc. A treat for lovers of good unpretentious B series. The music is in tune with simple compositions reminiscent of those of Carpenter, they sound damn in tune with the action. Moreover, I must say, the universe ofEvil West, with its mythology already in place, could easily yield prequels and sequels. In any case, after completing the adventure and coming across badass and charismatic charactersI sign what you want to have adventures dedicated to their exploits.

What’s also nice is that the protagonists don’t discover vampires. They participate in this war which does not bear the name of it for a long time, within a governmental organization all that is official. Above all, this allows us to escape nutty chapters where the naive and candid heroes would fall from above.

Evil West does not waste this time making fun of its characters and instead focuses on depicting a world already plagued by vampires, more precisely here the American West, land of promises and opportunities but above all of bloodsuckers. All the decorum of a good western passes there with the attack on the train, the small abandoned mining town, a canyon, but also monsters movie imagery with laboratories equipped with complex and grotesque machinery. Technically and artistically, all this forms a correct and consistent whole with the starting point and does not budge from start to finish. for 16 chapters, for nearly 20 hours of fun. The levels are linear but lend themselves a bit to taking your time to search and loot the many treasures and documents that feed the universe ofEvil West.

It’s not magic, it’s science!

Made of vampires, ghouls and monsters of sometimes frightening size, the bestiary also holds up and gave me a hard time. Bosses and elites are fast and furious, even on Normal. Evil West offers a serious challenge, and it’s not a problem of lack of weapons. The hero, Jesse Rentier, is a real man-orchestra of dezincification. Indeed, eventually, he will have on him his revolver, his winchester, his sawed-off shotgun, his flamethrower, his crossbow, his grenade and his gatling. But from the first levels, the feeling of power is beautiful and very palpable. The best what with the very smart key mapping, all this arsenal is literally at Jesse’s fingertips and very easily usable. A success.

In addition, beyond his guns, Jesse has a gauntlet to deliver super brutal melee blows! A treat of savagery when the executions follow one another! This gauntlet is magical… Not electric! It allows madness when battles that are as dynamic as they are spectacular. Jesse can pull his enemies towards him or even propel himself at them at high speed to slap them strong enough to bring them six feet under.

If the artistic direction is neat and makes us travel in sufficiently varied levels, there nevertheless remains some pitfalls like invisible walls or markup with flashing elements. This is nothing compared to the unwinding, demanding and hyper-violent action game thatEvil West manages to be from the first moments. But it also manages to be an articulate narrative with well-crafted cutscenes, occasional hints of humor, and often well-thought-out punch lines. Thereby, Evil West is a gem of an action game with a story worthy of an endearing nanar. Finally, if the dialogues are in English, the interface and subtitles are available in French.

Accessibility criteria

Visual Impairment Hearing impairment
✘ High Contrast (Aiming Reticle) ✘ Subtitles with mood hints
✘ Font color size ✔ Identification of the person speaking
✘ Marking enemies ✘ Customizable font
✘ Customizable interface ✘ Customizable font color
✘ Customizable minimap color ✘ Alternative alert options (vibration, flash…)
✘ Color blindness option ✘ Reported ambient sounds (notifies about presence)
✘ Text to speech option
✘ Game Slowdown

Test conditions

TV details 4K Game provided by the publisher yes
Console Xbox Series X Time spent in game 20 hours
Difficulty level normal Game over yes

Test – Evil West, a success almost without a hitch