The First Death: Cast of the LGBT+ series about vampires

The LGBT+ series about vampires The first death (First Kill) promises to be the new success of Netflix, so here we tell you which actors and actresses make up its cast.

The first death (First Kill)a series about vampireswill be the bet of Netflix for LGBT+ Pride Month, because will premiere on June 10, 2022 with a cast headed by the actresses Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis.

It is a production based on a short story by writer Victoria E. Schwab published in the anthology Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite. Because its plot revolves around female vampires and teenage vampires, the Netflix series has been labeled as an LGBT+ version of Twilight. But what is it really about? MEET ANNE RICE, A WRITER WHOSE VAMPIRES WORKS ARE CONSIDERED LGBT+ LITERATURE.

plot of the series the first death

According to Netflix, the series begins when Juliette, a teenage vampire, must commit her first murder. as part of a ritual of passage performed by his family. Juliet he chooses Calliope, a new girl in town, as his victim. also known as Cal. However, Cal turns out to be a member of a family of vampire slayers..

Secondly, dead line reports that between the protagonists of the series the first death an attraction will develop that will place them in a dilemma. Juliette will be caught between her task of killing Cal and her attraction to her. For his part, Cal will find himself at a crossroads between being faithful to the legacy of his family of vampire slayers or following his feelings for Juliette. SEE OUR RECOMMENDATIONS OF LGBT+ MOVIES ABOUT VAMPIRES.

But which actors and actresses will participate in the Netflix series the first death?

Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette

The protagonist of the series will fall on the actress Sarah Catherine Hook. After appearances in movies like The Conjuring 3: The devil made me do it and series like Law and orderwill give life to the vampire Juliet in Netflix production.

Sarah Catherine Hook / Photo: Super Stars Bio

Imani Lewis is Cal in the series the first death

On the other hand, the character of the vampire slayer Calliope, or CalIs interpreted by Imani Lewis. the actress is known for her participation in the series Starwhere she also plays a lesbian role. Also, she has worked in films such as Vampires vs. the Bronx Y Killer Among Us.

Imani Lewis / Photo: IMDb

elizabeth mitchell

Perhaps the most famous of the actresses who participate in the Netflix LGBT + series the first death it is elizabeth mitchell. Mitchell has a long career in the world of cinema that includes a lesbian character in the film Gia from 1998where he filmed a kiss scene with Angelina Jolie. She also participated in series like lost Y Habia una vez and in the movies chasing betty Y The Purge: Election Year.

Elizabeth Mitchell / Photo: From Cinema 21

Will Swenson

Another of those who make up the cast of the series the first death is the actor Will Swenson, who has developed his career mainly in Broadway musicals. In the cinema, her most outstanding films are those of the film saga The Singles Ward. CHECK MORE ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VAMPIRES AND THE LGBT+ COMMUNITY.

Actor Will Swenson / Photo: thatre mania

gracie dzienny

In addition to Elizabeth Mitchell, other actresses from the first death who have experience playing LGBT+ characters is gracie dzienny. The actress participated in the series Chasing Lifewhere her character, Greer Danville, was in a relationship with another woman. She is also known for playing Amanda McKay on the series Supah Ninjas from Nickelodeon.

Gracie Dzienny / Photo: Twitter (@GracieDzienny)

Dylan McNamara

Also Dylan McNamara is part of the cast of the series the first death. The actor is known for his roles in Motel 32 Y ambition. She also had a brief appearance on euphoria. According to IMDb, in the Netflix series his character will be called Oliver.

Dylan McNamara / Photo: IMDb

What do you think about the cast of Netflix’s LGBT+ series the first death?

With information from dead line, IMDb and Infobae

The First Death: Cast of the LGBT+ series about vampires