The Originals: why Claire Holt’s Rebekah left the Vampire Diaries spin

In The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, Claire Holt reprises her role as Rebekah Mikaelson, but in season 1 Holt’s Rebekah surprised fans when she ended her series as a series regular – why Holt has she left the show? Brothers Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson debut on The Vampire Diaries Season 2, and Rebekah The Originals character is introduced on TVD Season 3, followed by Kol and Finn. The first vampire family proved so popular that The Vampire Diaries co-creator Julie Plec moved the Mikaelsons to New Orleans, where the city’s rich cultural and supernatural history provided the backdrop. perfect for bickering siblings. Season 1 of The Originals focused on Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah, but Season 2 brought the whole family together and introduced new members, Freya and Dahlia.

In Rebekah The Originals, watchers have found a new fan favorite – making Claire Holt’s departure even sadder. His appearance on the show was incredibly brief to say the least, foregoing any sort of meaningful arc. Although she appeared as a recurring character in The Vampire Diaries, fans wanted more from her character and were happy to see that she would be a protagonist in The Originals. Although she wasn’t the first to leave the TVD franchise, her exit from the show came as a shock to viewers due to its suddenness. Here’s why Claire Holt decided to leave The Originals after the sixteenth episode of the first season.

What happened to Rebekah in the originals

Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah’s character The Originals first arrived in New Orleans in the 18th century. During this time, Klaus met a young Marcel Gerard, whom he raised and considered part of the family. However, when Rebekah and Marcel fell in love, Klaus felt threatened and jealous, so he did everything he could to separate them. In 1919, Rebekah and Marcel, with the help of a witch named Geneviève, appealed to her father, the vampire hunter, Mikael, who had pursued his children for most of their immortal lives. Rebekah hoped that Mikael’s presence in New Orleans would force Klaus to flee and leave her free to be with Marcel. However, she regretted her actions almost immediately — even more so after Klaus finally gave Marcel and Rebekah his blessing.

In Season 1, in an attempt to divide the Mikaelsons, the witches led by a resurrected Genevieve revealed Rebekah’s betrayal to Klaus. Armed with a White Oak stake, Klaus planned to kill his sister. Trapped together in the City of the Dead, Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah were forced to confront their complicated histories with each other and accept that they were truly cursed. During Season 1 Episode 16, “Farewell to Storyville”, Klaus decided to spare Rebekah’s life, telling her to leave New Orleans and never return. Viewers were shocked by the exit of Holt, whose original three-episode arc on The Vampire Diaries in 2011 turned into a recurring role.

Why Rebekah Mikaelson actress left

In 2014, Holt addressed the rumors surrounding her character’s unexpected departure, telling Buzzfeed:

“I want to be very clear that they didn’t run out of material, I wasn’t sent off, I wasn’t sick of Rebekah, I didn’t quit mid-season, he there was no drama, there was no rift between the cast members; it really came down to the fact that I ended my initial commitment and made a life choice, not a career choice. »

Holt went on to say that she wanted to focus on her friends and family. She also considered her exit a “temporary absence”, and Julie Plec agreed, up-and-coming fans hadn’t seen the last of Rebekah. Holt appeared on The Originals Season 1 finale and Klaus tasked her with looking after baby Hope. The show found creative ways to make the character an integral part of the show. During Season 2, her soul was placed in the body of the witch Eva Sinclair (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). During season 3, victim of a Ripper Curse, Rebekah was stabbed until her family could find a cure. In the series finale, Klaus gave his sister the cure, ensuring that when Damon Salvatore died, it would be passed on to her.

Holt worked on other projects during all five seasons of The Originals. She appeared as Charmain Tully on NBC’s Aquarius (2015-2016). She was cast as the lead role, Kayla, in the pilot for the ABC drama Doomsday. Holt also starred alongside Mandy Moore and Matthew Modine in the underwater thriller 47 Meters Down. After The Originals, Holt appeared in three films in 2019: The Divorce Party, A Violent Separation and Painted Beauty. The actress has yet to replicate the career success she achieved playing beloved bad girl Rebekah Mikaelson on The Originals.

Claire Holt guest in Legacies

Claire Holt has returned to reprise her role as Rebekah The Originals in TVD’s latest spin-off, Legacies. Like Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert, Rebekah is mentioned several times throughout the series, but no one really expected the character to return after such a short stint on The Originals. However, she returned in two Legacies Season 4 episodes, “I Thought You’d Be Happier to See Me” and “What Can Be Lost Can Also Be Found.” In the first case, she stalks Hope because she is afraid of the path she has taken with her Tribrid status and tries to reach her by any means possible. In her second appearance, Rebekah again tries to make herself understood by Hope, as she believes her humanity is wavering. The character is leaving as soon as she arrives, and given that Legacies has been canceled, this is likely the last time audiences will get to see Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson again. Despite her short-lived stint on The Originals, fans remember Rebekah’s character fondly and many were happy to see her return, albeit briefly, to Legacies.

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