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“Every time Klaus wants something, someone ends up dying. You think about it next time before you blindly do what he says. Jeremy told Tyler and he was right because Klaus finally betrayed him. Forced to grow up faster than his age mates and having to guide himself through most tough decisions, Jeremy Gilbert has become one of the wisest teenagers in The Vampire Diaries.

He was still young and doomed to make mistakes, which he did, and many cost dearly. He had a protective sister in Elena and a short-lived older brother in Stefan and later Damon who saved him from most of his mistakes. Fans couldn’t help but love Jeremy because he was brave and straightforward and always cautious. Most of his actions were selfless because he loved deeply, and his own words say it all.

“A social life isn’t as much fun as kicking a vampire’s ass.” »

Stay (S06E14)

Achieving his place among the Five was the closest Jeremy came to achieving his goal on the show. He never had much of a life outside of Elena and his short-lived relationships. When he got the Gilbert ring and became a vampire hunter, Jeremy became a character to watch as his bravery found purpose.

He could now fight against the bad guys who always targeted him as the weakling. He finally stopped being Elena’s clueless little brother who was always bullied by everyone and became a hero in his own right. He loved being a vampire slayer but didn’t get lost, which was great.

“My problem is that everyone thinks I shouldn’t have one. »

Black hole in the sun (S06E04)

Elena was to be Jeremy’s big sister when their parents died, and while protection was needed, she sometimes went overboard. Elena and her friends treated Jeremy like he didn’t have a mind of his own. Jeremy could actually defend himself better than Elena and her friends believed and their worry sometimes became excessive.

Being surrounded by too much attention and worry from family and friends placed Jeremy as someone in Elena’s shadow, and he was not allowed to speak out. When everyone gave him some room to express himself, he discovered his powers and offered more to the team.

“Why does everyone have to die for me? »

Haunted (S07E07)

Jeremy had to take so many losses and at such a young age his emotional stability was sorely tested which is why he wandered off and started using drugs. The death of his parents hurt him greatly, but before he could recover, Stefan and Damon came to Mystic Falls and more deaths followed.

He lost all his girlfriends to forces he couldn’t understand, lost his friends including Tyler, and later Elena who was the last family he knew. The weight of all this loss made him sad and angry for most of the show. It became almost obvious that anyone Jeremy dated or got too close with would die, which was a bit unfair.

“I can’t leave now… Not with the sick sheriff and Enzo going wild. »

Stay (S06E14)

Jeremy loved Mystic Falls and he never gave up on his friends and family. He was a real Gilbert, always defending his family and the city. He would have actually made a better protector of Mystic Falls if he had known about his vampire hunting powers earlier. He was the one person you could count on for loyalty in any situation.

He didn’t stand a chance against Enzo when he came for revenge, but he still stayed and fought back. His bravery got him into trouble on several occasions because he underestimated the threat the evil vampires posed, but he never gave up the cause. He was there for Vicki and Bonnie when they needed him, and more importantly, he always stood up for Elena.

“Well, that’s only fair. You killed me first. »

Brave New World (S02E02)

Revenge is the one thing Jeremy wasn’t good at despite being a fighter at heart. He was still hurt, sometimes, for things that had nothing to do with him, but when it came to revenge, he held back. In this conversation, Damon had asked Jeremy if he had come to kill him, but Jeremy was not enthusiastic despite Damon breaking his neck earlier.

He tried to kill Damon several times in the series, but the two later became friends. Jeremy had every reason to hate, if not kill Damon, but he just couldn’t because part of him really loved Damon. He is the only person who has always chosen to see the good in people, even the worst, which has hurt him many times.

“I don’t need a babysitter. »

The Return (S02E01)

“Actually, yes,” Elena replied in the heated conversation where she was trying to be the mother of a stubborn Jeremy. Jeremy was sometimes impulsive and often let his emotions get the better of his judgment, which is why he always needed a babysitter. After his parents died, he started using drugs and skipping school.

Jeremy also took on Damon and later Enzo on his own when he obviously had no chance of beating them. His judgments were sometimes too childish, which made him a difficult character to bear, and although Elena tried to be his babysitter, he never made it easy for her.

“If you hurt Vicki one more time…I’ll kill you.” »

Comet Night (SO1E02)

Tyler was the subject of Jeremy’s threat in this case, and Jeremy had no chance of fighting against him, but the boy could never stop fighting for those he loved. Jeremy and Vicki didn’t have the best relationship, mostly because they both made bad choices in life. However, Jeremy loved Vicki and was always protective even when she made it clear to him that the relationship wouldn’t work out.

He was unlucky in love, considering the tragic end of his relationship with Vicki and Bonnie. Vicki and Bonnie were older than him and always saw him as a child. So he had to grow up fast and fight to prove himself, which pitted him against tough opponents such as Tyler and Enzo. However, he never hesitated to follow his heart.

“Why don’t we choose not to get high? »

You’re undead for me (S01E05)

In this case, Jeremy was talking to Vicki and actually trying to advise her against using drugs, which was awkward considering Vicki’s age. Jeremy was mature and responsible for his age and often found himself advising older people. Even when surrounded by older characters, including Elena, Tyler, and Bonnie, Jeremy still acted like the adult in the play.

He was forced to grow up fast after his parents died because Elena wasn’t the model parent either, especially after meeting Stefan and Damon. Being his own role model, Jeremy ended up being one of the show’s most responsible characters.

“I am a hunter. Also, I train. »

True Lies (S05E02)

When Jeremy became a hunter, his physique improved tremendously. He was no longer the helpless, clueless teenager he met in Season 1, and it was clear that he was working on himself and his skills as a hunter.

Taking responsibility and caring for him in this way helped improve Jeremy’s likability as a character. This physical change also made his relationship with Bonnie more meaningful as he didn’t look so much like the little boy from season one anymore.

“None of us will get out of this town alive. »

The New Deal (S03E10)

Despite his bravery, Jeremy was also cautious and knew exactly how encountering supernatural forces would end for most people in Mystic Falls. Speaking in the third season, Jeremy’s statement seemed hopeless considering the most powerful villains Mystic Falls has faced later on.

While Jeremy wasn’t one to shy away from a fight, he wasn’t the most encouraging person to talk to when faced with a tough challenge, because he would tell you the hard truth. He could see the danger they all faced and how the emergence of vampires in the city had changed everyone.

The Vampire Diaries: 10 quotes that perfectly sum up Jeremy as a character | Pretty Reel