The Best Horror Stories

Fans of horror, gore or want to shiver? We present to you a list dedicated to horror albums. The stories ofhorror are literary works that are part of the register of fear!

🖤 ​​The one you love in the dark

Ro is a young painter whose last canvases ensured him a nascent fame. Unfortunately, his new creations are long overdue. As well, his gallery owner advises him to retire in peace, sheltered from the bustle of the city. Ro then finds an old houseallegedly hauntedin which she will find inspiration, and much more

The portrait of an unnatural relationship, by the authors of Middlewest, with a sharp line perfectly suited to the poetic and serious atmosphere of the story.

the one-you-love-in-the-darkness

🔥 Simon Spurrier presents Hellblazer

Brutally escaped from a tangle of apocalyptic futures where the actions of Timothy Hunter would spell the end of a world, John Constantine finds the dark and haunted corners of London with the mission of saving his soul promised once again to an eternity of suffering. His quest is quickly interrupted by the barrel of a gun pointed out by the leader of a local gang. Haruspice enlightened, the latter read in the entrails that only Constantine would be able to save his gang decimated struggling with an avenging angel. These are only there the first adventures of an odyssey that will bring the working-class mage to confront his worst enemy…

A complete story around Hellblazer, a mystical & iconic character from the DC universe!


😱 Gideon Falls

Norton Sinclair is a disturbed, marginal and slightly paranoid young man. Convinced that the waste of city dwellers holds the keys to a massive conspiracyhe accumulates, classifies and delivers his hallucinated conclusions abouta black barn to doctor xu, the psychiatrist who has followed him since his release from the hospital. Elsewhere, in the small town of Gideon Falls, Father Fred makes contact with the new community of which he is now in charge after the sudden disappearance of the previous priest. During his first night there, a sinister black barn punctuates a series of disturbing events…

Jeff LEMIRE embarks on the footsteps of Stephen KING in a darker and more enigmatic register.


🪓Basketful of Heads

June Branch leads a quiet life… until the day where four criminals manage to escape jail and kidnap her boyfriend, Liam. To escape them June has no choice but to arm herself with a strange weapon… a Viking ax of the eighth century! But it has very unique properties: able to decapitate a man, however, she leaves her heads split… conscious ! To save Liam, June has only one solution: keep your head (or rather a whole basket of heads) cold…

Horror made in DC Comics by Stephen KING’s son: Joe HILL!


👻 Something is killing the children

When the children of the small town of Archer’s Peak are starting to disappear one after another – some without leaving the slightest traceothers in extremely violent circumstances – fear, anger and suspicion invade the entourage of the victims and leave the local police in the greatest disarray. Also, when young James, only eyewitness to the massacre of his three comrades, comes out of his silence to talk about terrifying creatures living in the darkthe culprit seems to have been found.

His only hope will come from a strange stranger, Erica Slaughter, Monster Slayer able to see the unthinkable, what the adult unconscious has long preferred to conceal.

Characters with disturbing and intriguing charm and an oppressive atmosphere: the perfect recipe for a story that will haunt you, day and night.

🩸American Vampire

America, late 19th century. Bandit Skinner Sweet is restrained in his escape attempt by a vampire from Europe. left for dead, he comes back to life and discovers that not content to have become one of them, he is also the first specimen of a new breed of American vampire. A century later, in Los Angeles, he in turn infects the young Pearl Jones, making her the heiress of this species of vampires. able to walk in the sun

Scott SNYDER’s first successful series in full!


🍃Swamp Thing Infinite


During a trip to India, the country where he was born, Levi Kamei mysteriously saw himself bonded to the Sapthus becoming the new incarnation of Swamp Thing. Unable to control his horrifying transformation, Levi is propelled on the trail of a supernatural entity wandering the Arizona desert, leaving several mutilated bodies in his path. To counter this ruthless enemy, he has little choice but to leave. in search of its past and its intimate connection with the Sève to discover his true nature, however horrific.

Swamp Thing Infinite, the new series with horror roots!


🐾 Animal Man

animal man

Buddy Baker is a third-rate superhero, whose powers bind him to the animal world. His acting career is about to take off when his daughter, Maxine, also discovers supernatural abilities. Buddy’s quest to discover the causes of this mutation will lead him to the borders of the strange and the horror.

An excellent run on Animal Man that will take you to the borders of the strange and the horror.


🧟 DCeased


Darkseid has tried many times to conquer Earth and destroy the superheroes who defend it. But today he made it. During a fight against the Justice League, the Lord of Apokolyps unleashed the full power of the Anti-Life Equation, thus turning the world into a hell inhabited by contaminated and hysterical individuals who devour each other. others. And face to the planetary chaos of anti-lifethe heroes are as vulnerable as they are helpless.

The living dead are coming to the DC Universe!


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