The Unknowns dynamite TF1

comedians present All unknownan evening dedicated to their cult sketches re-enacted by some sixty artists.

Fans dreamed about it and TF1 did it. See again The unknown on the small screen after thirty years of absence, their last show having been broadcast in January 1993 on France 2. However, this does not sign their return to television. Explanations.

Nineteen of the best sketches

Of course, amateurs will get their money’s worth, but those who swear by the “trueStrangers may be disappointed. The channel indeed proposes to review nineteen of the best sketches of Didier Bourdon, Pascal Legitimus and Bernard Campan, interpreted by 60 artists who took over the texts in full, to the comma, under the leadership of producer Anne Marcassus, who already patronizes Les Enfoirés. In this entertainment in the form of fictionthe Unknowns serve as a common thread and are there to present the sketches that fans love: Rap-All (The Vampires), Auteuil, Neuilly, Passy, The huntersor Télémagouilles. Between each sketch, they perform a short sketch more or less related to current events, such as energy saving or the metaverse, for example.

Artists under pressure

“We dressed in tuxedos like in the old days, says Didier Bourdon, and to launch the show, we were offered to arrive at TF1, indicating at the reception that we were the Unknowns. But in fact, no one recognizes us. To those we meet, we talk about our sketches, but that means nothing to them. For the song Isabelle has blue eyes, a young woman answers us as follows: “Ah yes, that of Mcfly and Carlito?” Even Nikos Aliagas played the game! »
Guest artists include Pierre Palmade, Patrick Chesnay, Christophe Willem, Claudio Capéo, Medi Sadoun, Florence Foresti, Philippe Lacheau, Chantal Ladesou, Jonathan Lambert, Caroline Anglade, Éric Antoine and many more. “ They have sometimes been taken against purpose, explains Anne Marcassus. A singer plays comedy while an actor sings. Soprano thus interprets the sketch devoted to sects, while Matt Pokora plays sports commentators in the one devoted to athletics. It was a big pressure for the artists. »

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The physical aspect also counts and that is why, in the role of hunters, we find François Berléand, Arnaud Ducret and Antoine Duléry, who have made up and put on costumes perfectly similar to those worn by Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan, in sets that are also identical. However, are all the sketches still broadcastable? If they play on political correctness in their common thread, the fact remains that certain subjects seem delicate today. “It is obvious that we could not redo either Biouman or The nursesWhereThe Invaders”, recognizes Didier Bourdon. ” Could we write “the Black”? », asks the comedian. “Me, I have the right to say it », jokes Pascal Légitimus, currently on stage in The Invitation , at the Parisian Bouffes. ” We were popular, from Sarcelles to Neuilly at the time, and evil is in the eye of the beholder “, replies Didier Bourdon.

No TV or show in sight

However, will these exact copies appeal to fans of the Unknowns? Tribute or sacrilege? Some will wonder. Is there a real interest in seeing artists, as talented as they are, do exactly the same thing as the creators of the texts, but without the same soul? Can we really replace the Unknowns? What does it ultimately bring? Some artists have also refused, explaining that they did not want to tackle it, because it was too difficult. “It’s a tribute says Rémi Faure, director of stream programs at TF1 . Not a tribute to a work several years later, but to something that everyone still watches on the internet. The challenge was daunting but the result is conclusive.» « It’s true that when we watched It’s you that I love you, we hesitated for a moment because we thought it was us “, recognizes Bernard Campan, who playsHumans at the Theater de la Renaissance in Paris.“By viewingThe huntersfrom the first images, it scared meadds Didier Bourdon.We feel deprived. »Many children use our sketches identically on the networks, explains Pascal Légitimus, but in their own way, and that’s kind of the principle of this show: a copy and paste, no, but a tribute, yes.»

If success is there, would the Unknowns come back for good? “Nope ! It is certain that we would not do well, because we are no longer of the agethey say in chorus. “When you’re 30, you can put on a wig and play a 15-year-old, or imitate an old man, but when you’re 64, it’s a bit pathetic“adds Bernard Campan. As for the scene, Didier Bourdon and Pascal Légitimus would not be against it, but here too, their sidekick is not enthusiastic. “If I brake to get back on stage, it’s because I don’t really want to. Redoing sketches would be too much of a headache, because at best, it looks like: it’s just as well. However, in the profession, we always do things to do better. And the scene, it was exhausting, it was two hours of spectacle. It required an energy that we wouldn’t have today.On the other hand, if the hearings explode, TF1 intends to continue the adventure with a new program and draw from the 180 sketches that the Unknowns had written for TV.

A cinema project at a standstill

As for the big screen, they said they were in favor of a project by director Riad Sattouf some time ago but which remained at a standstill. “He offered us a synopsis on which we agreed, but he didn’t start writing,indicates Bernard Campan.It’s a pretty poetic film. It does not include the leg of the Unknowns and, however, one can recognize oneself there. We would have to do several characters in the spirit of what we were doing. It is very desirable.»

The Unknowns dynamite TF1