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Now that the latest The Vampire Diaries spin-off has been months completed, fans can re-watch the original show with fresh eyes, often finding that they experience the storylines and characters differently than they did while the shows aired. Without weekly releases and active fan speculation, the supernatural universe must survive on its own merits.

One of the main points of contention for each of the shows was which characters should end up together. Fans were even hoping major ships like Delena and Klaroline would show up in the Legacies finale, despite the slim odds, because they were so committed to those relationships. Now that there’s no potential for TVD couples to change in later shows, fans can only take to Reddit to discuss which primary relationships they would change if given the power.

TVD Redditors wanted more LGBTQ+ romances

While the Salvatore brothers had some pretty significant female love interests, there are fans who prefer to see them with their villainous best friends. For example, Redditor Master-Currency3841 would have preferred to see “Klefan and Damenzo” than Steroline and Delena.

Stefan had a fling with Rebekah Mikaelson, but he spent a lot more screen time with Klaus, who seemed to have a stronger bond with him. From their past in the 20s to Stefan’s desperation to kill the Originals and their subsequent friendship, they’ve had a lot of fire. Likewise, Damon and Enzo loved each other so much that they couldn’t tolerate the pain of each other’s actions without turning off their humanity. Given the lack of LGBTQ+ couples at the time, this could have provided some interesting storylines.

Not related to Delena Sire

Elena firmly chose Stefan over Damon until she became a vampire, but their relationship then progressed rapidly through the formation of a father bond between them. It was a bad choice according to Robbie1863, who said: “I wish they had thrown the sirebound or used it as a way for Elena to get back to Stefan after realizing she didn’t really like Damon. It was as if they were pushing Delena too fast. »

While many fans prefer Elena with Damon, they can’t argue that their relationship went a little too fast thanks to the father bond. Suddenly, Elena’s whole life revolved around Damon, and it was hard to tell if her feelings were real. Without the father bond, Elena would have come to Damon naturally or stayed with Stefan, but either would feel more authentic.

Elena should have left the two Salvatore brothers

The Vampire Diaries was released during the height of love triangle fashion, but not all fans liked the choice. Redditor iampaulaj_ jokes, “Elena should have left all the Salvatore drama and run away with Elijah lol” before adding “I definitely wouldn’t make Delena happen, at least not like it did.” Truth be told, I feel like the optimum end for elena would be not dating anyone at all or just finding a nice human guy. »

By the end of the series, both Salvatore brothers had ridiculously high kill counts, and neither seemed to care what was best for Elena. She valued his humanity above all else, so she would have been better off on her own or with an outsider, rather than trying to fit into Stefan and Damon’s lives or change them to fit hers.

Klaroline should have ended up together

Perhaps one of the most beloved non-canon relationships in the TVD universe is Klaroline, who has had moments on all three TVDU shows. With all that buildup, Selina123ryan wanted Caroline and Klaus to get back together “in TO Season 5. It wouldn’t have worked after TVD Season 5, which they both acknowledge. »

When they started flirting, Klaus was a bad guy and Caroline still had a lot to do. It made sense that, despite their chemistry, they weren’t together. But Caroline’s return to The Originals showed how far the two characters have come thanks to time and their children. If Klaus had survived, Klaroline might have finally found the right moment.

No romance between Bonnie and Enzo

The last two seasons of The Vampire Diaries have been a bit messy, and a major example of that is the sudden romance between Bonnie and Enzo. If lldom1987 had been in the writer’s bedroom, “Bonnie and Enzo would never have been a couple. »

Their relationship was formed in a time jump, so many fans struggled to see how it stood up to the relationships that had been built all along. Although Bonnie and Enzo’s love was supposed to be strong enough to force Enzo’s humanity back, they had only interacted in five episodes prior to Season 7, each time negatively. No matter what the show said, many fans just couldn’t take it.

Bonnie and Damon should have dated

Bonnie and Damon hated each other at the start of the series, but their friendship blossomed over the later seasons, to the point that Damon wouldn’t kill Bonnie to save Elena. Redditors like cri__nge took advantage of these moments and ran with them, saying that “damon and bonnie should have been a thing because of their chemistry.”

As cri__nge noted, these two truly had one of the best dynamics on The Vampire Diaries. They would have been a solid case of enemies to lovers, and their time in the prison world really helped that. They learned to love each other, and that love really helped both characters grow. Additionally, the characters dated in the book series, apparently possessing a soulmate bond in the unofficial Evensong Trilogy.

Stelena should have been Endgame

With the size of The Vampire Diaries universe on TV, it’s easy to forget they were based on a book series. However, Beefismyfavorite recalled, explaining, “I wish Stefan and Elena had followed the books more. I don’t necessarily hate Damon but I would have liked to see their unrequited love and Elena continue to choose Stefan over Damon. »

There have been many changes between the books and The Vampire Diaries, especially as more spinoffs have been added, but the central relationship is the main one. In the original book series, a love triangle existed, but Elena always chose Stefan. While many fans loved Delena, others wish the series had followed the solid love story established by LJ Smith.

Vampire Diaries fans didn’t want Valerie anymore

Before Katherine entered the life of the Salvatore brothers, Stefan had an affair with Valerie which resulted in a pregnancy. However, not all fans were happy with this development, with RevealGrouchy8487 stating, “I would completely erase Valerie, there was no need to cast Stefan’s one-night stand as his ‘first love’. »

While it makes sense that Stefan had more relationships than fans saw, his human life was pretty stable until this information was added. Valerie was one of the best heretics, but the idea that her brief stint in Stefan’s life made her his first love just disrupted the established characters’ backgrounds and added an obstacle to Caroline and Stefan’s relatable relationship. , without adding much in return.

Bonnie and Nora should have become a couple

When Heretics were first introduced, it raised questions about how they would fit into the main group. Sadly, only Valerie really made the team, which kept fans from connecting with most of them. However, Redditor Adventurous-Method-6 suggested, “Bonnie/Nora should have been a thing. »

The two women had great chemistry on the show, especially when they worked together at the Toys For Tots event in “Cold As Ice.” Plus, it’s a ship supported by actor Kat Graham, who has been open about wanting Bonnie to be bisexual and even said, “I really like the dynamic that Bonnie’s character has with Bonnie’s character. Nora… The writers have definitely planted a few seeds here and there, so we’ll see what happens” (via Yahoo).

Caroline and Enzo should have ended up together

The most popular post in the thread came from hdjdjdkenendn, who said, “I would have liked to see Caroline and Enzo. When he was first introduced, I thought they would have been a couple because of how much he flirted with her. the actors had great chemistry and worked well in all of their scenes together. I hate how the writers completely forgot about their friendship.

Caroline and Enzo weren’t an incredibly well-known ship, but there was certainly reason to believe they could have worked. Both struggled with abandonment issues over the course of the series, and Enzo could have been a healthier alternative to Klaus for fans who wanted Caroline with a bad boy. Most fans were happy with the Bonnie/Enzo and Caroline/Stefan finales, but it was definitely a relationship that could have shaken things up.

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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Changes Redditors Would Make To Major Relationships | Pretty Reel