The famous American actors that women love the most

Some famous american actors they are especially loved by the female universe. Who I am? The list of most loved famous american actors it’s really very long. However, we have made for you a small selection of actors from yesterday and today who have made the history of cinema and who have managed to touch the hearts of women.

American famous actors most loved by women

Who are the most beautiful actors in Hollywood? No, looking at the matter from this point of view is completely wrong. It’s not just about the most beautiful famous american actors absolutely, not only of aesthetics in fact we are talking about. They are beloved actorsfemale universe because they possess a one-of-a-kind charm of one charm that other actors over the years have failed to match. In part it is also thanks, we must admit, to some characters they were lucky enough to playcharacters a lot loved by the women of yesterday and today who really know how to enchant.

Richard Gere

Among American male actors most famous and loved by the female universe there he is, Richard Gere. Beautiful, regarded as a real one sex symbolwith a talent for acting simply enviable. Not only that, it undoubtedly is loved by women of every generation for his too personages. In fact, it is impossible to forget his interpretations in American Gigolo And pretty woman.

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George Clooney

Who are the best American actors? Among the absolutely most interesting talented actors we must mention George Clooney. IS loved by women because undoubtedly a handsome manbut also because it is nice, always smiling, self-deprecating He is able to take it lightly. It also has i graying hair and this is apparently a little extra detail that (about him) makes the difference.

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Leonardo Dicaprio

Blond, angelic features, clear eyes and penetrating gaze. Yes, we are talking about Leonardo Dicaprioan actor who has come a long way, an actor who has able to demonstrate his talent and he did fall in love with generations of women. And, let’s face it, the stoic way he looked forward to winning an Academy Award is undoubtedly noteworthy.

Leonardo Dicaprio

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Brad Pitt

Who is the most beautiful actor in the world? And who is the richest american actor? Many would answer this question with just one name, Brad Pitt. We do not know if he is actually the richest, but in terms of beauty and charm there is no doubt, he wins hands down. It is indeed always considered a sex symbol, since its debut on the big screen. The beauty is that seems to get better as the years go bya bit like good wine.

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Johnny Depp

When its acting career kicked off Johnny Depp he had the face of an angel, but he sure as hell wasn’t considered a nice guy. Far from it, he was immediately categorized as one of the bad boy of the Hollywood world. Over time things have not changed, even if the angelic features have disappeared to make room for a edgier look, much more rock n roll (just like his style). IS loved by women because he is different from all the other actors, unconventional from every possible point of view, crazy enough just like his characters.

johnny depp, november 1987

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Robert Pattinson

He is one among current American actors most lovedloved by women of every generation who consider it as a real sex symbol. We have to admit that one of most important roles of his career helped make Robert Pattinson such, the dark and romantic vampire Edward of Twilight.

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James Dean

Among most famous american actors of the 50swe must remember James Dean regarded as a Hollywood sex symbol timeless. Jeans, shirt slightly open in front, cigarette in mouth (with slightly parted lips), an image that all women know very well and which it seems is continuing to pass from generation to generation.

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Marlon Brando

He wore jeans and white tank top with a simply incredible nonchalance, proving that sensuality goes far beyond clothes. We are talking about Marlon Brandobeautiful and very elegant, one of the old famous american actors most loved by women.

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Alex Pettyfer

Actor, director and modelwhich became famous thanks to Beastly And Magic Mike and with a respectable curriculum behind him. He is undoubtedly one of them most interesting young famous american actors (and full of charm).

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The famous American actors that women love the most