The film “Merlina” shows part of Tim Burton’s mind and reveals memories of his childhood

Born on August 25, in Burbank, California, Timothy Walter Burton, better known as Tim Burton has become a benchmark in the film industry.e with a characteristic style inspired by the gothic and fantastic.

Since he was a child he had an interest in dark stories, creating his first short film at the age of 13, The Island of Doctor Agor. He would later study at the California Institute of the Arts with dreams of becoming an animator.

His talent managed to attract the attention of waltdisneya company that gave him his first opportunity as an apprentice, and in 1983, at the age of 25, he created his first short film, Frankenweenie, although this would not like Disney at all, for being very “terrifying for his audience” and they fired him for this. However, later, due to its success, they would look for him to create the feature film version of it.

Since then his career has only been on the rise, positioning himself as an icon of cinema and pop culture, creating emblematic characters followed by different generations.


Surely you have seen more than one of his famous films, from Jack’s Bizarre World, Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice among others, which have even inspired and influenced other industries such as fashion and art.

This year he surprises us with a new project, and for the first time in these years of career he decided to make a television series with the Netflix streaming platform. Is about merlin, the story of the eldest daughter of the iconic Addams family, which opens this month. We connected very early in an interview with the director, who received us (virtually) from his studio in London, and where he confessed to us why he accepted this project, even though it was a format very different from a film, “basically the character of Merlin. I grew up watching the Addams Family on TV, the cartoons, the stories, and I had been offered some in the past, but this one appealed to me because I love the character. She usually looks like a little girl, here you see her as a teenager who goes to school and deals with her parents and all this, it’s very interesting, it felt more real. When I read it (the script), it brought back memories of how I felt about my parents, school, people, technology, so it really felt very close to me.”

Tim Burton has mentioned on several occasions that when he was a child he found the reality of everyday life much more terrifying than monsters, so when questioned if he identifies with it, Tim Burton told us: “I share your point of view, it reached me. to feel like this When I was a teenager people treated me like a freak, they thought I was weird, you know, I had those eyes on me (laughs); I’m like the male version of Merlina back then. This made it feel almost autobiographical.” Within the series we see fantastic characters (mermaids, vampires, werewolves, among others) who are marginalized for being different, something that has become part of his works.

Speaking about his iconic storytelling style, Tim Burton commented that he doesn’t think about it when filming, he just focuses on his work and the moment. “I don’t think how to do it in a style, I just do what I do,” and on how he experienced this specific project, he added, “I felt very comfortable, because it’s the kind of world I live in in general.” In addition to being surrounded by very talented actors for this project (such as Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christina Ricci and Luis Guzmán, among others), and which was experienced in a great atmosphere that we will see reflected on the screen, “that It was a great experience for me, it’s amazing when you work with great actors and have a good relationship on the collaborative theme, “said Burton.


“When I was a teenager people treated me like a freak, they thought I was weird. I’m like the male version of Merlina at the time, this made it feel almost autobiographical.” – Tim Burton


Only one television series is what he has decided to do: Merlina.

The series premieres on Netflix on November 23.


More than 30 films are within his career as a director, animator, producer and writer.

By Ailedd Menduet

Photo: Courtesy Tim Burton


The film “Merlina” shows part of Tim Burton’s mind and reveals memories of his childhood