The essentials of January from the Negative Zone

Usually in January no major news is published as the publishers have published their highlights for Christmas. However, in this first month of 2023 we will be able to read the first steps of the most famous fifteen-year-old wall-crawler, walk through the dark streets of Hub City, try to solve a mystery related to a plague of frogs, watch the sunrise in the jungles of newly-born America. conquered, discover the future that awaits our favorite chelonids, learn the secrets of one of the manga of the moment or discover the particular version of the manga god of Bram Stoker’s most famous character. A selection with a classic aroma that we hope you like.

January essentials.

Magical realism in the jungle.

Alvar Mayor 1, by Carlos Trillo and Enrique Breccia. Dolmen.

Some of the best sunsets in world comics are present in these wonderful colonial stories written by Carlos Trillo and drawn by Enrique Breccia. Alvar Mayor stars an adventurer, disenchanted and phlegmatic, who acts as a guide to the worst individuals through an impregnable Amazon jungle that almost always ends up passing sentence in an implacable, fair and cruel way.

The two Argentine authors build a post-Columbian saga, cooked over a slow fire and that enhances the philosophical, the magical, the moral and the wonderful tropical settings drawn with a master hand by the son of Alberto Breccia.

Editorial Dolmen will group all the episodes into three albums, with all the stories, in chronological order, with the initial episodes and numerous extras. A marvel.

A great comic carries its mandatory recommendation.

Marvel Library. The Amazing Spiderman 1 1962-63by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Panini.

Wall-crawlers, web-throwers, Web Head… many have been the nicknames by which Peter Parker’s superheroic alter ego has been known throughout its more than sixty years of existence, but for us it will always be Spiderman.

Arrived in the world in 1962, by the hand of steve ditko Y Stan Leethe arachnid turned the figure of the teenager with powers into something more than a mere sidekick, into a superhero in his own right, who also faced the problems of his young age while dealing with a complicated double life.

Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Flash Thompson… and a long etcetera of characters that today are the history of the USA comic were presented for the first time in these pages that reissue the first adventures of the superhero in a popular format and full of interesting extras. from Marvel that changed everything.

About drugs, frogs and detectives.

The essentials of JanuarySaint Elme 1by Serge Lehman and Frederick Peeters. Astiberri.

In a mountain enclave called saint elme a detective arrives, Franck Sangaré and his collaborator Mme. Ombre, looking for Arno Cavaliéri who disappeared three months ago. They encounter hotter-than-usual weather, a strange infestation of frogs, a nouveau riche family – the Saxes – that is blowing up the established order, and the usual dealings of local drug dealers. Franck again and again encounters enormous difficulties and Mme. Ombre can’t get in touch with the other detective brother, Philippe Sangaré, to get him out of the quagmire…

saint elme is a French series, written by serge lehmann and with the sublime art of Frederick Peeters which consists of three albums and the fourth is already announced. Astiberri presents the first two chapters in a comprehensive first volume. Spectacular.

A manga about manga creation.

Look Back, by FUJIMOTO Tatsuki. Editorial Standard.

The success of Chainsaw Man has made possible that in a very short time Editorial Standard has published the bulk of the production of this young mangaka. Last year his compilations of short stories and the present one saw the light of day in our country. Look Backa self-contained story far removed from the hooligan tone of other proposals for fujimoto.

This work is now recovered in record time in kanzenban and cardboard format after having been previously published in paperback. An unbeatable opportunity to enjoy this slice of life focused on the relationship between two young people, their passion for manga and their obsessive desire to excel.

A manga about the very fact of the creation of the manga, with a story that holds more than one surprise and a most suggestive subtext.

The King of Vampires according to the Manga God.

Don Dracula, TEZUKA Osamu. Comic planet.

In comic planet They continue with their intention to recover absolutely all the bibliography of the God of Manga in their Tezuka Library. This month is the turn of the peculiar Don Draculaa crazy and completely apocryphal version of the famous character created by Bram Stoker at the end of the 19th century.

Tezuka proposes a humorous story that narrates the adventures of Count Dracula in Tokyo with his daughter Chócola and his faithful servant Igor. The King of the Vampires will have to deal with the peculiar Tokyo idiosyncrasy and with the return of the willing Professor Helsing determined once again to finish him off… if the hemorrhoids allow him!

A minor work of Tezuka which, however, will make us smile more than once.

The value of the action.

Question 1by Dennis O’Neil and Denys Cowan. ECC.

The Question from Dennis O’Neil Y Denis Cowan It is a work loaded with pessimism, it is a narrative circle, with a visual aspect that chokes at first, loaded with rude, rough and thick stories that leave no room to feel any hope. Question excites and disgusts the reader for being able to take them down very dark and gloomy paths, without the possibility of seeing a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. His prose and drawing tears the reader and pushes him to seriously consider aspects of life that perhaps until then had never required time in his head. Question hurts in the soul. Question gets deep inside and nests to never leave.

A dark future for turtles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz, Ben Bishop, Esau Escorza and Isaac Escorza. ECC.

The resurrection of the Ninja Turtles in the world of comics, by IDW, brought nothing but good things. In addition to recovering its fantastic protagonists, it was done by offering adult stories closer to the originals, with kevin eastman (one of its creators), nourishing nostalgia but giving a coherence to his story that he never had. Now they have gone a step further by taking up an idea that Eastman Y Peter Laird they had years before, take us to a future where only one of them has survived. He will be the last ronin and he will have to avenge his brothers in a city trapped by crime. A sensational volume that compiles the miniseries recently published by E.C.C.C. full.

credits: The Negative Zone essentials It is an original product negative zone. Coordinators: Raul Lopez Y Diego Garcia Rouco; Texts: Diego Garcia Rouco, Tristan Cardona, Jordi T. Pardo, Gustavo Higuero, Igor Alvarez Muniz Y Raul Gutierrez; Graphic design: Miguel Angel Crespo.

The essentials of January from the Negative Zone