The search for the truth at the Ituango Film Festival

More than 30 works, including short films and feature films, were exhibited in different places in the urban area of ​​Ituango and the village of El Aro in the tenth edition

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5 days projecting the best of regional, national and Cuban cinema as the guest country. More than 30 works, including short films and feature films, were exhibited in different places in the urban area of ​​Ituango and the district of El Aro.

The municipality received the visit of important film personalities, cultural managers, and social leaders who exchanged experiences with the inhabitants of the municipality in the different scheduled activities.

In its tenth edition, the festival gave special recognition to the different participants, allies and collaborators of the film event who have contributed to the consolidation of a space for the defense of cultural and territorial rights for 10 years.

With great emotion and gratitude, the tenth edition of the Ituango Film Festival was experienced. The heavy rains and the fog were not an impediment for the inhabitants of the municipality and different guests to participate in this celebration.
around the cinema

It has been 10 years transforming the territory with a commitment that promotes the creation and culture of peace in a community that has resisted the phenomenon of violence for many years. The seventh art came to Ituango to stay. The municipal theater, the Cultural Center, the Pedro Nel Ospina Educational Institution, the Chapinero neighborhood, the Corregimiento of El Aro became scenarios for audiovisual and cinematographic projection. Films such as THE MATÍAS TREE, THE KINGS OF THE WORLD, AMPARO, BETWEEN THE FOG, SONGS THAT FLOOD THE RIVER, TUNDAMA and THE CITY OF THE FAIRY were very well received, generating conversations and reflections at the end of each performance.

The Audiovisual Creation Laboratory brought together members of the Ituango Communications Collective belonging to the urban and rural areas.

Throughout the week they actively participated and created stories that were screened on the closing day. Thematic forums and meetings gathered thoughts around the central theme and the cinema made in the regions.

Cuba, the guest country, presented a panorama of representative films such as NOW!, VAMPIRES IN HABABA, I AM CUBA and STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE.

The Ituango children watched short films selected from the NARRATIVAS DE REGIÓN competition section and the feature film TUNDAMA, created characters and enjoyed the popcorn. And for the first time, the film festival brought a very special program to the Corregimiento of El Aro which, in the midst of a meeting for life 25 years after the barbarism that occurred there, enjoyed an audiovisual display of the Suitcase of Cultural Diversity of the Ministry of Culture, the legacy of the Truth Commission and the feature film A LOMO Y HERRADURA filmed in that place a few years ago and which the inhabitants saw for the first time.

In addition to the cinema, its coverage and social projection, the festival leaves the impact on other scenarios as a positive balance. Hotels, restaurants and the local transportation company were active participants and fundamental allies in this edition that also seeks to boost the local economy.

The Festival was organized by the Mayor’s Office of Ituango through the Ituango Secretary of Education, Nelson Acevedo de Ituango House of Culture and Viana Producciones. It had the support of the Embassy of Cuba in Colombia, the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry – ICAIC, the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, EPM we are there, Ministry of Culture, Comfama, De la Urbe, the ITM University Institution through of its Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Truth Commission and the National Association of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Festivals, Exhibitions and Events of Colombia – ANAFE.

He was the winner of the ICPA Call for Support for Antioquia Film Festivals 2022 – Institute of Culture and Heritage of Antioquia – ICPA.

The search for the truth at the Ituango Film Festival –