The famous British actors who conquered Hollywood

Who is the most famous actor of all time? Really difficult, if not perhaps even impossible, to answer this question, but without a doubt they are some of the most well-known American names to come to mind, how Humphrey Bogart or Marlon Brando. Yet not just Americans, many too English actors they did the history of cinema of yesterday and today and they managed to conquer Hollywood. Let’s go together to discover then the Top 10 Famous British Actors ever.

The most important British celebrities

First of all, a small clarification. This ours selection of famous British male actors both yesterday and today it is by no means exhaustive. In fact, there are countless (dozens and dozens, if not hundreds) English actors who managed to become famous far beyond the borders of their country, reaching Hollywoodglobal success, awards and accolades from criticslike the much coveted Oscar Prize just to give an example of all. Plus ours it doesn’t want to be a rankingbut only one list of names to consider for those who love Hollywood and the British style.

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Cary Grant

Cary Grant it’s a english actor which arrives at global success thanks to the director Alfred Hitchcock who in fact wants him in many of his films, including Notorious, Thief hunt, International intrigue. He obtained in 1970 theLifetime Achievement Oscar.

Michael Caine

Between famous old English actors we can not fail to mention Michael Cainewhich during the course of his career has achieved well two Academy Awardsfor films Hannah and her sisters and The cider house rules.

Roger Moore

Among British actors which deserve to be remembered, we also find Roger Mooreborn in 1927, who played James Bond after the great success achieved by Sean Connery, a success that Moore has managed to match.

Eddie Redmayne

Among most famous british actors of the last years, Eddie Redmayne best known for playing Stephen Hawking in the film The theory of everything, performance that earned him a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award as well as several nominations, including an Academy Award nomination. He is also famous for The Danish girlin which he masterfully plays a Danish transsexual artist.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch and another famous English actor cha has participated in films such as The Hobbit, Star Trek, The mole, 12 years a slave and The imitation game which allowed him, thanks to his outstanding interpretation by mathematician Alan Turingto get a Oscar nominations. The British actor is also famous for starring Sherlock Holmes in the TV series Sherlock, khan in Star Trek and Doctor Strange.

Sam Claflin

What are the best young british actors? Without a doubt we can not fail to mention Sam Claflin. Everyone knows him for playing the character of Finnick in Hunger Gamesbut has also participated in many other films such as #Write me again, Snow White and the huntsman, Pirates of the Caribbean. Beyond the borders of the sea.

Daniel Radcliffe

Among current famous English actors (and very young) he is there too, Daniel Radcliffe. It’s been a while since Daniel played the wizard Harry Potter in the famous and successful saga and over the years has collected many filmsamong which Victor – The Secret History of Doctor Frankenstein, Now You See Me 2 – Wizards of Crime, Guns Akimbo, Escape from Pretoria, The Lost City.

Robert Pattinson

Also Robert Pattinson was present at a very young age in one of the Harry Potter moviesbut owes its fame to another saga starring i vampires. We are obviously talking about the Twilight saga. Many other films that over the following years have seen as protagonist the one who is considered as one of the most beautiful, sensual and dark English actors of all time, like life, Cosmopolis, Maps to the Stars, Queen of the Desert, The Lighthouse, The Streets of Evil, keeper, Batman.

Orlando Bloom

Some English actors they don’t even need much introduction they have become famous and known to the general publicnow an integral part of the Hollywood clan. Orlando Bloom it’s just a famous English actor who needs no introductionknown for the sagas of the Lord of the Ringsit hobbits and Pirates of the Caribbean.aa

Christian Bale

Many, very many indeed, the films they see Christian Bale as the protagonist, one of the most loved (and desired by women) British male actors. Without a doubt, however, the real success, the one with a capital S, came for him thanks to Batman and The dark Knight. Later she starred among others in Terminator Salvation, Public enemy, Rescue Dawn, The New World, The Fighter, Out of the Furnace, American Hustle – Looks can be deceiving, Exodus – Gods and Kings, Le Mans ’66 – The great challenge, Amsterdam.

The famous British actors who conquered Hollywood