The Vampire Diaries: Elena’s 10 Darkest Burns

With The Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec and one of the main cast members join forces again, viewers remember the hit show. The show hasn’t aired for years, but audiences still love it and rewatch everything Elena Gilbert has been through.

Elena is a sweet and caring human, for most of the series, and in love with a vampire. But that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from a few shady burns towards other characters over the seasons, even though they’ve often done so much for her.

After that first kiss

“I’m not surprised you kissed me. I’m surprised you thought I’d kiss you back.”

When Katherine came back, she acted a lot like Elena Gilbert. One of her greatest acts was kissing Damon when Elena made it clear she was with Stefan. Damon obviously thought it was Elena even though she had kissed him back.

Unfortunately, when Damon confronted Elena about the kiss, she didn’t know what he was talking about and responded with this. Damon thought it was her but she clarified that he shouldn’t have thought that. It’s a dodgy burn, especially for Damon Salvatore’s ever cocky and confident ego.

Poor Rebecca

“So you left the only person on earth who really loves you?”

Rebekah Mikaelson and Elena have had a rocky relationship throughout The Vampire Diaries. At some point, Rebekah returns to Mystic Falls and traps Elena in the same room as Stefan and Caroline. Things are tense and emotions are running high, but Elena doesn’t miss the chance to tackle the original vampire.

Poor Rebekah doesn’t have a good track record with friends throughout the series, and when she finally finds someone who loves her, she lets them wreak havoc on the main characters. Elena throws it in the other girl’s face, knowing she’s struggling to find love, and not caring that it’s the ultimate burn for her.

Ask Stefan to dance

“Will you grant me this dance?”

At a school dance, Elena accompanies Stefan in an attempt to trap Klaus and find out who he is. Damon asks Elena to dance, and she says she would love to, but then turns to Stefan and asks him to dance right in front of Damon. She then turns to look at Damon with a smirk, reminding him once again that she is with her brother.

Elena doesn’t outright say what she thinks, but it’s still a sleazy burn for beloved Damon. She ignores Damon’s feelings, and it’s like she’s trying to play a little trick on him. She wants Damon to know his charms don’t work on her and isn’t afraid to make it clear in any way she can.

No humanity Elena

“You realize you can’t even force yourself on a date, do you?”

Rebekah Mikaelson made a deal with her older brother Elijah to live as a human in order to get the cure for vampirism. And since Elena without humanity’s only “friend” was Rebekah, Elena took the opportunity to tell her what a horrible idea that was.

Elena pretty much says that the only way Rebekah would get a date for a dance would be if she forced her to have one. But Rebekah is known to have had many relationships over her long life. This subtle dig is pretty sleazy, but the humane Elena doesn’t care who she hurts with words or otherwise.

dead stiff

“I would say Drop Dead, but…”

It’s no secret that in the early seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Elena didn’t care about Damon at all. He was destructive and enjoyed making killings that Elena didn’t approve of.

After doing something particularly annoying to Elena, she retaliated with this sleazy quote, but since he’s already dead, that would be impossible. She still passes the burn, once again explaining to Damon that she doesn’t care about him and his bad vampire antics.

selfish psychopath

“I don’t blame you, Damon. I accepted that you are a selfish psychopath with no human qualities.”

Damon has proven time and time again that he is the “wrong” brother. He does reckless things and tries to convince everyone around him that he is a psychopath by killing and attacking innocent people.

Even though he tries to pass himself off as the bad guy, it’s still a burn to him and his ego when Elena admits she thinks he has no human qualities. She accepts the fact that he won’t change, and it hurts him deeply.

Oblige a friend

“Find someone else to play with. Maybe you can force yourself to make a friend.”

No Humanity Elena and ordinary Elena seem to have the same idea when it comes to throwing shade at Rebekah. Human Elena definitely doesn’t like Rebekah, especially when she throws it in her face that they both dated Stefan.

Elena also doesn’t like Rebekah hanging around. She uses a shady burn to let him know that she is not their friend and to get any type of friend she would have to oblige someone. Rebekah just wanted to be accepted and loved, but she was often on the outside, which made her burn deeply.

In love with Damon

“I didn’t sleep with him because of the connection with the father. I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him.”

When Elena became a vampire, the rest of the group thought she had a father bond with Damon. It was the only reason they could think she would want to be with him. Elena continues to prove that she didn’t like Stefan at all.

When Stefan confronts Elena about it, she bluntly tells him that she’s in love with Damon. It’s a real burn for her ex-boyfriend, who still had feelings for her. Elena had told him once that it would always be them, and hearing those words was sure to hurt Stefan’s heart.

Classic Katherine

“Kicking someone while they’re down… Class until the end, Katherine.”

Throughout the series, Katherine is a very present character, and it’s no secret that Katherine and Elena don’t like each other. They may look like twins on the outside, but they couldn’t be more different. In an epic showdown between the two vampires, Katherine kicks Elena when she’s already down.

Katherine has no class and when it comes to fighting she plays really dirty. And even from the ground, Elena is able to dig the older vampire. Katherine doesn’t let anything get to her and doesn’t seem to notice the shadow.

Classic Kai

“If you try to scare me, it works.”

Kai was a self-proclaimed psychopath on vampire diaries, and a siphoning witch from the Gemini Coven. Once he was freed from the prison world his coven placed him in, he wreaked all kinds of havoc on the show’s beloved characters.

As Kai holds Elena hostage, she doesn’t miss the chance to let him know just how scary he can be. He doesn’t seem to notice the burn and continues to be scary, but it’s still a burn.

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