The Addams Family Is Back: Get Your Fingers Snapped With “Wednesday”

It couldn’t be that Wednesday the protagonist of the new series dedicated to the mythical Addams family: the most recent serial and cinematographic narratives, in fact, finally seem to prefer characters rich in character and physical facets, capable of embodying the idea of ​​self-acceptance and one’s own peculiarities; Like this Tim Burtondirector of dark masterpieces such as “Edward scissor hands” And “A Nightmare Before Christmas” who has always been an attentive narrator of diversity, chooses to focus on the Addams’ eldest daughter for the series in 8 episodes which he is the creator and producer of, available at Netflix.

The show, not surprisingly, is simply titled “Wednesday” and tells the entrance of the protagonist, played by Jenna Ortegain the famous Nevermore Academy, Academy that welcomes girls and boys with special characteristics and abilities; among vampires, werewolves, mermaids and other “oddities”, one might think that Wednesday is immediately at ease, however for the young Addams, gloomy and silent except for the sharp answers she reserves for her interlocutors and which denote her brilliant intelligence, it will not be easy to adapt, despite the philosophy of the Academy, proclaimed by the welcoming but disturbing director Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie), you encourage students to cultivate their own talents, whatever they are. After all, for an Addams whose parents, Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzman), attended Nevermore and cultivate high expectations regarding their daughter’s school career, the situation is even more complicated: between fencing and cello lessons, Wednesday has to learn to manage her paranormal powers and, at the same time, has to deal with a mystery buried in his family’s past; to further enliven the stay at the Academy, there is a series of heinous murders that affect the local community, which Wednesday decides to solve.

The series, therefore, is placed between different genres, from dark fantasy to investigative mystery, with an approach that does not fail to involve, in addition to the teenagers – the show’s main target -, also a more adult audience, a lover of typical narratives ” Burtonian”, often characterized by a captivating black humor and peculiar gothic atmospheres, evoked, also in this show, by the soundtrack edited by the composer Danny Elfman, regular collaborator of the director; on the other hand the Addams Family, born in the cartoonist’s humorous cartoons Charles Addams which were published on the pages of the “The New Yorker” from 1938possessed from the outset the right requisites to attract the attention of a director like Burton.

Even Addams, in fact, stands out for the irreverent humor, at times grotesque, which characterizes his characters: the family he draws and which gradually builds up in the New Yorker sarcastically highlights the hypocrisy and respectability of American society between the 1950s and the 1950s. 60 and met with immediate success, which in 1964 results in the production of the famous black and white television series”The Addams Family” with John Astin And Carolyn Jones as Gomez and Morticia; from this moment on the Addams Family becomes the protagonist of cartoons, feature films, video games and characterizes merchandising of various kinds with a touch of gloomy irony, up to the present day.

If in the 1960s telefilm Wednesday, played by Lisa Loringwas little more than a melancholy little girl, however dedicated to disturbing pastimes, the 1991 and 1993 films, “The Addams Family” 1 and 2 directed by Barry Sonnenfeldtransform the character into a gloomy teenager, dedicated to solitude and vaguely threatening, especially towards her younger brother Pugsley victim of very dangerous games; to interpret her in these films is Christina Riccinot surprisingly one of Tim Burton’s most loved actresses, who gives Wednesday that restless and nonconformist look that has made her an iconic character over time, not only for the traditional look – dark hair divided into two long braids, black dress and white collar – capable of making it a source of inspiration for the goth style, but above all for its rational nature, at times contemptuous and indomitable.

In addition to Christina Ricci, who also appears in the series “Wednesday” in the secondary role of Marilyn Thornhill, Jenna Ortega declared that she was inspired by the British singer-songwriter for her interpretation Siouxsie Siouxleader of the The Banshees, which became famous between the 70s and 80s also for its punk/dark style; to compensate for her lack of inclination to talk about her character, Ortega also had to focus on the expressiveness of her face and on a gesture very similar to that of the great divas of silent cinema. The “Wednesday” which is preparing to conquer streaming, therefore, pays homage to the past, declining it according to the most modern needs of advertising and communication: on the website of the Nevermore Academy, created specifically for the release of the series, it is possible to enroll in the Academy and find out which group, among the many strange creatures that populate the school, you are closest to, by answering a dozen disturbing questions. In short, if you end up finding a werewolf as a classmate, this new Wednesday could be the right ally to face the school year… and beyond!

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