The 5 Best Disney Plus Sitcoms That Will Make You Die Laughing

Here are some of the funniest and most interesting comedy series on the platform

Comedy is one of the most underrated genres in film and television. We almost never see a movie of this type that wins an Oscar, although it is more common for a series like this to get an Emmy. I think that one of the main reasons behind this difference is that television fiction allows scriptwriters to develop deeper and more complex characters and plots.

Well, in the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been getting into the world of sitcoms or situation comedies. Within this subgenre I have come across some of the best series I have seen, such as Community, The Office or Seinfeld. That is why, now that I have subscribed to Disney Plus taking advantage of its recent price discount, I have proposed to bring you this list with the best sitcoms that I have found:

What we do in the shadows

In 2016 I saw a movie for the first time Taika Waititi. When they proposed to see it I had my doubts about its title and I didn’t quite get the point. Despite all this, after about 20 minutes of What We Do in the Shadows I was laughing out loud. the style of Taika Waititi Y Jemaine Clement when directing and acting in this vampire mockumentary was refreshing and cool.

  • Five years after the original film and thanks to the triumph of Waititi, comes the series based on the same concept. ✅
  • In this sitcom we follow a group of 4 vampires who currently share a flat in Staten Island, New York. ❓
  • Unlike the undead of Twilight, these immortal beings are very old-fashioned and have a hard time adapting to the modern age. ❌
  • In addition to the monsters, we also find Williamthe helpful “family” of Nandor. ❓
  • The young man he serves the bloodsucker in exchange for the promise that he will one day turn him into a vampire, making him immortal. ⚡
  • It’s one of the best series I’ve seen this year and I can assure you that you will not regret seeing it. ❗


new girl
  • new-girl is one of those sitcoms that caught me quite off guard. ❔
  • I started seeing her because she was recommended to me and I have to admit that her style didn’t really appeal to me. ❌
  • Despite this, I found some more complex and interesting characters than I expected. ❗
  • Jess is a young woman who has just gotten out of a long relationship and ends up rebuilding her life with a group of guys with whom she shares a flat. ✅
  • The dynamic between the boys and her is very funny, since they provide opposing perspectives to different love and sentimental problems. ⚡

hanging in philadelphia

  • One of the series that I would include in my comedy top and also in general. ⚡
  • I think it is one of the least known and valued sitcoms in Spain. ❎
  • The most interesting thing about this television fiction is its structure, since each chapter deals with a topic relevant to society at the time it is broadcast. ⚡
  • In this sense it reminds me a lot of South Park. ✅
  • Also, the cast has very wacky characters that create some of the most chaotic and hilarious moments. ❤

hanging in philadelphia It has been on the air since 2005 and has evolved over time to a very loyal fandom. It is not an unknown sitcom, but I do think that you have to like absurd comedy to get hooked. Even so, if you immerse yourself in his world you will have content for a while, since its sixteenth season will be broadcast shortly.

How I Met Your Mother

how I Met Your Mother
  • One of the classic sitcoms of the 2000s. ✅
  • If you are more or less my age, you would see it in neox when you were teenagers ✅
  • I remember that from the first chapter I saw I loved to follow the adventures and misadventures of Ted, Marshal, Lilly, Barney and Robin. ⚡
  • This series has some of my favorite comedy characters. ✅
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, take advantage of this moment, I promise you that watching it in one go is very different from watching single episodes on television. ❗


modern family

It took me a long time to give this sitcom a chance because made a bad impression on me when I was a teenager. His jokes seemed childish to me and the type of comedy was very “family”. When I started to see her I thought that she hadn’t made a mistake and it became a bit tedious for me. But little by little I was getting the point of his way of telling stories and I have ended up understanding why he has won several Emmys.

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The 5 Best Disney Plus Sitcoms That Will Make You Die Laughing