The Best Characters To Only Appear In One Episode

Everyone knows Kal Penn from Harold and Kumarbut only a few remember his only appearance as a minor character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. buffy is a world rich in minor characters, and many of them reproduce in unexpected ways, like Clem (James C. Leary), or become major characters, like Spike (James Marsters).

But some of those who had small roles became Hollywood powerhouses, like Kal Penn, who played a cave student in “Beer Bad” (season 4, episode 5), or Amy Adams, who played the role of the Tara’s sister, Beth Mclay. , in “Family” (Season 6 Episode 5). But, still, only a few guest stars manage to stand out in a single appearance.

9 Sweet (“Once More With Feeling” Season 6 Episode 7)

Easily the coolest demon to ever emerge buffy, Sweet (Hinton Battle) walks through Sunnydale with tap numbers to get the dancers fired up. In a single episode – the best of the series, according to IMDb – he gives us a full album of unforgettable wall-to-wall hits, then disappears unscathed.

Sweet is remembered not only for her singing and dancing skills, but also for her sweet demeanor. Even when a wrench is thrown into his plans, he remains calm and collected. It’s rare for a demon written by Joss Whedon to be so human without being clumsy and non-threatening, and the demons the scooby gang face are often more animalistic or robotic. Not to mention that Sweet’s solo is one of the band’s best songs. From her brightly colored costumes to her gold pipes, Sweet is incredibly memorable.

8 Marcie (“Out Of Mind…Out Of Sight” Season 1 Episode 11)

Marcie is one of the friendliest villains in buffythe first season. Portrayed by Clea Duvall, who would go on to star in girl interrupted and But I’m a cheerleaderMarcie is a neglected girl who turns into a violent invisible threat.

Her campy prom aesthetic, wit, and misunderstood attitude make her a prototypical Enid (ghost world). Like Enid, Marcie is related to a lot of young girls who don’t fit in. Not only are they both cynical and obscure, but they also both disappear – Enid on a bus and Marcie quite literally. The FBI ultimately supports Marcie’s capture, the show’s first indication that the government is aware of supernatural activity. This would come into play in later seasons with Riley and the Initiative.

7 April (“I Was Made to Love You” Season 5 Episode 15)

April, played by Shonda Farr, is the robot through which Buffy is introduced to one of the major cast members of the sixth season, Warren (Adam Bush).

Designed to be the perfect companion, April is adorable, sweet and compassionate. Her final scene with Buffy, in which she grapples with existential questions and has to wait for her “death” for a man who would never come, is nothing short of heartbreaking. April is a prototype for the Buffybot, a recurring character from later seasons who serves as an ugly manifestation of Spike’s creepy desires the same way April does for Warren.

6 Jack O’Toole (“The Zeppo” Season 3 Episode 13)

Jack O’Toole, played by Channon Roe, is the school bad boy who bullies Xander (Nicholas Brendon) into one hell of a night with several of his undead buddies.

The immaturity and recklessness of Jack and his friends causes them to wield their power erratically, but it also allows Xander to prove himself as a hero. Jack is a comic villain who meets his match in comic character Xander. Specifically, Jack and his friends are hilarious and dumb, rising from the grave to say things like “man.” It’s funny how such a dumb guy wields supernatural power, especially when he clashes with humanity and Alex’s spirit.

5 Dracula (“Buffy vs. Dracula” Season 5 Episode 1)

It was only a matter of time before the Slayer faced the most iconic vampire of all time: Dracula (Rudolf Martin). For much of his episode, he holds Buffy under an inexplicable spell that leads to him allowing him to bite her and even go so far as to drink her blood as well.

Dracula turns out to be a bit quirky and surprisingly similar to Angel – brooding, a fan of late-night visits, and looking for a passionate, slow-burning kill. When Buffy insists that “last night will never happen again,” Dracula assumes the role of a manipulative boyfriend, daring her to stop him. He’s the world’s most famous vampire for a reason, and his appeal is undeniable. It makes sense that he has a special power over Buffy, whose dating history would suggest she’s attracted to vampires.

4 Olaf (“The Triangle” Season 5 Episode 11)

Olaf (Abraham Benrubi) is a troll who is accidentally summoned by Anya and Willow in present-day Sunnydale. Upon arriving, he is revealed to be Anya’s ex-boyfriend and her first victim as a vengeance demon.

Although he technically also appears in flashbacks in “Selfless” (Season 5 Episode 7), he manages to make a huge impression in just one episode and plays a huge part in Anya’s backstory. Olaf loves beer, causing fights and drama with his ex-girlfriend, which would make him a great candidate for a reality show. He may not be friendly, but he sure is entertaining.

3 She-mantis “Natalie French” (“Teacher’s Pet” Season 1 Episode 4)

The predatory She-mantis (Musetta Vander), who goes by the name Natalie French, poses as the new substitute science teacher at Sunnydale High.

Although she only appeared in one episode — one of the most overlooked in the series, according to Reddit — she is a staple for fans and characters alike. Resident JWoww (jerseyshore) of buffy, She-mantis is mentioned at least six more times and alluded to several more, establishing Alex’s reputation for attracting demonic women. The mantis’ methods may be brutal, but the female’s violent sexuality is compelling, emasculating, and comes to define Xander as a man. She’s a small note, but the femme fatale trope is still fun to watch play out.

2 Lissa (Season 7 Episode 4)

Lissa, a girl Xander hopes to release with a rebound from his relationship with Anya, is notably portrayed by recording artist Ashanti. Although she has no idea of ​​her ties to the Slayer, Lissa binds Alex to a pentagram and tries to use it as a sacrifice.

Lissa is powerful, has playful banter, and she drives the story forward as a direct link to The First, the Greatest buffy naughty ever. It’s fun to see a musical artist flex his acting muscle in a small part, and at the time Ashanti was top of the charts. She also recalls the series’ running joke that Xander was a magnet for female demons for one last time, earning her a spot as one of the best characters in an episode.

1 Billy “Ford” Fordham (“Lie To Me” Season 2 Episode 7)

Billy Fordham, affectionately known to Buffy as Ford (Jason Behr), is a former crush of Buffy who moves to town. His big secret is that he and a group of other teenagers plan to turn into vampires.

Essentially, Ford is a huge jerk, which makes him a lot of fun to watch. The vampire craze will only accelerate over the next decade with the release of dusk, making Ford and his friends a prolific and hilarious critique of a cultural phenomenon that would only become more popular in years to come. Although Ford turns out to be a total loser, his betrayal is a huge emotional blow to Buffy, which gives Ford a little extra meaning.

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