The slots favored by Italian players

Italy has a long tradition when it comes to gaming. It is no coincidence that the first casino of humanity laid its foundations in Italy, a structure that is still located in Venice since 1638. Bar slots and VLT slots were a first example of electronic gaming that appeared in our country, and until the late 1990s they were clearly the favorite game of arcade players. This trend has not changed with the passage of time and fashions, and it remains also in the online version one of the favorite pastimes of Italians, like poker. Indeed, it could be safely said that the audience dedicated to these types of games has increased, so much so that together with words such as “Dear bills” and “must see movies”, online casinos are among the most sought after things on the net. And this is due to a technological evolution that has led some casinos to also consider virtual reality and augmented reality. Let’s see a series of slots that Italian players are crazy about online.

Gonzo’s Quest: In Search of Eldorado

Italian slot players like historical themes, and not a little. Also like mythology, but there is a theme that is very successful in Italy in terms of slots, and this is that of ancient civilizations. Egypt, Maya, or pre-Columbian civilizations, all the online games inspired by these narratives are particularly appreciated in Italy. Gonzo is a friendly explorer who finds himself in South America in search of the Eldorado, abbreviation from the Spanish for “el indio dorado”. Between history and legend it is said that in these lands, located today in present-day Colombia, there were immense treasures hidden, as well as secrets about black magic and esotericism. This is a slot that is really popular in Italy. Egypt is also a well-trodden subject, and a much loved one. Often the protagonists of the slots that are inspired by pharaohs and pyramids have as their protagonist a character that is very reminiscent of Indiana Jones.

The settings linked to the Far West are also frequent and famous in the world of online slot machines. The characterization of the characters of these games is very often of high graphic quality, and the search for details and historical references (weapons, clothing, context) is never left to chance, which gives prestige and credibility to these slots.

Other themes loved by Italians: vampires, cartoons, music, but not only

The themes and settings of the online slot games they are giving their best now, with advances in graphics and Internet connections. Some of these feature interactions, animations and features worthy of 3D games of prestigious consoles. Blood Suckers is one of them, and the Bonus extra game where you have to try to hunt as many vampires as possible is really well taken care of. Then there are, for example, types of arcade slots, reminiscent of Japanese cartoons of the 80s and 90s, or TV series from 30 years ago. There is also the musical theme that is much loved by Italian players. In fact, slot machines are not rare that have taken inspiration from music stars such as Jimy Hendrix, or Guns N ‘Roses, or even dedicated to the Motörhead group.

Last but not least, there is the theme that uses fruit symbols and / or diamonds. Among these is the famous Starburst slot with the inevitable number “7”, but just as popular are also the gummy candies and the chupa chups that offer other games, deliberately recalling elements of the first slots of the early 1900s in Great Britain.

Slots with jackpots and / or bonus games

These are games that tie past, present and future well together. If in fact the main objective of the bar slots was to get to the noisy jackpot, as far as online slots are concerned there are several extra ways to get to the win, and many of these do not have jackpots. Bar slot lovers can easily rediscover the taste of a nice jackpot with the online slot machines that feature it, and there are more and more.

But the element that really drives the success of an online slot is the Bonus Game. These are extra modes that are activated by achieving results or by collecting symbols, and Italian players seem to favor this choice.

The slots favored by Italian players