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Among the most brilliant and prolific writers in the United States, the Texan Joe R. Lansdale has always drawn from various narrative registers, mixing very different genres: noir, science fiction, horror, steampunk, coming-of-age stories and even those of historical setting. Thus, to tell the world of the Frontier, he has often contaminated the western with horror and the fantastic: this is demonstrated by the series of adventures dedicated to the reverend Jebediah Mercerwhich now become the protagonists of the new exciting collaboration project of the writer with Sergio Bonelli Editore for The Gentleman’s Hotelthe western-horror graphic novel, scripted by Luca Crovi and illustrated by the designer Daniele Serra, already awarded the prestigious British Fantasy Award in 2021.

The volume, out today 23 September, tells the story of the preacher and gunslinger Reverend Jebediah Mercer, struggling with a nightmare situation: a woman to protect, a soul to be freed, cruel hairy creatures to fight. The setting is the East Texas frontier, through places made up of ghost towns, rivers infested with moccasin snakes and alligators. An area in which deserts and prairies are rare, but coniferous forests abound.

Lansdale says:

Jebediah is tall and slender, with pronounced cheekbones, pointed chin, black hair and black eyes. Beautiful and strange at the same time … He usually faces supernatural creatures. In this story he encounters werewolves, conquistadors, ghosts and creatures that can turn into even more dangerous things than werewolves. In other adventures, however, he fights evil spirits who unearth corpses and eat them. Hideous creepers a la HP Lovecraft, but also vampires. He basically fights Evil no matter what form it takes. I wrote various stories that see him as the protagonist and which were then collected in the Deadman’s Road volume.
Daniele Serra has a style that is difficult to classify. Sometimes he has an impressionistic touch, other times he seems more realistic. It is impossible to pigeonhole it. He has great inventiveness and applies it to both his covers and his comics. I immediately thought that he was perfect for adapting the incredible adventures of Reverend Jebediah and so I suggested him as a designer to Sergio Bonelli Editore.

The volume, edited by Luca Crovi (former editor of the series dedicated to Deadwood Dick) is enriched by the interview with Joe R. Lansdale by Seba Pezzani with illustrations by Daniele Serra. A version with Variant Cover of the volume will be available exclusively in the bookstores of the Feltrinelli circuit, at the Bonelli Store in Milan and on the Sergio Bonelli Editore website.

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The Gentleman’s Hotel: the Bonelli comic with the characters of Joe R. Lansdale now available | Nerd League