The most authentic Halloween arrives at PortAventura World

Who said you have to wait until the last weekend of October to enjoy the terror and adrenaline of Halloween? Well, perhaps that is the question that the PortAventura World creators asked themselves when they decided, more than two decades ago, to prepare some special – and spectacular – programs for the weeks before and after that gloomy party that arrived in Spain, mainly imported from the United States. If you want to know what we are talking about, you just have to continue reading this article or, better yet, book your tickets with hotel stay in the magical PortAventura World with Logitravel.

For a few unforgettable weeks, the entire PortAventura World resort will become a different world. It will enter another dimension to transform into a place where there is room for ghosts, zombies, vampires, witches and dozens of other creatures that usually live in the underworld, but who will take advantage of the created portal to visit us and make us tremble with fear and emotion.

This is one of the most fun and different seasons in a park that has been the benchmark for leisure and sensations in our country for decades.

Live some unforgettable Halloween days at PortAventura World hiring some of the many offers that Logitravel, a leading company in the tourism sector, has for you:

If you want to live an unforgettable Halloween, we advise you to carefully read all the information that we leave you below.

When does Halloween 2022 take place at PortAventura World

Halloween at PortAventura World. Image Source: PortAventura World

This year, beings from the other world will occupy the entire PortAventura World resort (remember that we are not just talking about specific attractions or shows) from September 24 to November 13.

Plus 50 days terrifyingly fun in which travelers will be offered a variety of completely original shows, sets and performances created with the intention of awakening a roller coaster of sensations.

Almost 7 weeks in which thousands of visitors will put their imagination and courage to the test.

Novelties for Halloween 2022 at PortAventura

This year two new shows are added to Halloween at PortAventura:

  • HORROCK IN TEXAS (from MTV): After receiving a deadly electric shock while playing, a guitarist finds himself doomed to wander like a ghost through a dramatic underworld filled with great musicians. This Halloween, you will be able to enter a terrifying musical world with the new passage of terror from MTV. We must pay this extra separately, unless we have bought the Halloween Passport, which includes an entrance ticket to the passage.
  • TRICK OR TREATING? – Low China: the great master of Chinese magic has prepared his house so that the bravest children enter to ask for their candies. Guided by funny ghosts, they must cross an enchanted forest and enter a giant pumpkin to get out. A sweet and great adventure for the little ones, which is also free.

What are the main Halloween 2022 shows at PortAventura World

In addition to the multitude of usual attractions that the park has (which will present some spooky touches), during the weeks of Halloween 2022, a series of shows will take place at PortAventura, distributed throughout the resort and designed so that, regardless of age , everyone experiences unforgettable sensations.

Halloween at PortAventura World. Image Source: PortAventura World

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • HALLOWEEN FOREVER – Imperial Grand Theater – China: ghosts, undead, demons and other beings from beyond show their most artistic side to give you an experience full of choreography, compositions and songs that will make you scream in surprise.
  • VAMPIRES – Saloon – Far West: A group of fearsome vampires stalk Penitence. To avoid this, a vampire hunter and his assistant go there with the intention of exterminating them. A mixture of horror, humor, music, choreography and incredible tricks are combined in a fantastic show in which you can be the hero.
  • BANG BANG HALLOWEEN – Far West: Dracula and his vampires approach Penitence. Action in abundance, humor, special effects and, above all, shots. Lots of shots. An adrenaline-charged show, terrifyingly fun and suitable for the whole family.
  • THE DAY OF THE DEAD – Cantina – Mexico: This Halloween, the dead come to life and they do so by letting themselves be carried away by the rhythm of the traditional music of the Day of the Dead. A great choreography full of color and music.
  • IT’S ALREADY HALLOWEEN IN SÉSAMO ADVENTURA – TeatroAventura: one of the favorite shows for children this Halloween at PortAventura World, The Count and the other characters from Sesame Street will delight the youngest members of the family.
  • THE HALLOWEEN INN – Emma’s Restaurant. Eat alongside terrifying characters. Don’t let them take away your appetite.
  • HALLOWEEN PARADE – Mediterranean: At the end of the day, the monsters will parade for you. Nobody wants to miss this party full of floats, fantastic choreography, electrifying songs and an impressive final dance in the Teatro Principal.
  • HORROR ON THE LAKE – Mediterránea Lake: Mediterránea Lake turns spooky on Halloween. When darkness falls over PortAventura World, a series of phenomena take place in these apparently calm waters. Dark skeletons appear out of nowhere to cross the waters along with other terrifying beings in a show full of music, fire, water fountains and pyrotechnics.
  • REC EXPERIENCE – Sea Odyssey – Polynesia: fear and adrenaline in its purest form. In addition to being the longest closed passage in Europe, it is one of the creepiest. A tour where the most terrifying characters in the REC® saga will make their appearance to prevent you from escaping.
  • MAYAN APOCALYPSE – Mexico: A team of intrepid explorers breaches a Mayan temple to find a treasure. With this, he unleashes the wrath of the gods and unleashes an apocalypse in which only the bravest will survive. Go through different environments where all kinds of monsters will come out to try to become one of them.
  • THE LIVING DEATH – Hacienda – Mexico: in this passage, you will enter a Mexican hacienda during the Day of the Dead festival, you will travel to the afterlife and you will have to find your way back to the world of the living.
  • THE CURSED ISLAND – PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park: enter this mysterious Caribbean island and face ghostly pirates who will chase you for more than 1000 meters of passage. You will experience a multitude of terrifying moments and you will have to avoid all kinds of dangers and characters, such as the castaways who have taken over this place.

For the last four passages on the list (REC, Mayan Apocalypse, La Muerte Viva and Isla Maldita), we must bear in mind that we must pay for them separately, unless we have purchased the Halloween Passport, which includes an entry to each of the tickets.

What is the Halloween Passport

Halloween at PortAventura World. Image Source: PortAventura World

The best way to fully enjoy Halloween at PortAventura is by getting the Halloween Passport. With it you can access, once, each of this year’s passages: La Isla Maldita, REC Experience, La Muerte Viva, Apocalypse Maya and Horrock in Texas.


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How to get to PortAventura

First of all, you should know that this other world full of magical and disturbing beings is found in the town of Vila-Seca, located a short distance from Tarragona.

To get to PortAventurayou can drive from Barcelona, ​​approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, by the A-7.

From El Prat Airport it will take 1 hour to get to the park, and just over 15 minutes if you land at Reus.

As for the public transport, the easiest – and most ecological – way to get to PortAventura is by train. Renfe Alta Velocidad y Larga Distancia, together with Cercanías de Catalunya, put at your disposal all the means to do so.

At Logitravel you can hire the train + hotel option, so you can forget about everything and concentrate on enjoying the spooky world that awaits you.

Also the bus is an option. Wherever you are, you will find a bus line to take you to the resort.

Are you ready to live the best Halloween of your life?


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