The list of Tekken 8 characters that we would like to see in this installment

There are many fighters in the Tekken saga. Our characters for Tekken 8? Here’s a list of our favourites.

With the spectacular display of power by Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, the Tekken 8 characters that could appear in this installment. In Tekken 7 many have appeared, but with several season passes and DLC, some of the other installments have been completely lost. And that impressive new fighters and fighters have arrived.

Jin Kazama will be in Tekken 8, and for sure we will have Devil Jin.

The list of characters that we can find in Tekken 7 base is as follows:

  • Smooth
  • Asuka
  • Bob
  • Bryan Fury
  • devil jin
  • Dragunov
  • fat eddy
  • Feng
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Hwoarang
  • Jin Kazama
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • King
  • kuma
  • lars
  • read
  • Leo
  • lili
  • Law
  • Miguel
  • nina williams
  • Panda
  • paul phoenix
  • Steve Fox
  • xiaoyu
  • Yoshimitsu

Over time, up to three more season passes and a loose character via DLC arrived. Here we find great characters that have appeared in previous installments, new ones and guests that we will most certainly not see again in Tekken 8. It would be cool if their fighting styles somehow remained in other new characters, but I think that is asking too much to Bandai Namco when it has never done so in sagas like SoulCalibur. So let’s rule out seeing the style of Negan or Noctis.

Tekken 8 vs Tekken 7
A Tekken without the presence of the Mishima and their entire lineage would not be a Tekken.

The characters we want to see in Tekken 8

After a good and tremendous discussion in the offices of Guiltybit in which everything has ended up destroyed and with several bruises, these are the characters that we want to see in Tekken 8. In the list we discard Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima because they both have appeared in the first trailer for the game.

Steve Fox

Steve Fox (Esteban el Perrón, in some Latin American countries) appeared for the first time in Tekken 4. Since that installment he has been appearing in all of them giving his tremendous boxing punches. Being his boxing style, Steve Fox has a peculiar handling within the saga. He is one of the most complicated to play, but if you stop to study him and practice like crazy, we are facing one of the most fun and FEARFUL characters in the game. We need him in Tekken 8 because his blows full of flashes, particles and capable of making the opponent go through walls put us.


If Steve Fox is a punching specialist, here comes “The Kicks.” Hwoarang is the character for beginners. By pressing the kick buttons we will do incredible things with Hwoarang, but the character is not that. At high levels you have to see how the players are doing. It is something completely different. Hwoarang’s combos are pure kick almost all the time and he is one of the most attractive characters in the entire saga.

Marshall Law

Jeet Kune Do must be present in every fighting video game. It is a classic that there is a character that somehow emulates the Bruce Lee that we saw in the movies. Marshall Law is that although he abuses kicks with cartwheels. Since the first time I tried a Tekken that is my favorite character when it comes to crushing rivals. Until three beasts arrived via DLC to Tekken 7.

A good signing could be his son Forest Law who has practically the same combat style as his father. The cries of the two are welcome to Tekken 8.


The beast of Muay Thai. I still remember when it was introduced as DLC for the third season pass. Everyone screaming to see how he crushed Marduck. Fahkumram is a character that can be deceiving because of his appearance.

Have you believed that it is an evil character? Well, not at all. It’s the opposite. Of course, don’t bother him too much because he has fought against dozens of tigers and has brutal force. To this day he is my favorite character from Tekken 7 and he will most likely be from Tekken 8, as long as they decide to include him. I think he deserves to be on the starting roster for the game.

lydia sobieska

When Lidia Sobieska showed up, before the world knew she was a politician fighting for her country, all Christ thought she was Ciri from The Witcher. He wasn’t so far-fetched, since Geralt was in SoulCalibur 6 and Lidia’s appearance with that scar on her face made one think.

His fighting style is shotokan karate and in the hands of a good player it can be a nightmare. Some professional players when he came out complained about his almost infinite pressure that didn’t even let him breathe.

Leroy Smith, the black Jesus Christ

One thing I’ve explained many times on Twitch streams is that I regret not having played Tekken 7 from day one. I completely passed on the game because Tekken 6 didn’t quite convince me, and I was very focused on the Dead or Alive saga. . The cause of it falling into the Tekken 7 networks was the presentation of Leroy Smith.

For many years I have practiced Wing Chun, and the arrival of this character was a blessing. Fahkumram hadn’t been announced yet, so Leroy Smith was my favorite character to punch me for quite some time. The problem? Well, at first when Leroy Smith came out, he was totally broken. Too. And even very few people accepted another game after winning. Very sad.

Leroy Smith, Fahkumram and Lidia Sobieska are three characters who deserve to be in Tekken 8 from the beginning. Although the story always focuses on the Mishima, it would be nice if they were on the initial roster to be included in the story mode. At least Leroy Smith appears in the Netflix series and explains his motivations a bit, but it is something that we have not seen in the games.

Christie Monteiro

Capoeira has been present in Tekken with fat eddy. Spectacular this character with his kicks and incorporated dance. Like Hwoarang, he is one of those characters that is caught from the beginning because by mashing buttons the character does things. That does not mean that afterward you can do very spectacular things with your head or that the most PRO players do not wear it.

Christie Monteiro came to the saga with Tekken 4. She appeared in the following installments but there was no trace of her in Tekken 7. Her style is traced to that of Eddy Gordo, but Bandai Namco decided that it was better not to put her in this installment. I don’t understand, because between the two I always choose Christie.

That’s why for Tekken 8 we would like to see “The Monteiro” in the initial template of characters. Didn’t you put it in Tekken 7? Well, it’s time to give Eddy a rest in this installment and for Christie to appear.


Raven is a character that appeared in Tekken 5 in the mysterious intro that served as the trailer at the beginning. No one knew who this character was. We called her “Blade” when we didn’t know her name, and her appearance is almost traced to Marvel’s vampire hunter.

His style is ninjutsu and in Tekken 5 it was cool what is not written. For Tekken 7 they decided to put Master Raven in, but it would be cool to see both characters in Tekken 8.


The great missing of Tekken 7 is Bruce Irvin. He appeared in Tekken 2 with his Muay Thai. He then disappeared from the map until Tekken 5. But the curiosity is that his style remained in other characters. In Tekken 7 there was hope to see him in action, but with the announcement of Fahkumram all hope vanished. It must be said that Bruce Irvin, although he uses Muay Thai, his style is very different from that of Fahkumram, Josie or Bryan Fury.


Wang Jinrei is an old martial arts master who appeared in the first Tekken. For some reason he was removed from Tekken 3, Tekken 4 and the last Tekken 7, and we would very much like that in Tekken 8 he would appear giving his powerful punch. It’s tough because of how he ends his story in Tekken 6, but it wouldn’t be the first time a character is thought to be dead and reappears like crazy. By the way, such a friend of Jinpachi’s, that the two appear.

It’s clear that we still have many characters from the Tekken series to mention, but these are the 10 characters that we would most like to see in Tekken 8 when the game launches on consoles and PC. As with Tekken 7, this Tekken 8 will also have its DLC and season passes with familiar, guest and new characters. It is still early to know the characters that will arrive in the game, but we still have many surprises like Akuma. This character appeared in one of the first Tekken 7 trailers and we were blown away.

Since we are with so much game of the Yakuza saga (now “Like a Dragon”), maybe we finally see Kazuma Kiryu dishing out punches and kicks in the 8th Iron Fist Tournament. Something that fans of the two sagas have been asking for for a long time.

The list of Tekken 8 characters that we would like to see in this installment