The TV series couples who hated each other off the set, and there are many surprises

How many couples seen on screens have we loved and envied for their incredible love stories? Who hasn’t longed for a friendship like Blair and Serena, a love like the one between Damon and Elena… however the relationships shown in the series do not correspond in reality to a dream relationship. In fact, we discovered many clashes and antipathies between actors, who by dint of working together, ended up not wanting to see each other anymore. Living together on the set for a long time, putting up with each other, meeting each other, doesn’t always go well, and often ends in unpleasant consequences.

The world of entertainment hides many intrigues and rivalries, and today we want to tell you about the most loved couples on screen, but who couldn’t stand each other on set!

Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson – Gilmore Girls

Luke and Lorelai are a duo loved by millions of viewers, who loved the 2000s series. Gilmore Girls manages to transport you to the magical and loving atmosphere of Stars Hollow, where all the villagers are always ready to help each other, and love each other like a big family.

Grumpy Luke and sunny Lorelai have always sought and teased each other, until their love blossomed, and the two became inseparable, after the wait of many fans. However, in real life their relationship wasn’t exactly rosy. In fact, Scott admitted that he fell in love with his colleaguebut it wasn’t the same for Lauren. In fact, the woman harbored a certain dislike for the actor, calling him irritable and grumpykind of like Luke was on the show too.

Surely it’s not about hate, but the adored and chemistry-filled duo of our beloved series, doesn’t shine for complicity off the screens.

Teri Hatcher and the other Desperate Housewives actors

Teri Hatcher, one of the protagonists of the famous series which has eight seasons, has not always had excellent relationships with the other actors of the program. As has been told, there were constant bickering, which persisted for the duration of the very famous show of the beginning of our millennium. The Edie Britt actress confessed during an interview about how she considered her colleague, one of the meanest people I’ve ever met.

The precise reasons for the friction within the cast are not known, probably economic reasons, in fact, Hatcher thought of discussing the fees individually with respect to the rest of the cast, but even in this case, no one has ever really opened up to reveal the total truth. In any case, the series is always a wonderful experience for all the characters.

Patrick Dempsey and Shonda Rhimes – Grey’s Anatomy

In the case of this couple it is not about two actors, in fact Shonda is the producer of the serieswho, however, had a rather difficult relationship with one of the protagonists, the interpreter of Derek.

It is precisely because of the rivalry between the two that Patrick has decided to leave one of the most popular TV shows, due to the clash between the two. From what has been discovered through interviews, lThe producer would no longer accept Dempsey’s bad temper and would have eliminated him from the story, via a character transfer to Washington. However, in the end she even decides to eliminate the character of Derek, who dies leaving Meredith in tears… from what can be seen, it is not the first time that the producer has decided to remove some actors from the cast, better then not antagonize her.

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Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder – The Vampire Diaries

The love story between vampires is now a cult for i 2000s teenager, who have always envied their intriguing and passionate relationship. The chemistry between the two was through the roof, probably because for three years the two have also dated in real life!

The love story between the two Hollywood stars was among the most followed and loved, in fact the two were a beautiful couple. However, after a few years they decided to separate, to the chagrin of millions of fans who considered them soul mates.

Following the breakup, filming the last few seasons proved to be quite complicated. The relationship between the two was in fact quite embarrassing, and it wasn’t easy to pretend that they were still in love and united, in contrast to a tense reality, where the two were quite distant.

In any case there is no mention of hatred between the actors, on the contrary, both have admitted that they have remained friendsand to always love each other very much!

The TV series couples who hated each other off the set, and there are many surprises