The Pollineana Academy awards Giuseppe Panebianco with “The value of talent”

L’Pollinean Academy renews the annual appointment, now in its fifth edition, with “The value of talent” rewarding the young people of Castrovillari and its surroundings who have particularly distinguished themselves in their professional activity, through which they have given prestige and pride to the city and to the whole of Calabria.

For this 2022, the board of the Pollineana Academy (composed of the President Filomena Bloise, the vice president Pasquale Pandolfi, the general secretary Angela Lo Passo, the secretary Mena Ferraro, the librarian Gianluigi Trombetti and the treasurer Paola Gentile), has decided to reward the ‘actor Joseph Panebianco who, during his career, has stood out for his skill and professionalism, setting up theI-Fest International Film Festival which, in the last three years, has brought personalities from the world of cinema and entertainment of national and international caliber to the city of Castrovillari.

Only this year the participations of Giancarlo Giannini, Heather Parisi and Milena Vukotic have embellished and enriched the cinematographic offer, cultural workshops and sensory experiences offered by the Film Festival made in Castrovillari. Also important is the involvement of schools of all levels and that of the inmates of the “Rosetta Sisca” Prison in Castrovillari.

Born in 1978, Giuseppe Panebianco is not only an actor, but also a voice actor, musician and television personality. The family environment in which the young man matures contributes decisively to him acquiring a strong artistic inclination that will lead him to undertake the studies of the Jazz & Blues saxophone at the age of 12 and to attend and try his hand at theater pieces immediately afterwards.

Calabrian from his paternal grandparents, Sicilian and Emilian from his maternal grandparents, he soon gets to know the emotions of the stage, his natural place, where he performs on various Italian tours alongside excellent musicians, including his brother guitarist Roy Panebianco and in theatrical performances between Castrovillari, Naples and Perugia. His love for music leads him to found, and to this day coordinate, together with his journalist sister Francesca Panebianco and the artistic director Sergio Gimigliano the “Peperoncino Jazz Festival”, now in its 16th edition and counted in recent years as the best Italian Jazz Festival .

After graduating from the Liceo Scientifico “E. Mattei ”from the Calabrian town, he moved to Perugia where he graduated in Sports Science in 2004. After graduating he specialized in various European cities, including Rome and Barcelona. He works as an International Coach in the Academia Sànchez-Casal and manages various athletes and tennis schools, including that of Città di Castello (PG).

Returning to Italy in 2014 for a period of rest, during one of his concerts, he was noticed for his face and his charisma and hired by the director Francesco Presta for his work “Tango del Mare”, a film that will receive great appreciation as well as the prestigious critics’ prize at the “La Lanterna” Festival in Genoa. This occasion gave him the decisive push to embark on a film career. He moved to Rome where he graduated from the Studio Cinema Academy and studied with teachers of the caliber of Giancarlo Giannini, Laura Morante, Sergio Rubini and Pupi Avati who chose him to play a small role in his film “Le nozze di Laura”.

He participates in various short films, some of these awarded in prestigious national festivals (“Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam” and “Recherche” by Andrea Belcastro, “Il gusto del cielo” by Michelangelo Arizzi, “Terminal 3” by Giuseppe Palermo). In 2015 he starred in the film “Racconto Calabrese” alongside Robert Woods by Renato Pagliuso; participates in the documentary film “Antonio Tenuta” by Massimo Scaglione, in the collective film “Veloce vita” by the Spanish director David Muñoz and in “Altin in the city” by Fabio Del Greco.

In 2016 he was chosen as a co-star in Massimo Scaglione’s film “Figli randagi” and joined the cast of “I babysitter” with Diego Abatantuono; the same year he starred in the most important fiction broadcast on RAI channels in prime time such as “Che Dio ci Ai”, “Un passo dal cielo”, “Provaci ancora Prof!” and on SKY in the TV series “1993” by Giuseppe Gagliardi and “The Young Pope” by Paolo Sorrentino.

His debut on TV took place in 2015 in “Chance”, a program on the Agon Channel; the same year she recorded the successful Real Time series “Alta Infidelity”. You continue your career on TV as the protagonist of the programs “Affari Legali” (Canale 8) and “Parla con Lei” (Sky Fox); in the same period he was chosen in important music videos, including “Stanotte” by Ylenia Lucisano, “Lettera del vampiro” by Marcondiro and the concept videos “Life on Mars” and “Sogno nel vento”.

In these years he returned to the stage in the role of presenter of important international fashion and entertainment events such as “The Look of the Year”, “Sabaudia on the catwalk”, “Rome Fashion Week”; he participates in numerous commercials, including Nerva Boutique Hotel, Treccani, Cinecittà World Rome, NowTV and, in 2016, he is the testimonial of Patrizia Fiandrini Haute Couture.

In 2015 he was awarded as Revelation Actor of the Year from the Mediterranean Short Festival, while 2016 ends with the delivery of the coveted Vincenzo Crocitti Award to the Best Emerging Actor assigned by a prestigious jury of insiders. In 2017 he is the protagonist of the new work by Francesco Presta “90 Secondi all’Inferno” and of the Keesy spot.

The award ceremony of the Pollineana prize “The value of talent” will take place on December 28, 2022at 18:00at the The Coscile Gallery of Castrovillari. Giuseppe Panebianco will receive the symbol prize of the Pollineana Academy: the owl made in Lecce stone by Maestro Angelo Cherillo. The board of the Academy, the mayor of Castrovillari, Dominic Lo Politothe publisher Mimmo Sancineto and Joseph Lo Politowho is entrusted with the musical interludes.

The Pollineana Academy awards Giuseppe Panebianco with “The value of talent”