The Elder Scrolls 6 Should Make Forbidden Magic Available

If The Elder Scrolls franchise is well known for one thing, it’s because it offers the player an unprecedented level of choice. The franchise has almost always given players what they want, whether it’s a malleable, classless skill tree or the ability to drop the main storyline without punishment. This theme is also apparent in the combat system, especially when learning a variety of different combat styles, from two-handed combat to Skyrim’s weathering magic. One of the few things that might be missing is a sense of morality, especially when it comes to forbidden magic, and The Elder Scrolls 6 has the option to add forbidden magic as a game-changing mechanic.

Skyrim, in particular, allows players to learn spells from any school of magic to suit their playstyle. The game’s Winterhold College questline also gives spellcasters insight into the corrupted nature. magic, but the last Dragonborn seems to be safe from harm. In fact, from Dark Soul Gems to necromantic spells, the player character can use magical abilities that have been deemed controversial in lore, a gameplay element that can and should be rectified in the future. Bethesda could take inspiration from the game’s lore and forbidden magic mods to create a new layer of moral consequences in The Elder Scrolls 6.

Forbidden magic is already present in the Lore of The Elder Scrolls


Elder Scrolls fans may not know that forbidden magic has been part of the franchise’s lore since the beginning. The most notable example is Soul Gems, a crucial material used in enchantments that can be found in most games, especially Skyrim. The Black Soul Gems were infamous for necromancy and the forced capture of humanoid souls. Some Skyrim side quests, like Azura’s Death Star, allow the Dragonborn to get in on the action. Dark Soul Gems were used by Necromancers, who were instrumental in obtaining the first of these gems and misusing their power to blur the lines between Mundus and Oblivion.

Necromancy and blood magic are schools of magic that are also very controversial and outlawed in some areas of Tamriel. Necromancers with powers similar to the mighty Dragonborn mage Mannimarco can be encountered throughout Skyrim, reanimating skeletons and other undead creatures. Blood magic can drain life force from enemies or kill humanoid creatures to increase capacity. Vampires often have abilities that use necromancy and blood magic, making them formidable enemies. While players can use spells that incorporate elements of blood magic and necromancy, the forbidden nature of these abilities is not highlighted in-game.


A major problem with the current morality system in Skyrim is that there is none. Outside of faction-based quest lines with obvious moral tendencies, the player himself is not at all affected by the type of magic he uses. The Elder Scrolls 6 can change that by incorporating a morality-based magic system that forces players to make consistent choices and narrative sacrifices the more they stray down a dark path. For example, given the themes of corruption inherent in Black Soul Gems, The Elder Scrolls 6 could introduce consequences to the use of Soul Gems, and the player could begin to find their worldview distorted or their soul in jeopardy. he uses black magic related to necromancy.

Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda may also be developing a series of new magic effects that are noticeably sinister compared to typical spells, bringing more immersive followers and companions to comment on the brutality. For example, the “Forbidden Magic Spell Pack” series of mods introduce killer bees, mutagenic magic, cataclysms, plagues, shadow magic, and more to the open world of Skyrim. These spells go above and beyond by giving the player an arsenal of creative magic while illustrating their forbidden nature. Of course, for any taboo magic to matter, the upcoming game needs to include a dynamic system that tracks the carnage created by players.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 Should Make Forbidden Magic Available