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It’s official: Thanos retrieved the Infinity Stones in the wrong order. The Infinity Stones are among the most powerful items in the Marvel Universe, and the Mad Titan’s history with them is well documented. Thanos fought tooth and nail with the Ancients of the Universe for the Stones, but in 1995’s Rune/Silver Surfer, the energy vampire Rune shows a much more efficient way to obtain them, one that offers no resistance.

Thanos’ efforts to obtain the Infinity Stones have served as the basis for some of Marvel’s most epic stories. In 1990s The Thanos Quest, Death revived the villain, who then set out to earn all six Infinity Stones in order to wipe out half the universe’s population. At the time, the Stones were in the possession of the Ancients of the Universe, immensely powerful beings in their own right. Beginning with the Soul Stone, Thanos embarked on a campaign of terror against the Ancients, from which he ultimately emerged victorious. with the Stones assembled, Thanos did exactly what he said he would do and wiped out half the universe. The heroes managed to stop Thanos, but the Stones were now here to stay. Thanos’ struggle to collect the Stones also formed the backbone of the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the movies and comics, Thanos fought to get every stone, but an obscure character from the now-defunct Ultraverse bloodline showed a better way to bring them together.

The Ultraverse was a shared comic universe owned by Malibu Comics. When Malibu was purchased by Marvel in 1994, the Ultraverse was incorporated into the Marvel Multiverse. The two universes intersected in Rune/Silver Surfer, written by Chris Ulm and Dan Danko and illustrated by Henry Flint. In the story, the Infinity Stones are scattered across the Ultraverse, and the energy vampire Rune seeks to gather them for his own ends. The Living Tribunal assigns the Silver Surfer to stop Rune and as he informs the Surfer, readers learn that Rune began his quest by obtaining the Time Stone. Then, using his abilities, Rune paused time and stole the remaining five stones from their respective owners – and not a single one could do anything about it.

Rune just showed Thanos

Rune’s most effective method of obtaining the Stones is brilliant, exposing a serious flaw in Thanos’ original plan. As previously stated, Thanos fought every Elder in the universe for his stone. The Ancients were immensely powerful, even without their Stones, and in some cases the Mad Titan had to rely on cunning and cunning, rather than absolute power, to defeat them. Indeed, some of the fights put Thanos on edge and risked stifling his quest before it got any bigger. As Rune/Silver Surfer points out, Thanos made a crucial mistake in starting with the Soul Stone; Rune started with the Time Stone and, using its unique properties, simply froze time and stole the remaining stones while their owners were time-locked.

Thanos is gifted with a keen and analytical mind, so why didn’t he start with the Time Stone himself? Maybe Thanos felt that a struggle and fights to the death would impress Death even more? Remember, Rune didn’t have an unrequited crush on death, and simply saw the stones as a way to gain power, rather than to impress a love interest. Either way, Rune demonstrates that Thanos collected the Infinity Stones in the wrong order.

Thanos officially retrieved the Infinity Stones in the wrong order | Pretty Reel