The 15 best horror movies in the history of cinema to be really scared

    Since the beginning of fiction cinema, all the genres that had had a place in literature have been explored and horror was not exempt. If you could read, too it was possible to script and transfer to the screen the worst fears of the human race. Thus, legends and original stories began to be captured in images. These types of films have always required a sumptuous display of special effects that help the viewer to live with the same terror as the characters in their plots, the hair-raising experiences they had to face. At the time of their exhibition they were, for sure, horrifying, but it is very likely that the perspective of a present dominated by digital makes us detail the strenuous efforts of props and cameras to make the monsters and ghosts of that first horror film believable. In fact, some of the tricks of the first horror films today would be considered typical of B movies, but make no mistake, If it weren’t for those jewels, other much more current titles would be unthinkable today.

    Therefore, we believe that it is fair to review best horror movies ever. The objective is to compile a list of good films of the genre without discriminating based on age but rather based on the reasons why, each one in its time, terrified its generation (and even some later ones). What’s more, many of them still remain in the collective imagination as the origin of recurring fears and phobias, although it must also be recognized that, thanks to many of the best horror scenes, we also have some of the most hilarious reinterpretations of scare culture. turned into comedy. Of course, if what you prefer is to get hooked on chapter stories, we also suggest you see the best horror series to watch on Netflix and the 10 best scary series on Amazon Prime Video.

    We invite you to take a trip through the best horror movies, both momentary and timeless, to recover all the titles of international cinematography that have brought us more than a shout from young and old. The objective is to review top 100 horror movies ever so as not to miss one or, at least, to be able to return to them every time we feel like a session of scares and popcorn or organize the best possible Halloween plan.

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‘The Shining’ (Stanley Kubrick, 1980)

Jack Torrance moves with his wife and seven-year-old son to the impressive Overlook Hotel, in Colorado, to take care of the maintenance of the facilities during the winter season, when it is closed and isolated by snow. His goal is to find peace and quiet to write a novel. However, shortly after his arrival at the hotel, at the same time that Jack begins to suffer from disturbing personality disorders, strange and horrifying paranormal phenomena occur.

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‘Alien, the eighth passenger’ (Ridley Scott, 1979)

Back on Earth, the cargo ship Nostromo cuts its journey short and awakens its seven crew members. The central computer, MOTHER, has detected the mysterious transmission of an unknown life form, coming from a nearby apparently uninhabited planet. The ship then heads to the strange planet to investigate the origin of the communication.

The birth of the historical saga of ‘Alien’.

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‘Scream’ (Wes Craven, 1996)

A year after her mother’s murder, Sidney (Neve Campbell) finds herself back in a harrowing situation: while a terrible psychopath terrorizes the neighborhood, her father is always absent and her boyfriend is about to break up with her. This is another example of the beginning of a horror franchise as profitable as it is remembered for several generations. By 2022 we can say that the fifth installment of the saga has already been reached.

This is ‘Scream 5’.

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‘The Thing (The Riddle from Another World)’ (John Carpenter, 1982)

Based on the novel Who’s there? by John W. Campbell Jr., the film takes us to a remote experimental station in Antarctica, where a team of American research scientists watch as a Norwegian helicopter fires on a sled dog at their base camp. When they take in the dog, it viciously attacks both humans and canines in the camp, and they discover that the beast, of unknown origin, can take the form of its victims…

The thing it was a remake of The riddle of another world (Christian Nyby and Howard Hawks, 1951) and years later it was succeeded by a prequel The Thing (2011), the feature debut by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

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‘Halloween Night’ (John Carpenter, 1978)

That John Carpenter appears again on the list is no coincidence, since he was one of the kings of terror of the 70s and 80s. The halloween night We also saw the debut of a very young Jamie Lee Curtis who would become one of the queens of terror. Forty years later, the actress would reunite with her Laura Strode character with The halloween night (2018), recovering the saga that still premiered another title in 2021.

Six-year-old Michael murders his family with a kitchen knife. He is admitted to a psychiatric hospital from which he flees fifteen years later, precisely on the eve of Halloween. The psychopath returns to his town and commits a series of murders. Meanwhile, one of the doctors from the psychiatric hospital tracks him down.

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‘Terrifyingly Dead’ (Sam Raimi, 1987)

Good old Ash is about to spend a weekend in the woods with his girlfriend. But everything goes to the fret when they reproduce a tape in which a professor had recorded several passages from the Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead. The spell summons a demonic force that turns Ash’s mate into a meat-hungry monster. Without knowing it, he and his companions are going to spend a night in a cabin in the middle of the forest with a demon in the house.

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‘Nosferatu’ (FW Murnau, 1922)

After a few titles already considered classics, although they are relatively recent, we must go back to one of the films that paved the way in the horror genre at the beginning of cinema. The German FW Murnau wanted to resort to the book dracula of Bram Stoker to contribute his own vision of the character.

Year 1838. Young Hutter and his wife Ellen live happily in the city of Wisborg, until the obscure real estate agent Knock decides to send Hutter to Transylvania to close a deal with Count Orlok. It is about the sale of an estate in Wisborg, which adjoins Hutter’s house. During the long journey, Hutter stays overnight at an inn, where he flips through an old treatise on vampires that he finds in his room. Once in the castle, he is greeted by the sinister count. The next day, Hutter wakes up with two small marks on his neck, which he interprets as mosquito bites. Once the contract is signed, he discovers that the count is actually a vampire. Watching him leave for his new home, Hutter fears for Ellen.

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‘Jaws’ (Steven Spielberg, 1975)

In the cinema of creatures this film is an institution. Already with the media of the 70s, Spielberg did wonders in his films, in this case sowing panic on the beaches of half the world due to the fear of running into these “calm” fish. Off the coast of a small town in the Eastern United States, a huge shark attacks several people. For fear of the disastrous effects that this fact could have on the tourist business, the mayor refuses to close the beaches and spread the news. But a new shark attack ends the life of a swimmer. As terror grips everyone, a veteran shark hunter, an oceanographer, and the local police chief team up to try and capture the shark.

Curiosities of ‘Jaws’.

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‘The Exorcist’ (William Friedkin, 1973)

Regan, a twelve-year-old girl, suffers from paranormal phenomena such as levitation or the manifestation of superhuman strength. Her mother, terrified, after submitting her daughter to multiple medical tests that offer no results, goes to a priest with psychiatric studies. The latter, convinced that the evil is not physical but spiritual, believes that it is a diabolical possession, and decides to perform an exorcism… Adaptation of the novel by William Peter Blatty that was inspired by a real exorcism that took place in Washington in 1949 .

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‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ (Wes Craven, 1984)

Today it is a classic, not only in horror movies, but also in Halloween costumes. Wes Craven managed to create one of the most memorable genre villains in history.

Several young people from a small town regularly have nightmares in which they are chased by a man deformed by fire and wearing a glove finished in sharp blades. Some of them begin to be killed in their sleep by this being who turns out to be Freddy Krugger, a man with an abominable past.

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‘The Wicker Man’ (Robin Hardy, 1973)

A letter raising suspicions that a missing young woman has been murdered leads Scotland Yard Sergeant Howie to Summerisle, an island off the coast of England. There the inspector learns that there is a kind of pagan cult, and meets Lord Summerisle, the religious leader of the island…

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‘The seed of the devil’ (Roman Polanski, 1968)

The Woodhouses, a New York couple, move into a building facing Central Park, which, according to a friend, is cursed. Once settled in, they become friends with Minnie and Roman Castevet, neighbors who shower them with attention. Faced with the prospect of a good future, the Woodhouses decide to have a child; But when Rosemary becomes pregnant, the only thing she remembers is having made love to her with a strange creature that has left her body full of marks. As time goes by, Rosemary begins to suspect that her pregnancy is not normal.

Based on the novel by Ira Levin, The seed of the devil it was also made into a miniseries on NBC.

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‘Carrie’ (Brian DePalma, 1976)

Carrie White, a shy teenager who lives with her mother, a religious fanatic, is constantly teased by her high school classmates. When, in the gym showers, the girl suffers a fit of hysteria upon having her first period, one of her classmates decides to play a macabre prank on her during the graduation party. What everyone ignores is that Carrie has telekinetic powers. Adaptation of the homonymous novel by Stephen King.

In the era of remakes, carrie he also had his own starring Chloë Grace Moretz.

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‘Zombie, Dawn of the Living Dead’ (George A. Romero, 1978)

The epidemic that resurrects the dead turned into beings greedy for human flesh has spread, reaching the point where several cities have been practically deserted. The survivors must take refuge in military zones since the zombies do not hesitate to kill their own relatives… Continuation of the horror classic from the same director The night of the Living Dead (Night of the Living Dead1968) that has a more modern version on Netflix, by Zack Snyder, titled army of the dead (2021).


‘The Ring’ (Hideo Nakata, 1998)

In a small and peaceful Japanese town, a legend circulates among the students about some cursed videos whose vision causes death. After the death of her niece Tomoko (Yūko Takeuchi), a journalist, Reiko, will investigate the origin of these videos.

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The 15 best horror movies in the history of cinema to be really scared