The “Slow Life Slow Games” project visits Lunigiana schools to counter the spread of gambling

To counter the spread of gambling among young people, in recent days the “Slow Life Slow Games” project of the North West Tuscany ASL, financed by the Tuscany Region and carried out in collaboration with Lucca Create.

All the middle school classes of Licciana Nardi were involved in role-playing games, which saw girls and boys sitting around a table, guided by a game master who has the task of conceiving and directing the development of a story in which the players, each of whom plays a character, are the protagonists.

You can go from the science fiction of “Cyberpunk 2020” to the now classic fantasy of “Dungeons & Dragons”, from the world of ancient Rome crossed with the magic of “Lex Arcana” to the current world in the gothic version of “Vampires”.

The “Slow Life Slow Games” project, therefore, has the objective of allowing schools to experiment with a type of game that is absolutely non-competitive and completely unrelated to the winning-losing combination.

In fact, in role-playing, you don’t win or lose, the goal is simply to have fun creating a story together with others.

In this sense, this ludic experience is decidedly at the antipodes of gambling, focusing on the pleasure of playing as a socializing activity.

The scientific manager of the project is Dr. Maurizio Varese, head of the addiction area of ​​the North West Tuscany ASL, who underlines that “in primary and lower secondary schools, it was decided not to talk about gambling , but to spread the culture of healthy gaming through table games and role-playing games, as a possible vaccine against pathological gambling”.

In Lunigiana the activities that give substance to “Slow Life Slow Games” are carried out by the operators of Lucca Crea, in synergy with the functional unit Services for Addiction (Ser.D.) of the Health Society of Lunigiana, of which it is Dr. Carolina Bianchi is responsible: “This is a prevention project – declares the head of the Ser.D., based in Aulla – based on awareness and not on avoidance.

The game itself is an important and educational aspect, like role-playing games that teach kids to stay together and collaborate for a result, stimulating both the cognitive and emotional-relational spheres”.

The next Lunigiana appointment with the project is scheduled for Wednesday 25 January, at the middle schools of Fivizzano.

As a final event, to reward the participation of the schools and, above all, of the boys and girls, a great final tournament will be held, scheduled for May/June in Lucca, where a selection of students from each school will be able to compete against the other schools in role-playing sessions in the Polo Fiere spaces, made available by Lucca Crea.

The “Slow Life Slow Games” project visits Lunigiana schools to counter the spread of gambling – Eco della Lunigiana